conjuring tricks

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Conjuring tricks is one of the traditional Chinese acrobatics. Performers use agile methods to create audiovisual illusions, performing various objects, animals or water and fire and other rapid increase or decrease of hidden changes. China has a long history of juggling. According to Zhang Heng's "Xijing Fu" of the Han Dynasty, there were programs such as swallowing knives, spitting fire and painting ground into Sichuan as far back as the Han Dynasty.

Most of the props for tricks are daily necessities or production tools commonly used by the working people, such as pots, bowls, dishes, spoons, cages, boxes, cabinets, knives, etc.

On May 23, 2011, juggling was approved by the State Council to be included in the third batch of national intangible cultural heritage list.


For thousands of years in ancient China, juggling has been a lasting folk art and a reflection of traditional Chinese culture.

Before the Qing Dynasty, artists performed in ancient costumes. In the Qing Dynasty, the performance of ancient costumes was banned by the Qing government. Since then, artists have been accustomed to wearing new long gowns and coats to perform. The costumes of jugglers follow this tradition, so artists who can see in modern times have been wearing coats to perform.


Most of the props of Chinese traditional tricks are daily necessities or production tools, such as pots, bowls, dishes, spoons, cages, boxes, cabinets, knives, etc.


The trick is to "turn up and down, through diplomatic representation", which means that the gesture of handing over to the audience before the performance must be bright up, down, reverse and positive, and let the audience see Gabriel outside.

Colorful living

There are four sets of basic hand color work (i.e. hand skills) for "jugglers".

The trick is "Dan, sword, bean, ring". Dan is to swallow iron eggs, swords, swords, swords; beans, beans, beans picked by immortals (two bowls tied together seven gum beans, changing back and forth, no trace, no shadow in and out); rings, refers to nine continuous rings, the lead wire into nine iron rings, can be imagined as visible things, such as tricycles, official hats, flower baskets, lanterns and so on.


Modern so-called "magic" performance programs are mostly Western skills, belonging to foreign products, so the costumes of actors are suits or uniforms. Modern magic props originating in the West are unfamiliar to most audiences and are usually made of special features, such as magic sticks, magic guns, tin janes, magic vats, etc. The magic trick is "pull up with the upper finger and pull down with the left and right hand". When the actor lifts his finger upward and takes the opportunity to pull out the underlying things with the other hand, he calls it "pull down with the upper finger". When the actor shows the audience his left hand, he quickly pulls out the ambush with the right hand, which is called "pull up with the left and right hand".