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Erlongshan is the first national AAAA class tourist area, known as "Harbin East Garden", located 50 km east of Harbin, 127 degrees east longitude 27 minutes 41 seconds, 45 degrees north latitude 45 minutes 59 seconds, located in the southwest of Bin County, ancient city. Erlongshan is named for Erlonghu Lake. Erlonghu Reservoir, also known as Erlongshan Reservoir, was built in 1958. It is a large reservoir with functions of flood control, irrigation, urban water supply, fishery production and tourism services. Covering an area of 25 square kilometers, a lake is surrounded by green water and mountains on three sides. There are not only ten magnificent sceneries such as Erlong Drama Pearl, Changlong Wobo, Yinfeng Cuicui, Bibo Singing Late, but also four spectacles such as Baodao Flying Rainbow and Lake Flying Fish. It is a good place for summer relief, vacation, leisure and recuperation. It receives nearly a million tourists from home and abroad every year.

brief introduction

Erlongshan Longzhu Skiing Ground has eight ski paths and two large primary skiing grounds, which can accommodate 2,000 people at the same time; Wanfo Temple is the largest temple in Northeast China, with ten thousand Tibetan Buddhas; Pearl Island Film and Television City integrates sightseeing, entertainment, film and television shooting, which makes people forget to return; Lotus Pond is a rare good place to go. There are 3500 reception beds in the scenic area. There are more than 30 tourist hotels and resorts, and the total number of beds is 3500, including 4 Hotels with more than 3 stars. Erlongshan ski resort is one of the two largest and most fully equipped ski resorts in China, which can accommodate 2,000 skiers. He has hosted four international skiing festivals, as well as the International Skiing Invitational Competition and the "Ten Winter Games" Freestyle Skiing Competition. Erlonghu Fish Banquet, Wild Vegetables, Farm Vegetables and so on, let you enjoy the pollution-free green food.

Scenic facilities


Erlongshan tourism industry is developing rapidly and its infrastructure is becoming more and more complete. The main roads in the scenic area of 10 kilometers are all cement pavement. There are many recreational events, such as high-altitude ropeway, summer sleigh, mountain ropeway, field climbing, Mini bungee jumping, lunar flying car, colour bullet shooting, urban bullfight, old car, battery car, ATV, karting, double bicycle, power parachute, etc., which are novel and exciting. There are also fishing, shooting, archery, horseback riding, and various cruise boats and other public participation projects.

geographical position

Longshan is 54 kilometers away from Harbin, 6 kilometers away from Binzhou Exit of Tongsan Highway, 40 minutes along Tongsan Highway and adjacent to 221 National Highway, or a shuttle bus to Binxian at Sankeshu Passenger Station can reach the scenic spot of Erlongshan in an hour.

Erlongshan is located in the east of Harbin, only 54 kilometers away from the provincial city of Harbin. As early as the 1960s, Comrade Deng Zihui, Minister of Agriculture of the State, came to visit Erlongshan Mountain and pointed out: "Erlongshan Mountain is located in the eastern suburbs of Harbin. It can be used as a Suburban Park of the provincial capital, the East Lake of Harbin and the North Lake of China. "In 1996, Yue Qifeng, the former Secretary of the provincial Party committee, visited Erlong Mountain and proposed that it should be built into"Harbin East Garden". Today, Erlong Mountain, which is unfolding in front of you, is a lady dressed up in fashion and graceful manner. It has become an ideal place for the people of Heilongjiang Province and tourists both at home and abroad to enjoy leisure and sightseeing.

Traffic information


Intercity bus

At Sankeshu Passenger Station in Harbin, the bus fare for Binxian is 17 yuan. After boarding, communicate with the crew and get off at Erlongshan stop. The time is about one hour.


Binxian City has a special route to Erlongshan with a fare of 1 yuan.


From Harbin City by taxi

The starting price is 8 yuan, 1.9 yuan per kilometer, and the fuel surcharge is 1 yuan. You can also communicate with the driver about pricing.

By taxi from Bin County

The taxi in Bin County has no odometer, which is less than 20 yuan.

Self driving

Driving from Harbin, driving 43.6 kilometers along Hartong Highway after leaving the city, the time is about 50 minutes.

Representative scenic spot

Erlong Mountain--named after Erlong Drama Pearl. Dalong Mountain and Xiaolong Mountain stand side by side from northwest to southeast. The mountain is like a giant dragon flying through the clouds and fog. They shake their heads and tails and rush to the Pearl Island in the water.

Flavor Street - This is a rural snack street. The local flavor food, such as potatoes, eggplants, corn, baked sweet potatoes, roast kebabs, baked corn, baked fish fillets, as well as a wide range of black rice porridge, mung bean porridge, rice porridge, sorghum porridge, as well as a variety of large cakes, cold cakes, baked cakes, cut cakes and so on, let you salivate. Drop.

Skiway - Take stainless steel slideway, from the top of Wanglong Mountain along 888 meters long S-shaped slideway, the strong feeling of separation of soul and body makes people cheer and rejoice.

Silver Peak Cuicui - Take the ropeway 1050 meters, you can reach the highest peak of Erlong Mountain - Baishifeng. Baishifeng, 308 meters above sea level, belongs to the remnants of Zhang Guangcailing.

Linglong Temple - Take the ropeway to visit Linglong Temple, the largest temple in Northeast China.

Longzhu Skiing Ground is located in Erlongshan Scenic Area, 60 km east suburb of Harbin, covering an area of 780,000 square meters. Annual snow cover period 170 days, skiing period 120 days, complete supporting facilities, is the largest tourist ski resort in the suburbs of China. The slope of the snow track is suitable, the snow track is open, the snow gear and suits are complete, and there are night skiing grounds, air traveling cable cars and the latest telescopic pole-type towing ropeway connected with the snow track, hotels and villas. Erlong Lake Ice Paradise has a variety of ice and snow entertainment projects, ice sculpture and snow sculpture, so that different levels of skiers with different hobbies enjoy themselves. Longzhu Skiing Ground is a new generation of skiing ground, which gathers the experience of several skiing grounds, strengths and weaknesses, and rises between Baishan and Heishui. High, middle and low-grade accommodation, Chinese and Western food and beverage facilities, fashionable participation in recreational projects, dry land sled, Park golf, Fanyan, rope, flying in the air, snowmobiles, tire skiing... Longzhu Skiing Ground is attracting tourists from home and abroad to join in the skiing entertainment of being close to nature and challenging themselves with convenient transportation, civilian price and high-quality service.