suyukou national forest park

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suyukou national forest park

Suyukou National Forest Park is located in Helan Mountain National Nature Reserve, 50 kilometers northwest of Yinchuan City, capital of Ningxia. It is a national 4A-level tourist attraction.

Suyukou National Forest Park is located in the arid climate zone of the middle temperate zone, with an elevation of 2960 meters, covering an area of 9300 hectares, with a vegetation coverage rate of 70%, 898 species of wild animal and plant resources, cherry valley, tourist ropeway and other scenic spots.

geographical environment

Location context

Suyukou National Forest Park is located in Helan Mountain National Nature Reserve, 50 kilometers northwest of Yinchuan City. Geographical coordinates are at 38 degrees north latitude 42'53.16 and 105 degrees east longitude 59'20.14. The total area of the forest park is 9300 hectares, 35 kilometers north of Shahu tourist area, 12 kilometers west of Beibu, Donglian Town, and 30 kilometers south of Xixia Mausoleum.

topographic features

Suyukou National Forest Park is located in the northwest of Helan County. It is a branch of Yinshan Mountain. It is a mountainous terrain with a maximum altitude of 2960 meters. The terrain extends from southwest to northeast.


Suyukou National Forest Park is located in the arid climate zone of the middle temperate zone. The annual average temperature is 9.7 C, the extreme maximum temperature is 36.90C, the extreme minimum temperature is - 24 C, and the annual precipitation is 138.8mm.

Resource situation


The vegetation in Suyukou National Forest Park shows obvious vertical distribution. At altitudes of 1400-1600 m, the grassland zone is mainly composed of Stipa breviflora, Stipa deserticola and other plants; at altitudes of 1600-2000 m, the grassland zone is sparsely forested in mountainous areas, with a large area of Mongolian almond shrubs and a local distribution of grey elm forest; at altitudes of 1900-2350 m, and 2350-3100 m, the pure forest of Picea crassifolia at altitudes of 2350-3100 m; and at altitudes of 3100-3556 m, the main peak is surrounded by subalpine shrubs and


By 2013, there were 898 species of wild animal and plant resources in Suyukou National Forest Park. The main plants are Pinus tabulaeformis, Juniper, Spruce, Cherry, Clove, Mongolian almond, etc. Animals are mainly rock sheep, red fox, stone chicken, badger, blue pheasant, vulture, red deer, musk deer, panyang, black stork, Great Bustard and so on.

Scenic spots

Helan Mountain Museum

Helan Mountain Museum was built in 2004 and covers an area of 30,000 square meters. It consists of 13 museums, such as Yanyang Museum, Helan Mountain Geomorphic Sand Table, History and Culture Museum and Mineral Resources Environment Museum. The total number of exhibits reaches 467. It is a comprehensive modern museum with the theme of Helan Mountain's animal and plant resources, geological changes and history and culture.


Sanqing Guan is a Taoist site, an archaized building with Zhu wall and grey tiles, sitting on the west, East and back to the mountain peak. The Taoism has a history of 800 years and was destroyed by war. Construction began in the second half of 2004 and was completed in July 2005.

Cherry Valley

Cherry Valley Scenic Area is two kilometers long. It is named for its wild cherry trees. It belongs to the canyon landscape and is one of the core scenic spots of Suyukou National Forest Park.

Helan mountain que

Helan Mountain Que Scenic Area is located in the north of Suyukou National Forest Park, covering an area of 1129 hectares. With religious culture as its theme, forest landscape as its backing, historical sites as its focus, and field exploration as its feature, the scenic spot integrates sightseeing, religious culture and health preservation and vacation.

Development and construction

In January 2006, Suyukou National Forest Park became the national "AAAA" tourist attraction.

In February 2007, Suyukou National Forest Park was awarded "Top Ten Scenic Spots" by the Tourism Bureau of the Autonomous Region.

In August 2012, it was named the most influential Forest Park in the 30th anniversary of the development of China's forest parks by the State Forestry Administration.

In January 2013, Suyukou National Forest Park was awarded the title of "National Popular Science Base for Environmental Protection" by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Science and Technology.

On May 1, 2014, Suyukou Mountain Cliff Trestle Road was officially opened to the outside world. The trestle road took three years to build, with a total investment of more than 30 million yuan, with a maximum height drop of 1000 meters and a length of 5.3 kilometers. It is the longest trestle road with the largest height drop in Northwest China.

Local specialty

Ma Sanbai Water Chicken

Ma Sanbai Water Chicken is a traditional dish of Ningxia. It is a Muslim Hui snack. The dish is named for its bright yellow color and oily but not greasy.

Purple Mushroom in Helan Mountain

Helan Mountain purple mushroom is a natural wild strain mainly composed of filamentous fungi. It contains many trace elements such as protein, amino acid, sugar, fat, vitamins and potassium, iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium needed by human body.

Tourism information

Opening Hours


Traffic information

Helan County self-driving route: 1. From Galaxy East Road to northwest, to Maoyuan Street 600 meters; 2. Continue to go up Galaxy West Road 1.2 kilometers; 3. Turn right at Heng'an North Street 1.1 kilometers; 4. Turn left at the entrance of Yinchuan Circumferential Expressway 6. Turn left at the entrance of Yinchuan Circumferential Expressway 18.9 kilometers; 6. Take G110 at the exit of Film City, 700 meters to Zhenlu Road; 7. Turn at the junction. The intersection continues to turn right to Zhenlu Road 1.2 kilometers; 8. Turn right at Zhenlu Road 5.0 kilometers; 9. Turn right at 110 National Road 2.4 kilometers; 10. Turn left at Zhensu Road 12.5 kilometers; 11. Turn left at 1.6 kilometers.

Xi'an self-driving route: Xi'an-Fuyin Expressway (190 kilometers) - Qinglan Expressway (150 kilometers) - Fuyin Expressway (189 kilometers) - Beijing-Tibet Expressway (170 kilometers) - Yinchuan South Ring City - 110 National Highway 3 kilometers north - 13 kilometers west to the scenic spot.

Yinchuan City Bus: You 2 Bus passes 29 stops to Suyukou National Forest Park Station.

Tour reference

(1) Helan Mountain Museum - Sanqing View - Lingguang Temple - Songtao Villa (by cableway) - Qingsongling (by cable bridge) - Century Tower - Rabbit Pit - Cherry Valley;

(2) Helan Mountain Museum - Sanqing Guan - Lingguang Temple - Cherry Valley - Rabbit Pit - Century Tower - Qingsongling (Cable Bridge Roundtrip) - Songtao Villa.

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