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Sausage is a kind of long cylindrical tubular food made by grinding the meat of animals into strips and pouring it into the sausage coat. Sausages are made from * pig or sheep's small intestine clothing (also with large casing).

Chinese sausage has a long history, there are many types of sausage, mainly divided into Sichuan sausage and Guangweier sausage. The main difference is that the taste is sweet and the Sichuan flavor is spicy. Sausages used to be made before New Year's Day, but now they are available at any time of the year. But eating homemade sausages on New Year's Eve has become a custom in many parts of the South, and has been preserved to this day. The longest sausage in the world is a 392-meter-long sausage made from 70 kilograms of meat, garlic and other ingredients in Bucharest, Romania, on December 27, 2008, breaking the world record.

Guizhou spicy sausages, smoked with branches and fruit trees, strictly control the technological indexes of each stage, lean meat / fat ratio * 6/4, made of pig's front clip meat, ingredients are exquisite, smoked and roasted strictly controlled by temperature and humidity, and it has a strong and unique flavor, spicy and spicy and unique, which makes people return to endless flavors. It is a good product of everyday life and festivals.

Guizhou spicy sausage

Guizhou spicy sausages, smoked with branches and fruit trees, strictly control the technological indexes of each stage, lean meat / fat ratio * 6/4, made of pig's front clip meat, ingredients are exquisite, smoked and roasted strictly controlled by temperature and humidity, and it has a strong and unique flavor, spicy and spicy and unique, which makes people return to endless flavors. It is a good product of everyday life and festivals.

Sichuan spicy sausage

Pork: five kg, washed and cut into thumb size and spare.

Pig intestines (* powder sausage): wash with salt on the other side, and wash it with a little vinegar (except fishy) in the end.

Seasoning: pepper noodles, pepper noodles their own preferences (how much), more salt (to prevent sausage spoilage) liquor forty-two, a little sugar, a little monosodium glutamate.

Material: cotton rope, wire ring (size of bowel orifice) needle.

Making: Put all the ingredients on the meat, put on gloves, stir well, marinate for 15 minutes, then mix it with hand, then fill it with cotton rope, tie one end of the intestine with cotton rope, put the wire ring on the other end, fill it with a needle and tie it on the intestine (let out air), and finally tie it with a rope. I like the length, hang up, put in a windy place to blow five or six days can eat, ha ha ha fragrance.

1. after washing the pork, drain the water and cut it into a square centimeter square. Soak the salted intestinal coat in water for 10 minutes, then rub it 3-4 times repeatedly, wash off the salt on the surface, and then replace it with water.

2. after the ginger is washed, press the garlic juice out of the ginger juice and fry the mineral water bottle into a funnel shape along the bottle mouth.

3. Add white wine, salt, sugar, chilli noodles, pepper noodles and ginger juice to the diced meat. Put on disposable gloves and turn them over evenly by hand, then beat them in the same direction until the meat begins to stick out.

4. Put the cleaned coat on the water bottle mouth and tie it tightly with thread, or squeeze it tightly with hand, or tie it tightly with thread at the other end of the coat, or tie it directly.

5. Put the minced meat in the bottle and poke it gently with chopsticks until it is filled with minced meat.

6. Divide a sausage into 3-4 portions on average, tie it tightly with cotton thread, then puncture some small eyes on the sausage with a needle.

7. Hang a good sausage in the shade to avoid direct sunlight, let it air-dry naturally, smoke with pine and cypress branches, then steamed or cooked, or sliced fried vegetables can be.

Garlic cumin sausage

1. Prepare the ingredients, a bowl of lean meat stuffing, a few cloves of garlic, some black pepper, about 2 tablespoons cumin powder, some salt.

2. Chop the garlic into small pieces, then, together with all the other ingredients, put it in a large bowl, and the cumin powder can be put a little more.

3. mix all the ingredients, then cover them and put them in the fridge for half an hour.

4. Roll the minced meat into equal strips (well, it's a little shorter than the little finger). In order to eat some carrots by the way, I peeled the carrots, cut thick strips and wrapped them in minced meat. If I really don't like them, I can omit carrots.

5. The frying pan is heated over medium and high heat. Put the rolled meat stuffing one by one in the pan. Keep the medium and high heat, not too much.

