waterless rice noodle

Home Food 2018-10-17

Bait silk is one of the special snacks in Yunnan. It is mainly made from rice. The main way to eat bait silk is similar to Yunnan's other characteristic snack rice noodle, but there are differences between the two tastes. The rice noodle is smooth and elastic, and the bait silk is flexible and fragrant.

The bait silk is evolved from the bait, and the bait is cut into silk and made into bait silk, and the latter is more tasty. After steaming, boiling, frying and other different ways of cooking and processing, a unique flavor of food will be produced.

Tengchong bait silk was invented by Hujiawan villagers in Dongshan Township. It has a history of nearly 400 years. It is a convenient snack popular with local and foreign guests.

The time of steam bait in Qujing can be traced back to the 80s of last century. At that time, there was a restaurant (BeiYingyuan) in the street of Qujing City College. Although its appearance was not big, steamed silk, the main snack offered by the restaurant, was famous for its delicate production and unique flavor. Since then, the unique and delicious snacks of steamed bait silk have been deeply loved by the people of Qujing.