Zhushan National Forest Park

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Zhushan National Forest Park

Zhushan National Forest Park is located in Liuhua Po Street Office in the west of Qingdao Development Zone. It is a national forest park approved by the State Forestry Administration in December 2000. It covers an area of 40 square kilometers. There are more than 40 famous peaks over 100 meters above sea level, and the main peak is 724.90 meters above sea level. With beautiful mountains and waters and beautiful natural scenery, it is hoped that the unique scenery will rank first among the eight scenic spots in ancient Jiaozhou, and confront Laoshan across the sea. It is also called "East Laoshan West Pearl" and is a new eco-cultural tourist attraction along Jiaozhou Bay.

geographical environment

Pearl Mountain National Forest Park is located in the west of Qingdao Economic and Technological Development Zone. It can reach along Jiaozhou Bay Expressway and is about 68 kilometers away from Qingdao urban area. It covers an area of 40.79 square kilometers and was established in December 2000 with the approval of the State Forestry Administration. The Pearl Mountain National Forest Park has a magnificent and steep mountain with a vivid image of rocks. Xiaozhushan, the main peak, is 724.9 meters above sea level, the highest peak in the West Coast group of Qingdao. Around 40 large and small peaks surrounded by verdant peaks, mountains of different colors, set in one dangerous and beautiful, known as "East Lao West Pearl, double pearls nested in clouds" said.

The whole Pearl Mountain Range is east-west, with a high terrain in the South and a low terrain in the north. It stretches 13 kilometers. The park has a beautiful ecological environment and rich natural resources. It is also called "East Lao West Pearl" with Laoshan Mountain in Qingdao. The Forest Park belongs to the warm temperate semi-humid monsoon climate zone, with humid air, abundant rainfall, moderate temperature and distinct seasons.

Zhushan National Forest Park is located in Liuhua Po Street Office in the west of Qingdao Development Zone. It is a national forest park approved by the State Forestry Administration in December 2000.

Main attractions

According to Jiaozhi, Xiaozhushan and Dazhushan are both ancient Zhushan mountains. "Feng Shi Wen Jian Ji" cloud: "the mountain is Zhushan, Chunyu state is also, Wu Chu people call the state Zhu, then this mountain is suitable for the name of the state mountain." "Jiaozhou Chronicle" contains: "There are big and small mountains in Zhinan, as well as famous towns in Haijiang. There are two peaks in the small Pearl Rock, and all the mountains are under it. The Great Pearl Mountain covers more than a hundred miles and plunges eastward into the sea. It looks like a giant ao. The two mountains stand at different angles. Clouds and clouds are constantly appearing in the sky. Xia Youyu Wei is full of expectations. Accordingly, the name of Xiaozhushan is named for its landscape characteristics, or because Zhu is a "pearl" in the sense of "Zhu", and because of its large area and small Pearl Mountain, it is called Xiaozhushan.

The Pearl Mountains are majestic, dangerous, clear and secluded, surrounded by forty large and small peaks, such as Fushan, Shilaoshan, Da'an Mountain, Bustaiguan, Dahejian and Zhengying Mountain. The peaks of the Little Pearl Mountains are emerald, rocky and rugged. They are always surrounded by clouds and mists, which change rapidly, suddenly appear, or dense or dull, which is better than the vague dream. They are known as "East Lao West Pearl, Double Pearl Clouds". Say. Xiaozhushan is situated on the seashore, with unique scenery, mountainous peaks and steep peaks. It has been listed as the first scenic spot among the eight scenic spots in Jiaozhou by predecessors.

The climate in Xiaozhushan is pleasant, summer is not hot, winter is not cold, flowers are beautiful. Zhou Zhiyu, a scholar of Qing Dynasty, has a poem: "A lot of shapes are better than smoke, who will pull the first line in Nine Curves, where the goddess are tired of traveling, the double pearls are thrown by the water cloud."

The wife of Wangfu Mountain, a filial husband and his godson, hopes that her husband will return home soon. She will stand here every day and turn it into a mountain. Wangfu Mountain gets its name from this. Mountains are not high, seats have a wonderful legend.

The Qiaoshi of Pearl Mountain is a three-dimensional painting, silent poetry. These Qiaoshi have various shapes and shapes, resembling human beings, birds and beasts, lifelike and funny, and vivid. When you enter the small Pearl Mountain, numerous skillful stones rush to your eyes. At the foot of the Pearl Mountain, you can see a crowing "Golden Rooster Dawn". It is warmly welcoming tourists from all directions to visit the small Pearl Mountain. It is a charming "little turtle", "boots" sunned by Tie Tuan Li after being drunk; Flying Stone"is so lifelike and so lovely. The "Jiang Gong Bei Jiang Po", who respects each other as guests and supports each other, tells people a moving legendary story.

Zhushan National Forest Park

Legend has it that there were two old village doctors living at the foot of the mountain. People only know that the couple's surname is Jiang Gong and Jiang Po. They are both skilled and kind-hearted. Because his wife is a little foot, it is not convenient to walk in the mountains. Jiang Gong always carries his mother-in-law on his back. Once, when they went out to collect medicine, Jiang Gong was killed by a tiger. After Jiang Po died of grief and unconsciousness, she never woke up again. People buried them under the hill. During the rainy season of one year, after the mountain torrents broke out, the graves of the two old people disappeared, and two overlapping "stone elders" appeared on the top of the mountain. People called them "Jiang Gongbei Jiang Po" in memory of them.

