play and sing at the same time

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play and sing at the same time

Playing and singing is an art of rap with a long history.

To play and sing is to accompany with instruments and sing by oneself. Generally, guitar, piano and so on. In China, there are also folk instruments such as three strings and pipa.

In 2014, it was selected as the fourth batch of representative projects of national intangible cultural heritage.

Historical origin

Playing and singing is an art of rap with a long history. The origin can be traced back to the Song Dynasty. Popular in Lishi, Liulin, Fangshan and Zhongyang of Shanxi Province, it was traditionally formed in the mid-Qing Dynasty. In the Annals of Yongning Prefecture compiled in the Qing Dynasty, there are records about "examining and calling sisters" and "herding cattle and pasting couplets", which are the more popular songs of "playing and singing". In the folklore, there is the legend of "East Yangko, West Daoqing, Xiaoqu comes from Lishicheng". This Xiaoqu refers to "playing and singing". "Lishi County Records" also contains: "This art of rap and singing has been handed down through the Song, Ming and Qing dynasties. During the Republic of China, villages around the county town and the western part of Beichuan are very popular.


You can have one or more people together.

So playing and singing can be divided into singing and singing.

The style is mainly in the form of ballads. Understandably, drums sound less loud than other instruments.

So rock music, symphonies, dance music, national music (not folk orchestras) do not belong to playing and singing.

It can be accompanied by other instruments, one of which stands out.

For example, when singing in pairs, add drums and shelves to highlight the rhythm, or accompany the harmonica to make the song more pleasant. For example, you at the same table

The main instruments for singing are piano, electronic organ, organ, guitar, horseshoe, erhu and so on.

Instruments that are not suitable for singing alone are: BASS, cello, violin, etc.

Many people can play and sing the same instruments and different ones.

Some examples of playing and singing songs are as follows: Brothers Sleeping on My Upper Bed, Xiaofang, Youth, Birch Forest, Those Flowers, Love Me Don't Go, Recent Tired, Spring - Playing and Singing Edition, etc.

Of course, there are many foreign songs. Personally, I like "Go Light".

Singing form

Its singing form is that the band sits in the shape of a word or an octagon, in front of which a man and a woman (usually disguised as a man) dance and sing while holding a colorful fan. It mainly consists of duet singing, solo singing and help singing, with a small number of interludes. The most representative song is "Recording", singing the love story between Wang Jinlong and Susan. There are also [Guan Gong chooses robes], , , , , and so on. Rich content, lively singing form, rich local flavor of music.

Practice method

Some people have no voice when they sing half a sentence; some know that the voice is not accurate, but the voice is not obedient; some sing suddenly strong and weak, uneven air flow; some sing high tone when the intensity is not enough, and so on, these phenomena are related to breath, lack of breath and can not control breath are two prominent problems.

So, how to solve these two problems? First of all, we should have a healthy body, which is the cost of singing. If someone thinks that he can know his physical condition by closing his eyes and listening to a person's voice, then I say that if he closes his eyes and listens to a person's singing, he can know his physical condition better.

The main way to solve the lack of singing breath is to run in the morning or in the morning. Of course, in the afternoon and evening, it's best to run once a day, from one kilometer to three kilometers, depending on your own situation. Running can increase lung expiration, increase lung expiration, and deepen the breath. If you keep running regularly, your breath will undoubtedly be greatly improved.

In addition, when you're OK, take a deep breath often, and then slowly exhale, which can also increase lung exhalation. The main way to solve the instability of breath control is to sing more and practice more, because only by practicing more, can we gain the experience of breath control. After practicing and singing for a long time, the breath control will gradually stabilize. What we need to mention here is timely breathing. Some students breathe less, of course, not enough, it is impossible to control the breath well, usually bring a song, should be fixed in advance, with pen marks, so as not to forget when practicing.

In addition to breathing at the mouth, there is another way, called "stealing", which is to find an appropriate place to breathe "half a breath" quickly in long sentences without breathing. If this kind of breathing is used well, it often has no trace, so it is called "stealing". We may as well practice this skill.

Inheritance significance

As a kind of folk art in the wild, Lishi's playing and singing has become the "living fossil" of Lishi's folk culture through oral inheritance for hundreds of years. Most of the music cards used are traditional Lishi folk tunes. This mode of communication has its charm. It is worth inheriting and developing.