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medical and health work

As of 2019, there are 3443 health institutions in Guang'an City. Among them, there are 79 hospitals, 174 health centers, 24 community health service centers (stations), 379 clinics, clinics and clinics, 2 blood collection and supply institutions, 7 maternal and child health centers, 7 centers for Disease Control and prevention, 1 Health Education Institute, 6 health supervision institutions and 2764 village clinics. There are 24788 medical and health personnel in the city. Among them, there are 17153 health technical personnel, 4958 licensed doctors, 1062 practicing assistant doctors and 7526 registered nurses. The city's medical institutions have 21310 beds and 15344 beds. Among them, there are 15616 beds and 10564 beds in hospitals, 5010 beds and 4118 beds in health centers, 297 beds and 322 beds in MCH. The total number of patients (Times) of medical institutions in the city was 17466300, and the number of patients admitted to medical institutions was 661500. There are 100856 sets of equipment with a total value of 1.388 billion yuan. The annual free Premarital Check-up was 37300 people, the maternal mortality rate was 0.00838%, and the infant mortality rate was 2.29 ‰.