After 6. minutes frying for 1-2 minutes, turn over and fry for 1-2 minutes and turn off the fire.

Be careful

1) Regarding the meat stuffing, I use turkey meat stuffing, but also can use thin pork stuffing, not recommended with fat meat stuffing, hehe, let's eat less fat meat.

2) Don't like to see garlic, suggest mashed garlic, mixed in the meat better, I'm really lazy, just chopped.

3) Carrots can also be replaced by other vegetable sticks, such as celery sticks, spinach stalks and so on. Of course, it would be more sausage-like without any vegetables, and I just wanted to "sew in" and add some carrots.

4) about firepower, not too big, easy to fry outside, it is not familiar inside. But don't fry for too long, fry for too long, and the juice in the mince is boiled out. Dry, the taste is not good. This time, according to the size of their own to adjust properly, anyway, just cooked once out of the pot.

Yellow four hemp sausage

The delicious sausage "yellow four hemp" attracts many gourmet buyers. Major General Liu Changbing, Political Commissioner of Xi'an Missile Academy, specializes in bringing "Jute Sima" sausage from Banpu for thousands of miles. Wang Zhanxiong, a veteran cadre, ate Huang's sausage at his grandmother's house in Banpu 60 years ago. When he tasted the world's fresh food again, he cheerfully chanted, "Huang's sausage is very special and does not go with peaches and plums. The color and fragrance are good, and everyone is praised. Professor Chen Zhengyi of Nanjing Academy of Painting, after tasting Huang's sausage, praised him successively and wrote "Three Immortals Drunken Pictures" for him with ink splashing. Many calligraphers and painters, such as Wu Zhongqi, Chen Dayu and Xu Jiuwei, wrote poems and paintings for him. Over the past few years, Huang Youpei has collected more than 200 paintings and calligraphy of celebrities. His living room and living room are full of rich cultural flavor, but also for the "sausage" into a profound cultural connotation.

"Jute Sima Sausage" was awarded the title of "Chinese Quality Food" by China Youth Product Quality Guarantee Center. It was published in "Haizhou Local Diet Culture" by Mr. Xin Zifang of Taiwan. A few days ago, the TV documentary "Eating in Banpu" was broadcast on the Scola Satellite Education Television Network in the United States, covering parts of North America and Central and South America. It has entered more than 400 universities, more than 7,000 middle schools and more than 40 large and medium-sized cities in the United States. It has received American television viewers. This is especially popular among Chinese American audiences. There is a poem that says, "a feast of sausages. It is delicious, and it is suspected to be a God.

At present, the soaring prices make people feel more and more difficult to eat meat, in fact, the food is not much but fine, Mr. Huang Youpei adhering to the concept of small profits, promised to be ultra-low price, so that the gourmet to taste the authentic Huang's sausage, to improve people's living standards to make a real contribution.

Rugao sausage

Each root is about 7 inches long, with a net weight of 9 two, and about 6 two after sun drying.

The method is to cut * the pork and the fat of the hind legs into small squares, put them in a basin or a pot, and mix them with toilet water and nitrate water. After mixing, keep it for 30 minutes. This way, the toilet and the salt water are slowly immersed in the meat, and then added sugar, soy sauce, wine mix, to mix well. After mixing, pour the meat into your large intestine, puncture the holes in your intestine with a needle to let out the air, squeeze it with your hand, and tie the ends firmly with floral thread. In this way, the meat is squeezed tightly and the quality is good. Fill the meat intestines and hang them on the sun rack. It usually involves 5 sunny days (only two days in summer). The warehouse must be ventilated and breathed, so that the intestines of the sun will be left out of the heat and dry slowly. After a month, it will be finished.

Past Rugao sausage ingredients are: 100 kilograms of fresh pork (70% lean meat, 30% fat meat) with salt 70 2, sugar 30 2, soy sauce 20 2, Daqu wine 10 2, salt water 10 2. In order to preserve and develop the national heritage and make it more delicious, local sausage factories have improved the ingredients. Now every 100 kilograms of meat with 20 more sugar, soy sauce 10 2, less salt 6 2, wine 4 2, sausage is not only more delicious, but also the color and luster of the bright, beautiful appearance.

