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hot spring leisure city

Wendu Shuicheng, Hongfu Wendu Shuicheng, is located 20 kilometers north of the Forbidden City of Beijing. It pillows Wenyu River, the Mother River of Beijing, and only six kilometers south of the Fifth Ring Road. Litang Expressway and Badaling Expressway hang on both sides of the East and west. It is a five-star comprehensive International Hotel nearest to Beijing City Area and Olympic Village. Wendu Shuicheng integrates large-scale water entertainment, hot spring physiotherapy, sightseeing tourism and business meetings. Its goal is to form a green leisure tourism resort with "water" as the highlight, and Wenyu River ecological tourism as the backing, covering an area of nearly 10,000 Mu as a whole.

geographical environment

The theme of Beijing Wendu Water City is water, the source of life. It integrates high-grade business meetings, hot springs health preservation and water Carnival into an ecological leisure water city. The most important feature of Wendu Water City is water: water culture, various functions of hot spring water as the carrier, water and human most affinity and the most dynamic side to introduce design concepts, the essence of Jidong and Western cultural buildings and leisure concepts, is the product of the perfect combination of Chinese characteristics and world trends. The water of Hot Capital Water City is everywhere: Shuicheng International Hotel, Water Report Hall, 7km Ring Water System, Gondola of Glamorous Water, Water Carnival, Health Club of Hot Spring Water, Fitness in Hot Spring Water, Medicinal Food of Hot Spring Water, Various Water City Food Containing the Essence of Water, etc. Let you feel the essence of 72 unprecedented water.

Located 20 kilometers north of Beijing's central axis, Wendu Shuicheng enjoys superior geographical position and convenient traffic environment. It is located in the north near the source of Wenyu River, the mother river of Beijing, and in the south near Tiantongyuan and Huilongguan communities, the two largest residential communities in Beijing, which are close to mountains and rivers and have a natural view. The seven-kilometer-long winding water system covers a large community of 10,000 mu in all directions. Hongfu Wendu Shuicheng is rich in historical culture and resources. Experts have confirmed that this is the royal city of Zhengjiazhuang, which had Kangxi Hanggong Palace, Prince's Palace, city wall and moat 290 years ago. Wendu Shuicheng also has abundant geothermal resources. Six hot spring wells have been developed, with a depth of more than 3,000 meters, a temperature of 79 C, rich in minerals and a sunrise water volume of more than 10,000 square meters.

Hongfu Wendu Water City Project is designed by SDG Design Group of Australia and invested by Hongfu Group. It has the characteristics of advanced concept, ingenious conception and complete functions. It is an ecological tourism resort which integrates sightseeing, business conference and large-scale entertainment. A transparent corridor links three star-rated hotels with more than 2,000 rooms and 55 large and small conference rooms, opening a green business corridor for business people. The HI water space of the large-scale comprehensive water body amusement park in Asia can accommodate 5,000 people's experience and pure feeling of water affinity at the same time; the 8,000 square meters hot spring health club exhibits the original ecological landscape, more than 50 hot spring pools are scattered high and low, telling people the details of hot spring culture; the open-air hot spring pools in the outdoor hot spring area make people intimately contact with nature; and enter the deep quiet. The quadrangle courtyard is like an extraordinary and refined paradise; the purple Kangxi Hanggong Palace is solemn and solemn, and the supreme Royal private exclusive right makes people feel the luxury of the former royal nobles; the Shuicheng Convention Center and Shuicheng Report Hall have realized the whole function of Wendu Shuicheng. Wendu Shuicheng has been committed to the development of cultural and creative industries. The National Youth Sports Outdoor Activity Base is also located in Shuicheng. The multi-functional sports activity center integrates fashionable fitness facilities and undertakes various large-scale exhibitions and performances. Every Sunday evening at 20:15, the large-scale concert "Music Live" created by Beijing Wendu Shuicheng and Yunnan TV station was broadcast live at the 3000 square meters tennis stadium in Shuicheng. Thousands of fans poured in, and Wendu Shuicheng became "Music Capital" in an instant. The third phase of the project, the ecological corridor along the Wenyu River with the cruise ship wharf as the center, and the successive development of "left bank culture" will make Wendu Shuicheng a unique landscape of cultural and creative industries. The Central Academy of Drama, China's first-class higher art academy, will live here, undoubtedly providing resources for the development of Shuicheng's cultural and creative industries. Today, with original stage plays and fashionable music performances as the core, the 115,000 square meters cultural plaza, which integrates film and television exhibitions, celebrity painting and calligraphy exhibitions, leisure and entertainment, is under construction and is expected to be completed in July next year.

Beijing Wendu Shuicheng is not only a tourist city in the north of Beijing, but also a city of music and culture.

Famous Trademark of China

In 2011, "Wendu Shuicheng" Trademark was awarded "China Famous Trademark"

Practical information

Business Hours

Water space business hours 10:00-22:00;

From 09:00 to the next morning, children under 02:00 and 1.2 meters are admitted free of charge, accompanied by adults; children between 1.2 and 1.4 meters are required to buy children's tickets, 100 yuan per person (on-site purchase); all people above 1.4 meters are required to buy adult tickets.

Catering situation

The restaurant located in the sunshine passage between "Water Space" and "Health Hall" provides a delicate and rich Chinese buffet with a value of 48 yuan per person; (Children's buffet below 1.2 meters is free; Children's buffet between 1.2 and 1.4 meters is half-price)

Traffic information

Bus route

(1) 607 Road and 23 Road to Hongfuyuan District;

_996, 966 and 919 to Pingxi Fu

_Metro Line 5 "Tiantongyuan North" Station; Express Bus 3 Wendushui Intercity Station; Pingxi Wangfu Station 23 Special Line

Self driving line

1. Badaling High-speed Huilongguan Export eastbound to the east of Huilongguan Community 1 km.

2. Badaling Expressway Bei'an River exits eastbound, Dingsi Road driving 10 minutes, 7 kilometers.

3. To the north of the Asian Games Village, Litang Road is 2 km west of Pingxifu intersection.

4. Beijing-Chengdu Expressway Houshayu exports westbound 8 km.

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