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travel china guide

China is a superpower with a lot of dialects. Even the Chinese themselves, they often feel far away from home when they are in a different city. However, traveling in such a vast country is not terrible at all, and the journey is not difficult to control. Here are some common experiences:

People in most countries need visas to go to China. This can be applied to the Chinese Consulate by the travel agency that registered.

China is rich in land and abundant in climate and needs to prepare clothes for different seasons.

Most of the civil servants, customs officers, police officers, hotel staff and men you meet on the street don't speak or know anything about English; if you speak slower, most young people can understand simple English.

Buses, trains, ferries and domestic flights are well developed in China. Tickets can be booked at hotel tourist information desks and nearby travel agents, and they can be delivered to hotel rooms on a preferential basis, avoiding people who sell tickets to you on the street.

Local buses in China are cheap ($0.01 or $0.20) and can be tried. Taxis are convenient at all times. The starting price varies greatly in different cities. Weihai may be $0.70 and Shenzhen may be $1.50.

Many websites have Chinese hotel room sales, from one star to the most luxurious six stars are good choices, most of the time the room is safe and tidy, cheap does not mean bad.

Tourist peak: Labor Day: the first week of May (7 days), China National Day: one week in mid-October (7 days)

Avoid traveling during this period. Believe me, the Chinese people are terrible during this period. You can imagine that billions of Chinese people are on vacation!

China's currency is known as the "Renminbi". Before departure, some Renminbi can be exchanged at home. In the local currency that can be exchanged in banks and hotels in China, the exchange rate of banks is often slightly lower than that of hotels. Work at 9 in the morning and work at 5 or 6 in the afternoon. Please note that the bank breaks between 12:00--14:00.

In China, you can use Alipay ( and WeChat ( to pay, but you need to register and certify in advance.

After authentication, you can scan the following QR code test (the following is the author's QR code, please enter the 0.01 test).



In Chinese restaurants, rice usually needs something else.

Some public toilet in China do not provide toilet paper, so remember to bring them. Many public toilets are squat toilets. In China's public facilities, toilets are a cruel place. Although there is some improvement now, we still need to pay attention to solving your stomach and bladder problems in hotels, restaurants and department stores, public toilets and small store toilets for your nose. It's dangerous!

The local food is wonderful. If your wallet and stomach are enough, you can eat a lot. Chinese restaurants are ubiquitous and open late. Most restaurants have menus, including pictures of various dishes. You can see what looks delicious on the next table.

If your stomach is not good enough, do not eat at the stalls on the street and drink directly from the tap.

China's mobile phone penetration rate is very good, in most parts of the world, there are global automatic roaming. You need to show your passport in Internet cafes according to strict regulations. There are many Internet cafes near tourist attractions. In order to receive young people from China to play online games, you can check Hotmail and Yahoo here, although visiting international websites will be slow. But in China, most of Gmail, Google, Facebook, Youtube and so on can not be used.

Never greet your face when you greet someone, but if you refuse, you will be treated as a hooligan.

The souvenir shop must remember to bargain.

Never stick chopsticks in your bowl.

In public places, such as restaurants, airports and so on, please do not make such a big noise.

According to the provision from the National Tourism Bureau, foreign visitors, Taiwan visitors and overseas Chinese (except the Hong Kong, Macao residents who hold the passport of Special Administrative Region or the ratification of returning homeland) in Tibet are not allowed to travel by themselves. They must travel in group whatever there are how many visitors

Any organized travel groups from overseas must apply for the ratification to Tibet in Tibet Travel Bureau and its administrative institutions in various places by the travel agency you entrusted. For the foreign visitors who want to visit Tibet, the Tibet Tourism Bureau has build up ;administrative institutions in various places to serve for them, such as in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, so on.

Google can't be used in China. I use Baidu in my country. It will be more convenient to turn the default search engine into Baidu.

Google maps are also useless. In fact, Google maps are not suitable for the domestic problems of offset, satellite photos and maps. In my country, I use Gao de map Golden is doing well. The website and APP are good. You can inquire about traffic conditions, public transport and walking routes. Accustomed to using Google maps with High German is also very accustomed to.

Booking tickets online is very convenient. I installed a Ctrip APP, which can book air tickets, tickets, hotels and so on. This APP is very convenient for booking tickets. After registration, you can enter your name and passport number, and then you can pay directly by Wechat. After booking, you can go directly to the airport by air and do not need to print tickets.

Ctrip APP can also be used to book high-speed rail tickets. But the high-speed rail must get the ticket to get on the train. The e-ticket is not allowed. If there is no identity card, only a passport needs to queue up at the station. Besides, it is convenient to buy tickets and pick up tickets at the ticket sales outlets. (official website:

Some attractions such as the Imperial Palace need to buy tickets in real name, so they need to take good passports, otherwise they will not get tickets. There are many museums that can be visited free of charge, but they need to change their tickets. Tickets for domestic tourist attractions are more expensive and surpass the international market. Ctrip seems to have a discount, but I didn't look at it carefully.

Now many parts of the country beckons no cars, because most people are using a tick. It is recommended to install a tick APP, or to use a tick in WeChat wallet. It's especially difficult to take a taxi in Beijing, but fortunately, public transport in Beijing is convenient for buses and subways. Uber can also be used.

Gao de map can query buses, very convenient. Domestic buses are also cheap.

Big city hotels usually have various power outlets. The outlet of a small city hotel is not guaranteed. It is recommended to bring the power conversion plug with you.

The problem of smoking in public places is much better now than in a few years ago, especially in big cities. Secondhand smoke is sometimes used in small places.

Travel notes, if you know Chinese, this website is good:

About Chinese Visa

Don't use drugs. Chinese attitude towards drugs is not a joke. There have been many cases of death penalty against drug trafficking and drug abuse. So drugs will put you at risk of death penalty. Don't forget that marijuana is also taboo. When you go to China and think about taking drugs, you may end it. This is not a joke.

Drink, don't drive, or detain for 15 days.

Some Chinese do not like Japanese. In China, talking about Japan is a taboo unless you stigmatized Japan. If you want to speak Japanese in Chinese, or speak ill of the Japanese, or simply don't say it.

Chinese are very observant of the law, so China is very safe. It is very pleasant and safe for you to walk in the street at night without any danger.

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11185 Post Customer Service Telephone

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12348 National Legal Service Hotline

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emergency repairs and reporting by state organs throughout the country

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12310 Institutional hotline for reporting irregularities

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95561 Industrial Bank

Customer Service Telephone of Express Company

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95338 Shunfeng Express

95546 Yunda Express

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