Ziyunhuashi Lavender Manor

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Ziyunhuashi Lavender Manor

Ziyunhuashi Lavender Manor is located in Jinzhou New District, Dalian City, covering more than 1000 mu, growing in patches of lavender, verbena, sage, roses and other precious vanilla. Dalian's key tourism projects and national 4A-level tourist attractions.

Outline of manor

Dalian Jinzhou Ziyunhuashi Lavender Manor is located in the south foot of Xiaohei Mountain, Tumenzi Village, Xiangying Street, Jinzhou New District, Dalian. In 2011, the responsible party of the manor successfully planted 20 mu of lavender at the foot of Xiaoheishan. Lavender fully adapted to the local climate. In 2012, the planting area of the manor will expand to 600 mu. Lavender will be planted in April, and the flowering period will continue from July to August. By the end of October. Today, nearly 1,000 mu of lavender flower fields have been formed, and trial operation began on July 17, 2012.

Around the lavender manor, it will also expand to other aromatic flowers, such as chamomile, mosquito repellent herb, rosemary, thyme, divine vanilla and so on, with other color flower belts, such as sunflower, ornamental rape, dahlias, tulips, to create an endless and colorful space full of visual impact. By the end of the 12th Five-Year Plan, the planting area of lavender flower fields will increase to 1000 mu. The overall architectural style of the manor is European style. It has the rural windmill symbolizing the European architectural style, the romantic and solemn outdoor wedding hall, and the outdoor music square. Listening to music, tasting wine, the cool wind in the mountains, looking at the purple flowers, and feeling the nobility's romance and peace in the countryside with her beloved.

Dalian Jinzhou Purple Cloud Flower Tide Lavender Flower Field not only adds romance to Dalian's tourist attractions, but also derives many cosmetics and leisure products to create a beautiful economic chain because of the fragrance of lavender itself.

Landscape introduction


Purple Cloud Flower Tide Twilight: Sunset and red clouds scattered in the sky, light and shadow mingled with a vast sea of flowers, can only be described with shock! __________ Silver, purple, gold, green and red layers are distinct, better than heaven and earth!

Purple Cloud Flower Tidal Morning Dawn: Sunrise east, red clouds Wanli, the dew on the petals reflects the morning sun, and emits a fascinating and colorful scenery. A gust of wind blew through the flowers, trembling and lofty dripping into the sea of the flowers! ___________ Take a tent to watch the twilight and then the dawn, a beautiful time to collect memories of the picture.

Love windmill: It's specially made of container environmental protection materials. It's specially designed for couples'fate. The colour is gorgeous and the shooting effect is excellent. Can you also recall the wonderful childhood memories of playing with the windmill when you were a kid  There are also piano models and swings.

Purple Cloud Flower Sunflower Garden: Nearly 100 mu of sunflower with dozens of varieties has been planted in different shapes. Persian chrysanthemum, verbena, rapeseed and other flower landscapes, photography and outdoor enthusiasts focus on the ideal wedding photography and wedding manor for newlyweds.

Ziyun Huaxi lawn: a large area of high-grade lawn, can hold various types of outdoor weddings, in addition to outdoor photography, there are also indoor studios. Set up various styles of background decoration and props, as if in a quiet Eastern European farm.


1. The entrance of the park: the magnificent European Bell Tower, the love protection god of flower and jade sculpture "Flying Lion", and the giant stone inlaid with "Purple Cloud and Flower Tide" are magnificent and magnificent.

2. Plaza at the beginning of the day: European-style cottage building, large stone and wood plaza, Cupid sculpture fountain, standing in the plaza, you can look at the natural landscape of the Wolfgang Stone Buddha, Rome castle and Verbena flower fields.

3. The ancient castle of Rome: Passing through the forest mountain road to the castle of Rome, you can have a bird's eye view of the square at the beginning of the day and the lavender flower fields. This is a unique mountain castle, which is the most representative building of European castles. At the same time, it is also a place for visitors to eat and rest.

4. Purple Flower Sea (Verbena officinalis) Ornamental Area: You can directly enter the Flower Sea to appreciate flowers. The best place to take pictures is the Dutch windmill, the wedding car and the wooden grass pavilion.

5. Love Wall: This is a wall composed of giant sculptures. It is a wall that deduces love legends. The Gallery around love wall is covered with bells of people pursuing love, and the surrounding area is covered with roses. Tourists can make a wish here.

6. Country of Little Man: The seven dwarfs sculpted in granite live in the small house of the old God tree, which deduces the story of the romantic Snow White and the dwarfs.

7. Plum Blossom Valley (newly added): In the quiet valley, there are more than 1000 plum trees, including red plum, green plum, wax plum, beauty plum, black plum, white plum and so on. April and May are the best seasons for viewing plum blossoms.

8. Spring of Love (newly added): Xiaoheishan is famous because there are stone Buddhas on the mountain, spring water on the mountain streams, and clear spring water flows around the four seasons like love. Tourists can taste sweet spring water here, play with clear streams, and feel the pleasure of natural spring water to themselves. The unicorn, the God of love of the Han Baiyu sculpture, the water cart that turns leisurely, and the bamboo tube rack flowing with clear spring water make visitors feel incomparably romantic and comfortable.

9. Moon Bay Square (new): Here the Dutch windmill, large-scale viewing platform, leisurely wooden trestle road, leisure umbrella, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the scenic area. A large purple flower field echoes the square at the beginning of the day on the East side. Purple air comes eastward and the sun and the moon shine together. It is a scenic spot and a tourist leisure area of the panoramic area. Tourists can drink cold drinks and eat snacks here, listen to the guide tell you the legend of Little Montenegro, the legend of lavender, the love story of ancient Greece...

10. Love Square: Pass through the door of love, touch "1314", make a common voice "I Love You", embrace Love Stone, walk into Love Square, merge.










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