Ziweidong Scenic Area

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Ziweidong Scenic Area

Seeing the pronoun of the first reaction of "purple cave" to "immortal" cultivation and residence, we often enchase that fairyland dream on this name.

Ziwei Cave is located on Ziwei Mountain in the west of Chaohu Lake. Ziwei Mountain is named for the violet stars in the sky, which has nothing to do with the crape myrtle flowers. The couplets on the front gate of the scenic spot are "purple air flowing ten miles in length and across to create beautiful scenery"; the couplets on the bottom are "the gentle breeze rippling along the longitude and latitude of all directions and elegant huai" and "the purple micro-cave sky" is criticized horizontally.

There is a purple cave in the middle of the mountain, which is formed in the uplift of underground river during crustal movement. Therefore, the underground river in the cave under the impact of a layer of very clear lines, there are stone stalactites but not much.

The partial hole is Wang Qiaodong. Legend has it that in the Spring and Autumn Period, Prince Qiao, Prince of the King of Zhou Ling, surnamed Ji, was named Jin, with the character Jin, who practiced alchemy in Judong and became immortal. "Wang Qiaodong" got its name. Wang Qiaodong is the only Buddhist statue cliff grotto in Anhui Province. There are 500 stone Arhats carved on the stone wall, but only one has a head. Obviously, the head was deliberately chiseled off. The depth of chiseling is about two centimeters. According to chiseling techniques, it is judged that the skilled craftsmen can do it, but why chiseling has become a mystery for thousands of years. In Chaoxian Chronicle in the late Qing Dynasty, it was recorded that "the only one is in good condition, and the rest is headless".


The most wonderful are the "four wonders" and "three wonders" in the cave. "Four wonders" are the Tiangou, the ceiling, the Tiancao, the Jade Conch Account, the Stone Goose Tube and the Tianwai Falls. "Three wonders" are Cable Cold Bridge, Shuangjing Opening Heaven and Underground Long River. In addition, "Longtan to listen to Tao", "group monkey pilgrimage", "big dragon in the cave", "Jiulongbi", "stone grape", "stone pleated skirt", "stone needle", "stalagmite", "gourd longevity star", "monkey to catch the moon", "eight precepts to look at the mirror" and other scenic spots, as well as Wang Qiao Liantan left behind, lifelike, eye-catching, amazing.


Ziwei cave is different from ordinary cave. Ziwei cave is a corridor cave formed by underground river erosion all the year round. The source of water may come from all directions when the cave is formed, including surface water and groundwater. Beside the Ziwei Cave, there is also Wang Qiao Cave, the only cliff cave in Anhui Province. All the statues in the cave have no heads except one with a slightly larger head. What causes the formation of "headless Buddha" has not been known.

Traffic information

Ziweidong is located in Jingting Mountain, 4 kilometers away from Chaohu City. It takes a bus ride to the end of the city and then walks for a distance of about 1,000 meters. (About five yuan by taxi)

Self-driving route: Hefei-Jingtai Expressway-Wuhu Expressway-Zhegao Toll Station-S331-S208-Ziweidong