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maoming forest park

Maoming Forest Park is located in the western suburb of Maoming City, Guangdong Province. It is only 12 kilometers away from the urban area and covers an area of more than 4500 mu. It has nearly 3000 mu of natural ecological forest and 500 mu of science and technology demonstration forest. The forest park includes Maoming Wildlife Rescue Research Center and Maoming Flower and Tree Center nursery.

Maoming Forest Park is not only a good place for tourism, sightseeing, leisure and entertainment, but also an ideal place for displaying biodiversity and wonder, disseminating encyclopedic knowledge, and carrying out scientific research and ecological environmental protection education. It has been named "National Forestry Science Popularization Base", "National Wildlife Protection Science Popularization Education Base", "Guangdong Science Popularization Education Base", "Guangdong Qingdao City". The Youth Science and Technology Education Base and the Forest Ecotourism Demonstration Base of Guangdong Province have been named the top ten places for leisure in Maoming.

Historical evolution

On September 5, 2002, "Maoming Wildlife Rescue Research Center" was set up in Maoming Forest Park.

On December 30, 2002, Maoming Forest Park Fun Park in Guangdong Province was officially opened to visitors. Maoming Wildlife Rescue Research Center, which integrates the Fun Park, was also established.

On February 4, 2005, Maoming Forest Park in Guangdong Province was named the National Forestry Science Popularization Base.

In 2005, the National Wildlife Conservation Science Education Base.

In November 2005, Guangdong Forestry Bureau awarded Guangdong Maoming Forest Park "Advanced Collective of Forestry Education Work in Guangdong Province".

In March 2006, Maoming Forest Park in Guangdong Province was rated as the advanced tourism unit of Maoming City by Maoming Tourism Bureau in 2005.

On September 12, 2009, Maoming Forest Park launched a challenging large-scale comprehensive recreational project - "The Road of the Brave".

In November 2010, Maoming Forest Park was upgraded to national AAAA tourist attraction.

On April 15, 2010, Maoming Forest Park was named "National Science Popular Education Base" by the Chinese Association of Science and Technology.

In 2011, the National Youth Outdoor Sports Camp.

geographical environment

Maoming Forest Park is located in Gongguan Town, Maonan District, Maoming City. Its terrain is flat. The soil is mainly sandy loam, some of which are latosol, slightly acidic, thin and low in organic matter content.

Pinghe Ridge, the main peak area of the forest park, is 56.4 meters above sea level and covers an area of 147 mu. It is the highest point of the park. It has a long view of the city.

It is a tropical monsoon marine climate with high temperature and rainy, abundant sunshine. The average annual sunshine hours are 1916 hours and the average annual temperature is 23.2 degrees Celsius. The annual frost-free, rainfall 1500-1800 mm, April-September for the rainy season, rainfall accounted for 84% of the year, between summer and autumn there are typhoons.

Park attractions

Garden Garden

Interesting Garden is the middle garden of Maoming Forest Park, covering 777 mu. It was built in October 2000 and opened to visitors in December 2002.

Interesting gardens embody the interesting combination of nature and artificial sculpture. They are the perfect combination of the original ecology of nature and tourism culture. The park not only maintains the original natural ecological environment, but also introduces new, exotic and extra-south subtropical crops, and conserves all kinds of rare animals. The park is also known as "natural aerobic bar, popular science classroom, good place for leisure" because of its lush trees, fragrant birds, flowers, charming scenery, fresh air and charming scenery.

A hundred orchards

There are nearly 100 varieties of famous, excellent, precious, rare and new fruits introduced from home and abroad. They are not only good places to appreciate and appreciate the beautiful fruits in Lingnan, but also the gardens for popularization of science and technology in tropical and subtropical fruit tree cultivation and popular science education. They are mainly planted bamboo, not only the grand ornamental garden of bamboo, but also the important provenance base and gene bank of bamboo in southern China. There are 156 species of bamboo collected, which is an international cooperation project for sustainable management of clumped bamboo in southern China jointly undertaken by Yalin Institute of Chinese Academy of Forestry, Guangdong Forestry Bureau and Maoming Forestry Bureau. Cycas Garden collects more than 40 species of rare Cycas known as "living fossils", and is the largest specialized garden in Western Guangdong.


