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West Street is nicknamed Foreigner's Street, located in Yangshuo County, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, and has a history of more than 1400 years.

There are many places in the whole country called West Street. One of the most famous is the West Street of Yangshuo County, Guilin City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Yangshuo West Street has a history of more than 1400 years. Besides, there are legendary historical stories in Yixian County West Street, Yiyang West Street, Xiangcheng West Street, Quanzhou West Street and so on.

Yangshuo West Street is also known as Foreigner's Street. Less than 1 kilometres of Yangshuo West Street, it is made of slate and has a curved S shape. The streets are full of tourist souvenirs. West Street is one of the most densely populated streets in China, and every year foreigners who come here for leisure travel are three times as likely to live here as the permanent population. West Street is the largest foreign language corner in China. Its proportion of foreign-related marriage is the highest in China. Therefore, tourism experts and scholars call it "Yangshuo phenomenon in China's tourism industry" and "global village" in China. This phenomenon has attracted the attention of the Chinese people and the concern of the world. It is full of exotic night scenes and is more of a variety of styles.

Western Street restaurants, restaurants, Internet cafes, bars and so on are a combination of Chinese and Western, almost all the signs are Chinese and English, from the boss to the waiter to the street stall aunt can speak fluent English, there is no regional difference, leisure, leisure life, so that many tourists here to travel I didn't want to leave for a long time. "Stealing for a few days" may be able to feel what life is like here.

Yangshuo County "Guilin landscape a world, Yangshuo can be called a Guilin" Yangshuo is located in the south of Guilin city, 63 km, is one of the earliest identified "national scenic spots," is a more than 2000 years of history of the most beautiful town along the Lijiang River, as Guilin, tourists like clouds. Less than one kilometer of Yangshuo West Street, located in the center of the county town, 517 meters long, 8 meters wide, marble pavement, curved S-shaped, ancient buildings, strong local characteristics. Gather all kinds of souvenirs and snacks in the market. It is full of exotic nightscape and is full of customs and customs.

Liu Liu, a county in Heyang County. The two place is like Yangshuo, which lives in the lotus peak. As early as one thousand years ago in the Tang Dynasty, Shen Bin, the poet, envied the residents living in the lotus peak. Yangshuo is not only picturesque and idyllic, but also rich in cultural heritage. Ancient buildings, ancient bridges, celebrity Memorial cliff carvings, etc., are dotted between mountains and rivers. The most famous one is the old slate street in Yangshuo, West Street. There are many arts and crafts shops, calligraphy and painting shops, hotels, cafes, bars, Chinese Kung Fu Hall. It is also the place where foreigners gather most. There are more than 20 foreigners in this street, which is called the Westerners Street. As both men and women, young and old, can speak a foreign language, the West Street is also known as a "global village" and is a hot topic of news media both at home and abroad. It receives as many as 1.5 million Chinese and foreign tourists every year. In short, the scenery is everywhere the natural scenery, simple and beautiful rural scenery, the world's karst wonders, unforgettable "foreigners" West Street, Yangshuo trip absolutely let you have a surprise!

East of West Street is the main port of Lijiang River, Lijiang pier, where passengers are ashore after they swim the Lijiang River.

Chinese leaders such as Zhou Enlai, Chen Yun and Deng Xiaoping once strolled down the street, leaving footprints of nearly 100 heads of state and government from all over the world. In the early 1980s, foreign self-help tourists, known locally as "backpackers" came to Yangshuo one after another. They stayed for 35 days, longer than a year, and usually stayed for 35 weeks. The longest-lived was Mr. Mike of Holland, who had been writing in Yangshuo since 1991, except for a visa. Mr. Jamie has been to the United States eight times in five years, and Mr. Terry, who is also an American, has lived in a family of four for 10 weeks. They rented houses, bought their own food to cook, learned to cook Chinese food, learn Chinese, and returned home with a complete set of Chinese cooking utensils and tableware, saying that they would often cook Chinese food. Mr. Radar said the beautiful scenery, fresh air, and the combination of urban and rural Yangshuo features, people are simple and friendly, low prices, and the local English speakers are many, so that our "foreigners" here do not have a sense of foreign life. Mr. radar stayed there for half a year. In recent years, the number of "Backpackers" coming to Yangshuo has increased rapidly, with 60 thousand people a year. Most of them are students, scholars or migrant workers, mostly from developed countries such as the United States, Britain and France. The increase of tourists has stimulated the prosperity of Yangshuo's tourism service and tourism craft industry, especially on West Street and Binjiang Road. There are dozens of hotels, cafes and restaurants imitating western tourist restaurants, and nearly a thousand shops and stalls specializing in Tourist Arts and crafts. The West Street became the main activity area for Western self-help tourists staying in Yangshuo. There were even more foreigners on the street than the local people. The "Westerners Street" became famous. To do business with foreigners, you have to communicate with foreigners. Learning foreign languages has become a hot topic for Yangshuo people. According to statistics, there are thousands of people who know foreign languages in Yangshuo county. Two Tourist Vocational Schools and some social foreign language schools run by the county are very popular with people. Some residents, old people and even farmers learn foreign languages through various forms. There are many "Backpackers" who have lived long enough to develop some love stories. In the past few years, seventy or eighty "Backpackers" have been married to young men and women in Yangshuo. A small county town has so many exotic feelings that it is rare in Guangxi. Whenever night falls, Western restaurants, cafes and small tables on both sides of the street are sitting around foreigners, or in groups of three or five, or two people sitting alone, drinking beer leisurely, chatting quietly, and enjoying a quiet.