Looking around, you can see the "Guanyin worship heaven" sitting quietly in the mountains, the "Big Belly Buddha" smiling at the world, and the "Big Belly Buddha" traveling to Nantianmen. You can see the earnest teaching, Confucius teaching, the "Tsunami Heaven Golden Lion" who is in charge of the world, standing on the summit of the majestic peak. You can see the Eight Immortals floating across the sea to Zhushan to meet and narrate the "Eight Immortals Gathering" of the world. The exfoliated "eggs produce stone" and the amusing "monkey stone" make people marvel at the nature's creation. Small Pearl Hill is full of exquisite stones and strange stones. It is just like a God-made and interesting mountain. It brings vitality and inspiration to the tranquil Pearl Hill. The exquisite stones are like countless pearls scattered among the mountains, which embellish the Pearl Hill beautifully and touchingly. In ancient times, there lived two families at the foot of Xiaozhushan. One family had a daughter named Xiangxiang and the other had a son named Shishuan. They grew up in love with each other. One day, Xiangxiang went up to the mountain to dig wild vegetables, accidentally broke an arm. To prepare Jiegudan, it needed herbal medicine on the kettle. The stone bolt, despite the steep mountain situation, climbed up, picked herbal medicine, and fell down to death accidentally. Xiangxiang used the herbal medicine picked from stone bolts. Her arm was good, but she did not eat food or drink water. She stared at the kettle at the entrance of Tiantiandi Village. She soon died of melancholy. People called the kettle she had been staring at for a long time "Watchman's Platform". Beautiful folklore reposes the strong feelings of the local people, reflects their rich imagination, and endows the beautiful Little Pearl Mountain with mystery and vitality. Xiaozhushan Stone Cave is scattered in the valleys, hidden in the flowers and grasses, embellishing the beautiful scenery of Xiaozhushan. Local legends once said that there were fox fairies living here. Some pious people came to petition and respond to requests, so the name of Fox fairy Cave House is well known far and near.

Water is the spirit of mountains, Bay streams, gurgling water, become the charm of the flow of small Pearl Hill; the flow of water pouring down on the slate, splashing water flowers, full of "big pearls and small pearls falling on the jade plate" poetic and picturesque, and trickling like the music of the mountains, playing a happy movement, winding flow in the valley. Trickle trickle is dyed golden by sunset afterglow, sparkling spring still in motion, the reflection of spots in the water adds a mystery, located at the foot of Xiaozhushan Blue Stone Tan, clear bottom, water gushing out from the bottom of the pond blue stones, perennial inexhaustible. The water quality of Xiaozhushan is pollution-free. The water is rich in minerals. It is used for making tea. It is fragrant, refreshing and refreshing. It can prolong life. It is a natural beverage presented by Xiaozhushan to people. Qingshitan also has a beautiful legend: in the morning, Xiaozhushan "Zicao Ginseng" has become immortal, often laughing at the edge of a forest stream, Zicao morning dressing, red mountain, ginseng bathing in the river, the river crystal clear and sweet, visitors come here with water clean face and foot.

Trees shading the sky, green and satin lawns, gurgling water, into which, as if into the world into Taoyuan, fairyland on earth, to give you a calm and cool mood.

Tourism information

Dazhushan Tourist Area is located 10 kilometers south of Jiaonan City. The traffic is convenient. Take bus No. 3 in the urban area and transfer to local taxi to Shimen Temple scenic spot.

The scenic spots in Xiugu Valley (Rhododendron District) of Pearl Mountain can be reached by bus in the urban area.

Practical information

Tickets: $60

Opening hours: 08:00-17:00

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Historical culture

It starts from Changqing District of Jinan City in the West and goes east to the sea of Yujiahe Village in Qingdao Development Zone. It spans dozens of hills and is about 1000 miles long. It is the oldest Great Wall in China. In the Ming Dynasty, Sun Zheng had a poem that praised the idea of standing on the edge of the hill and striding across the valley without fear of rainbow. It can be seen how powerful and magnificent the Great Wall of Qi was at that time. Now the Xifeng Pass section of the Great Wall of Qi has been restored, and the Great Wall of Qi has a unique view of the beautiful scenery of Xiaozhushan.

The pilgrims who come here to worship Buddha are endless. In the near future, Baiyun Temple will be restored to its old appearance. There is a spring named Tonghai Spring near Baiyun Temple. Legend has it that the monks who practiced in the temple built Baiyun Temple by transporting wood from the south through this spring.

The small Pearl Mountains, with their lofty peaks, rolling mountains, cliffs, ravines and ravines, are very dangerous terrain. They have been important places for military strategists since ancient times and left many precious historical relics for future generations.

Green hills are still green waters. With the development of the times, Xiaozhushan has added a new look. At the foot of Xiaozhu Mountain, beside Liuhua Bishui Bay, beautiful and elegant sika deer and proud African ostrich add a unique landscape to Xiaozhu Mountain. Mongolian yurts show you the Mongolian style of grassland; go into the ancient costume film and television city, walk in the ancient streets, shuttle in pavilions and pavilions, so that you can return to ancient times and feel the atmosphere of ancient times.

Today's little Pearl Mountain, when spring season, all trees are glorious, the jungle is green. Strange rocks are more beautiful than clear springs, and azaleas are more beautiful than spring greetings. Mountaineering overlooks the vast expanse of smoke, sea and sky, fishing boats point, people feel lingering forget to return. It is a wonder to watch the sunrise at dawn and the sunset at dusk.