Covering more than 200 mu, it is the fourth largest zoo in Guangdong Province, the largest zoo in prefecture-level cities in Guangdong Province. It has the largest zoo performance venue and animal exhibition area in Western Guangdong Province. It has more than 100 rare and protected animals and more than 3000 foreign animals (only).

There are state-level protected animal crocodile lizards, giant lizards, bee monkeys and so on. There are also beaver, porcupine and other rare animals, which are popular science corridors for raising, protecting and viewing animals.*

Flamingo Park: With Chilean Flamingo and Cuban flamingo, it is a very ornamental bird.

Beast Zone: There are all kinds of carnivores such as Siberian tigers, African lions, black bears, leopards, Bengal tigers, wolves and so on.

Animal corridor: Arabic baboons, White-cheeked gibbons, golden eagles, vultures, macaws, bear monkeys, hornbill hornbill, squirrel monkeys and a large number of other precious animals. Herbivorous Zone: A large number of exotic rare and protected animals such as Sword Antelope, Water Antelope, Yellow Musk and Alpaca are gathered in South Africa.

Crocodile Pool: The largest ornamental crocodile pool in Western Guangdong, which raises more than 20 crocodiles, is a bay crocodile airlifted from Thailand. Gulf crocodile is the most ferocious crocodile in the world, known as cannibals.

Monkey Garden: Monkey Garden has macaques, cynomolgus monkeys and so on. It is one of the most attractive attractions for tourists.

Named tortoise corridor: More than 20 kinds of famous tortoises at home and abroad are displayed.

Waterfowl Lake: It covers an area of about 2 mu. There are many kinds of animals in the lake, including red-crowned cranes, black swans, white swans, white geese, green-winged ducks, red-hemp ducks, grass egrets, fish gulls and so on.

Rare and Famous Pigeon Garden: Collect more than 20 kinds of famous pigeons in China and abroad, the most precious species "Big Baiyu Spherical Pigeon", also known as "British Blowing Pigeon". There are only three pairs left in the world, only one pair in China, and one of them was introduced into Maoming Forest Park.

Entertainment facilities

Interesting Bridge

There are special bridges for middle and high school students to exercise themselves.


There are collision car, luxury merry-go-round horse, Shark Island and many other recreational projects.

Children's Playground

With plum blossom pile, aerial bridge, aerial network wall, up and down search, Trojan horse, revolving car and other recreational facilities, is a good place for children's entertainment.

The Way of the Brave

It has been listed as "the largest in the world" by the headquarters of Shanghai Great World Guinness. It is the largest and longest-span amusement project in China, especially the large-scale amusement project with dual-channel layout and multi-queue simultaneous PK. There are 13 projects such as "board boat", "hanging ladder", "balance bridge", "plum blossom pile", "chessboard wall", "flying sky crossing", "cloud ladder wall", "Shuanglong Hui", "three barrier slopes", "Xuanwang array", "swing road", "Panlong Cave" and "shaking pile road" to simulate obstacle crossing in modern military field training.

Traffic guide

Line A: From Guangzhou and Zhanjiang (Guangzhou-Zhanjiang Expressway)

Guangzhan Expressway Maoming Direction Maoming Exit Maoming Avenue Maonan Avenue Huanshi South Road Huanshi West Road Jinyuan Road Forest Park

Line B: From Yangjiang to Zhanjiang (325 National Highway)

Yangjiang, Zhanjiang 325 National Road to Maoming Direction Maoming Avenue (High Waterway) Maonan Avenue Huanshi South Road Huanshi West Road Jinyuan Road Forest Park

Line C: From the urban direction (205, 206 Forest Park Line)

Route 205: Central Plaza of the Municipal Committee Minghu Market Sports Center Gui Hotel Youth Palace People's Hospital of Maonan District Jixing Gas Station Huanshen South and West Road Jinyuan Road Biguiyuan Park Forest Park. Central Plaza departure time: 6:50 a.m. - 17:15 p.m. Every two hours.

Bus No. 206: Wal-Mart Maoming Newspaper Maoming Petrochemical Eastern Hospital Fuli Square City People's Hospital Youth Palace Southern Book City Hexi Station Machinery Repair Factory Donghualing Gongzhen Road Biguiyuan Forest Park. Wal-Mart departure time: 7:00 a.m. - 16:40 p.m., every 50 minutes.