rime island

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rime island

Wuluo Island, an island on the Songhua River, is located in the Manchu town of Ura Street, Longtan District, Jilin Province. The villages of Hantun and Zeng Tongtun in Manchu Town of Ura Street are the most concentrated places for fog, and also the best places for viewing and shooting fog. Especially in Zengtong village, there is a saying of "appreciating fog, going to Zengtong". The best viewing season of Wuchong Island is from late December to the end of February next year. The ideal time for shooting fog is between 10:00 and 11:30 every day.

brief introduction

Wuluo Island is named for its many and beautiful fogs. The terrain here is lower than that of Jilin city, and it is surrounded by rivers and rivers. Hot and cold air intersects here. Trees hang almost every day in winter, sometimes for several days.

Fog is ice crystals condensed on branches and leaves by fog and water vapor, which are divided into granular and crystalline. The structure of granular fog is compact, forming a small ice block, while the structure of crystalline fog is loose and large flake. Jilin's fog is crystalline.

Detailed description of scenic spots

rime island

Since 1991, Jilin City has held an annual "Ice and Snow Festival of Fog". Jilin City has long been known for its fog, but most people know about the 10-mile long dike in the urban area, but few people know that there is a fog island in the lower reaches of the Songhua River 35 kilometers away from Jilin City. Wuluo Island is named for its many and beautiful fogs. Here the tree shape is peculiar. The willows along the river are covered with white and shining frost. The River breeze flickers with silver. The scenery is wild and beautiful. The fog, commonly known as tree hanging, is one of the four wonders of our country. There is a saying that "watch the fog at night, hang in the morning, and enjoy the falling flowers at noon", which refers to the process of fog from scratch, from existence to nonexistence. The spectacle of fog makes countless visitors fascinated, and the most famous fog resorts are Jilin, Lushan, Huangshan and other places, especially "Jilin fog world strange". Next to Wuchong Island is Zengtong Island. Hantun across the river is a good place for photographers to live.

Jilin fog is a wonder in the world. Jilin fog, together with Guilin landscape, Yunnan stone forest and the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River, is known as the four natural wonders of China. The fog is not snow or ice, but frost hanging on the branches. Looking along the Bank of Songhua River, the pine willow frost hangs snow, wearing jade and silver, such as white clouds, snow waves, very spectacular. To see the fog in Jilin, the best place is the fog island in the lower reaches of the Songhua River. In the past, many photographers came here, but now, more and more tourists know it.

Best viewing season

The fog only appears in winter. The best season for viewing fog in Jilin is from late December to the end of February of the second year, because the formation of fog has its own unique environment and conditions.

Get accommodation

The accommodation in Jilin city needn't be said. There are many hotels of various grades and many economic chain hotels. But it is recommended to live on the island of Wuchong. It has traditional houses, paper-pasted windows, burning kangs and newspaper-pasted walls. In the past two years, many new houses have been built, with independent bathrooms and solar water heaters, which are very convenient. Eat farm-style meals, drink corn wine in the northeast, very black soil characteristics.

Island Entertainment

Enjoy fog to Zengtong Wuluo Island, 40 kilometers away from Jilin City, lower than Jilin City, surrounded by rivers and water, where hot and cold air intersects, the fog rising in winter often shrouds this small island of nearly 6 square kilometers, sometimes the sun can not be seen in a day. In such weather, the fog hanging on the tree will not fall, and it will hang on another layer at night.

Next to Wuluo Island is Zeng Tong. Zeng Tongtun has a peculiar tree shape. The weeping willows along the river are covered with white and shining frosts. The wind of the river flickers with silver, and the sky and the earth are white. It is like a fairyland forgotten by the world.

On the opposite side of Wuchong Island is Hantun River on Ura Street. Ura Street is a Manchu town, where most of the inhabitants are descendants of Manchu Banners. Hantun is a small village, located on the Songhua River. Nowadays, there are more people, and villagers will arrange some rooms for visitors at home. Paper-pasted windows, burning kangs, newspaper-pasted walls, the owner cooks in a firewood room, and the air is filled with the peculiar and pleasant smell of cooking smoke of the farmer . You should sit cross-legged on the Kang like the Northeast people, eat farm dishes in big bowls, drink corn wine in Northeast China, all with the unique flavor of the black land. A pot of wine, all people will be infected by the simple and forthright here, cold and sleepy are gone. What is the feeling of happiness in the harsh winter? I'm afraid that's what a bowl of hot wine and chicken stewed mushrooms are like.