Suining sausage

Suining sausage is a famous historical dish famous for Su, Lu, Yu, Wan and Ji. This product is made from pork * s hind legs and made of dozens of precious natural plant spices.

Characteristics: Farm flavor, wax flavor, palate, palatability, and long aftertaste. It is the first choice for banquet and banquet. It is a good product of home, tourism and gifts to relatives and friends. This product is packed in vacuum, sterilized for two times and ready for food.

Laiwu sausage

Laiwu sausage, formerly known as "Nan Sai", is a famous traditional Chinese food known for its internal and external Shandong province. Qingdao light year began production, has more than 170 years of history. Laiwu sausage is the best sausage in Shun Xiang Zhai *, with lean pork and small intestine as the main raw material, with eight kinds of Chinese herbs, including Amomum villosum, star anise, laurel, Chinese prickly ash, stone drop, etc., with the addition of homemade soy sauce, refined by scraping the intestines, chopping meat, mixing stuffing, enema, drying, cooking and so on. It is dark brown and bright, fragrant and sweet, battalion and camp. It is a kind of sweet sausage in Laiwu sausage. It is rich in nutrients and has the advantages of Storability and durability. At present, Laiwu sausage processing plant has increased to more than 100 places, of which the larger scale and better management are Quan Xiangzhai, Zheng Xiangzhai, Jade Xiangzhai, Sheng Xiangzhai, Jin Xiangzhai, Juxiangzhai, Yuan Xiangzhai, Xingxiangzhai and so on. The raw material of Laiwu sausage is originally a black pig pork that is called Laiwu black when it is * real estate in Laiwu. This kind of pig * * is dark and very well fed. The sow has many offspring, and it is not picky eaters.

Its main raw material is * lean meat and small intestine of Laiwu pig. Its seasoning is over ten kinds, plus high quality soy sauce. After the process of scraping the intestines, chopping meat, mixing stuffing, enema, drying and cooking, it is refined and has a unique flavor. In addition, a series of products have been developed, which are welcomed by customers. Besides being sold to this province, the products are also sold to Beijing, Tianjin and Northeast China.

Ji'nan sausage

Jinan sausage is developed and innovated on the basis of Laiwu sausage. It has evolved over a hundred years and is most famous for its Jingxiangyuan brand.

Jinan sausage featured pork parts processed into a variety of special sausages, supplemented by secret spices, a strict mixture of meat and temperature control, out of the pot sausage has exotic fragrance, lean meat, fat is not greasy, mellow and chewy taste, long aftertaste, whether dinner guests, or their own drinks, are excellent table delicacies.

Seashore sausage

Coastal sausage originated from Anhui, based in Jiangsu, through continuous improvement and processing, eventually formed a unique coastal characteristics of the food, and enjoyed a high reputation in Jiangsu Province.

Seaside sausages are well-selected, well-made and tasty, as evidenced by a local saying: four points fat, six points thin, small intestine wash set good meat, ginger and onion, sunlight, steamed in a pot really delicious! Because of its excellent quality, seaside sausages have become the first choice for local people to give gifts, and many foreigners even come to buy seaside sausages for relatives and friends. The excellent coastal sausage is moving towards the whole country and going to the world.

An Changchang sausage

The Chang Chang sausage has some origins: according to legend, Zhao song fled to Shaoxing to avoid gold soldiers in the Southern Song Dynasty. One day at Ann Chang's feet. Offering sausages to your subordinates, please ask Gao Zong to taste them. Zhao had eaten the garlic sausage of Kaifeng, but he had never eaten it. When the sausage was dark, it was somewhat displeased and asked, "what is this?" To be answered, "the black intestines offered by the squire in town." Gao Zong obstructs the feelings of the local officials and reluctantly eats one. Unexpectedly, no eating, already taste, very delicious. Long Yan Yue Yue, said: "this meat sausage is very good, not less than I eat in the Kaifeng government's garlic sausage." Later, all the local troops rushed to fight against the invasion of the Golden Army, and the class returned to Ling'an. Gao Zong often reminded of Chang Chang's black intestines, and sent a message to the prefect of Shaoxing, who listed it as a tribute. At one time, the Chang Chang sausage became famous and became a famous local product in Shaoxing.