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Leshan Teachers College was founded in 1978 and approved by the Ministry of Education in March 2000. The former Leshan Teachers College and Leshan Education College were merged and upgraded to general undergraduate colleges in Sichuan Province. In 2006, it passed the evaluation of undergraduate teaching level of the Ministry of Education and got a good grade. In 2012, it was included in the "Eastern University Counterpart Support Plan for Western Universities" of the Ministry of Education, which was supported by Wuhan University counterpart.

The school is located in the home of Guo Moruo, the world's best tourist destination, the world's cultural celebrity and the world's natural and cultural heritage. It is known as Leshan City, where forests are in the city and cities are in the mountains and rivers. It looks to Leshan Buddha in the east, Dadu River in the south, Emei Mountain in the west, and Green Heart in the north. Han University has been here for eight years. The school covers an area of nearly 1,000 mu, with a building area of 433,000 square meters. The library has 184,350 books (magazines), 9.21 million electronic books (magazines), 48 databases and a total value of teaching and scientific research instruments and equipment of 170 million yuan. At present, there are more than 18,000 full-time students, more than 1,200 faculty members, nearly 500 senior titles, nearly 900 doctoral and master's degree students, 4 provincial famous teaching teachers, 6 experts who enjoy the subsidies of the State Council, 2 young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions in Sichuan Province, 5 academic and technological leaders in Sichuan Province, and academics in Sichuan Province. There are 17 reserve candidates for technical leaders and 32 top-notch and outstanding talents in Leshan City. Sixty-three teachers serve as part-time doctoral and postgraduate tutors in Wuhan University, University of Electronic Science and Technology, Sichuan Normal University and Southwest University.

The school has 18 teaching institutes and 59 undergraduate majors, covering arts, science, engineering, teaching, economics, management, law, agriculture and arts nine university disciplines. There are 1 national-level professional comprehensive reform project, 1 national-level teacher education quality resource sharing course, 1 national-level off-campus practical education base for University students, 296 national-level innovation and entrepreneurship training projects for University students. Nine pilot projects of provincial comprehensive education reform have been approved successively. Six provincial applied demonstration majors, seven provincial characteristic majors, 12 provincial comprehensive reform projects, 22 provincial top-quality courses, 21 provincial top-quality resource sharing courses, 7 provincial top-quality online open courses, 4 provincial innovation and entrepreneurship Demonstration Courses and 2 provincial top-quality courses have been established. Provincial teaching team, 5 provincial experimental teaching demonstration center projects, 2 provincial talent training model innovation experimental areas, 11 provincial "Excellence Plan" projects. The school has been awarded the National Outstanding Teaching Achievement Award for four consecutive sessions, including one National Prize, one First Prize and two Second Prizes, and 32 Provincial Prizes for Teaching Achievement since its upgrade. The school's Moruo Art Troupe has won the first prize in the National College Students'Art Exhibition for three consecutive sessions. The school has been incorporated into the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Education and the China Disabled Persons'Federation's "School Construction Plan for Special Education (Phase II)" project unit, and has built a national special education teacher training base. There are provincial training institutions such as Sichuan Teachers'Continuing Education Training Center for Primary and Secondary Schools and Sichuan Teachers' Continuing Education Training Center for Special Education. The school has a National Examination Point for Postgraduate Enrollment.

The school has two key research bases of philosophy and Social Sciences in Sichuan Province - Sichuan Tourism Development Research Center, Sichuan Guo Moruo Research Center, one Sichuan Social Science Popularization Base - Sichuan World Heritage Popularization Base, and one Sichuan Key Laboratory - Bamboo Disease and Pest Control and Resource Development Laboratory. Three key laboratories of Sichuan universities, including "Protection of Endangered Birds in Southwest Mountains", "Intelligent Processing of Natural Language on the Internet", "Chemistry of Natural Products and Catalysis of Small Molecules", and two key research bases of Humanities and Social Sciences in Sichuan universities, Sichuan Special Education Development Research Center and Sichuan Grass-roots Public Cultural Service Research Center, have been established. Locally, the key research base of heritage tourism of Sichuan Tourism Bureau, the industrialization of local breed chicken in South Sichuan, and the engineering research center of Sichuan universities. There are 23 school-level research institutes such as the Center for the Prevention of Official Crime and 2 key laboratories such as the Emeishan Institute of Biodiversity Conservation and Utilization. There are academic journals such as Journal of Leshan Normal University, Guo Moruo Academic Journal and Basic Education Forum. Since its promotion, it has won 43 projects from the National Philosophical Social Science and Natural Science Foundation, more than 300 research awards at provincial, ministerial and municipal levels, including 27 outstanding achievements awards from Sichuan Philosophical Social Science and 4 scientific and technological progress awards from Sichuan Province. It has outstanding characteristics in Guo Moruo's research, Su Shi's research, tourism research, World Heritage protection, enzymatic catalysis research and so on.

School docking and serving local economic and social development, transformation and upgrading, to achieve resource sharing, complementary advantages and common development as the goal, strengthen school-site cooperation. Develop comprehensive strategic cooperation with Leshan Municipal People's Government and Leshan High-tech Zone, and work closely with municipal districts (cities and counties) and relevant municipal departments to provide intellectual support in industrial, tertiary industry, urban construction and overall planning of rural economic development and economic construction of districts and counties. In recent years, 381 patents and 30 copyrights have been granted by the state. They have been used in the research and technology transformation of agricultural science and technology, such as high-quality rice planting, Python control, film weeding of Coptis chinensis, recycling of poultry and livestock manure, etc. Significant results have been achieved.

The school has always adhered to the scientific concept of development and the socialist orientation of running schools, adhered to social needs as the guide, and vigorously improved the quality of applied and innovative talents training. In recent years, the quality of students has been steadily improved, and outstanding achievements have been achieved in the competitions of national college students'mathematical modeling, electronic design, intelligent cars, teaching skills of normal students, extracurricular academic and technological works, and art exhibitions of College students. We will build a business incubation base for college students in Leshan and an innovation and entrepreneurship club for college students in Leshan.

Schools pay attention to international exchange and cooperation in education. It has established friendly cooperative relations with 37 foreign higher education or research institutions, such as Stockholm University in Sweden, Paratsky University in Czech Republic and Swansea University in Britain, and jointly carried out activities such as teacher-student exchanges, joint training, scientific research cooperation and think tank construction.

The school has a good social reputation and wide social influence both inside and outside the province. It has been awarded honors such as "National Standardized Model School of Language and Character", "National Advanced School of Art Education", "National May 4th Red Banner League Committee", "Provincial Civilized Unit", "Advanced Unit of Sichuan Province", "May 1st Labor Award of Sichuan Province". "Sichuan Rural Tourism Practical Talents Development Demonstration Unit", "National West Tourism Specialized Talents Training Demonstration Unit" and "Sichuan Ruling School by Law Demonstration School" have been awarded "Sichuan Advanced Collective of College Graduates Employment" for seven consecutive times. The school has now developed into a multi-disciplinary local college based in Sichuan, facing the West and radiating the whole country, focusing on Teacher Education and laying equal stress on non-teacher education. At present, the whole school is concentrating on carrying forward the musician spirit of "daring to be the first and striving for the best", focusing on "connotation development, quality improvement and characteristic cohesion", striving to implement the school motto of "hongyi self-reliance, devotion to learning practice", giving full play to the advantages of teacher education, adapting to the needs of modern service industry, and resolutely reforming in order to realize the school's rank. Three Party congresses put forward the goal of "striving for provincial first-class universities" and strive hard!