If you can get up early the next morning, you can watch the sunrise. The early morning mist island is very beautiful. The Songhua River flows quietly. In the distance are branches with withered trunks. Because the river water is above zero, so the river is flooded with "steam", the wind blows these vapors away, as if in fairyland.

Jilin is not only a fog island, but also can be photographed in several other places. For example, the five outposts on the west side of Fengman Dam in the southeast of Jilin City and the west line of Jifeng Highway are all good places to shoot fog. However, in recent years, the city has developed rapidly. Many buildings and halls have been built along the river. Pure natural things have been destroyed constantly. More and more people come to visit and take photos gradually. The same is true of the middle section of Songjiang Road in the urban area, which is decorated with modern high-rise buildings. The fog is just an embellishment in winter. So it is still a fog island to photograph the fog in the natural state. In recent years, on the Spring Festival, I don't know how many movie friends come here hundreds of miles, thousands of miles or even tens of thousands of miles to enjoy the fog and shoot the fog.

Route introduction

The best route to Wulan Island from Jilin City is to take the suburban bus to the north of Wulan Street at the highway passenger station in front of the railway station. The distance is about 35 kilometers, the ticket price is about 8 yuan, and the journey takes about 1 hour. After arriving at Wulan Street, the trampoline (three-wheel motorcycle, the ticket price should be stated in advance, usually 5-6 yuan per person, plus 1-2 yuan per snowy day) is taken to Hantun. The journey is about 5 kilometers and lasts 20 minutes. When you enter the village, you can see at a glance an apricot-yellow banner with red teeth and three strong characters on it. This is the Fog Photography Creation Base established by Jilin Photographers Association in order to receive film friends from all over China. Seeing these three words means that you are home. There are several straw houses, papered windows, burning kangs and newspaper walls. Although the conditions here are not comparable to those in cities, they eat farm-style food and drink corn wine from the northeast, which has the characteristics of black land.

Practical information

Ticket Purchase Notes:

Reservation criteria for special population: children under 1.2 meters free of tickets

Other preferences are subject to the announcement of scenic spots.

Food: Jilin local flavor is mainly three sets of bowls, steamed white fish, ginseng chicken, pilose antler Sanzhen soup, lotus field chicken oil, white meat sausage, Qingling live fish, especially ginseng chicken and pilose antler Sanzhen. These special dishes are a must for everyone who travels to Jilin. Jiajia Hotpot in Fengji Garden is also a must-go place. He is the authentic and representative of Uraman Hotpot and the intangible cultural heritage of Jilin Province. It is the only one hundred-year-old restaurant in this area, and the Uraman hotpot is also the most distinctive local food in Jilin.

Shopping: Jilin City is one of the main producing areas of the "three treasures" (ginseng, mink, antler) in the northeast of China. There are many such shops in the Eastern market of Jilin City. Jilin also abounds in wild Chinese herbal medicine, such as Codonopsis pilosula, Phellodendron amurense, Fritillaria fritillaria, etc. The famous local specialties are Rhodiola, Forest Frog, Old Grass, Ganoderma lucidum, Bracken Vegetable, Auricularia auricula and so on. You can also choose some handicraft products, such as Songhua Lake Langmugen carving, Songhua Lake Qishi, bark painting, Manchu paper-cut, Jilin painted carved gourds, yellow cypress wood carved chess, clay toys, silk flowers, Jilin hand-painted wood carving and so on. They are very good gifts for relatives and friends, and also have a certain collection value and ornamental value.


1. It is everyone's duty to care for the environment.

2. In winter, Jilin's temperature is very low, which can reach about 20-30 degrees below zero. Therefore, it's important to make good preparation for cold protection when you come here. Besides warm down clothes, it's also important to choose a pair of half-high waist and ski-proof snowshoes, because it's necessary to keep warm and ski-proof for a long time outdoors, and also to prevent snowing into shoes.

3. Choose the camera with all mechanical structure, because the electronic camera can not work normally at low temperature. The film will become very brittle at low temperature. When it is rolled out, it must be exerted at a uniform speed so as not to pull the film apart. In order to enhance the effect of shooting, it is advisable to bring several filters, such as polarizer, gradient grey mirror, black and white film can be prepared yellow filter, red filter. And a solid tripod. The ideal time to shoot smog is between 7 and 10 a.m.

Traffic information

Jilin City Railway Station main entrance exit, straight about 300 meters, in front of Gome Electric Appliance door, there are Jilin to Ura Street buses, about 20 minutes, 6:30 in the morning, 17:00 in the last bus, ticket price is about 8 yuan, this distance is about 35 kilometers, more than an hour; after arriving at Ura Street, take a taxi to Hantun, about 15-20 yuan.

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