Zhulang Niangmei

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Zhulang Niangmei

Zhulang Niangmei is a work of Dong Opera in Guizhou Province. At the end of the Qing Dynasty, Liang Yaoting and Liang Shaohua, Dong opera masters in Congjiang County, Guizhou Province, adapted Dong drama books based on the beautiful stories of Zhulang and Niang and folk narrative songs circulated in Dong nationality inhabited areas of Guizhou Province.

On June 7, 2008, Zhulang Niang was approved by the State Council to be included in the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage list.

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In the early 1960s, Changchun Film Studio took the true love story of beautiful women in Chejiang, Rongjiang, as its theme, and produced the Guizhou Opera stage art film "The Beauty of Qin Niang", which aroused great repercussions throughout the country. Over the years, many tourists in the beautiful Dong Township Chejiang ancient banyan group lingering down and forgetting to return, they all cast their eyes on this beautiful Dong girl, and expressed deep sympathy for her horrific love tragedy.

During the reign of Qingdaoguang, there was a diligent, intelligent and beautiful Dong girl named Niang Mei in Kouzhai. There is a smart and handsome orphan named Zhu Lang and Xiao Xiao Xiu Lang in the Dopa Village, which is far away from Kouzhai. The two families are connected by fields. In the common labor, they form a pair of lovers.

However, Niangmei's mother promised her to Dazhai's uncle and family. Later, she was locked in the room and forbidden to come out. She was ready to force Niangmei to marry. Zhulang was furious when she learned that Niang Mei was imprisoned. But he was lonely and had to wander around the front room and back of Niangmei's house every night. He didn't know what to do.

On April 18 of the lunar calendar, three days before her uncle's marriage, Niang Mei took advantage of her mother's sleeping opportunity to break the window, jump out of the room and meet with the broken-hearted Zhulang. They both cried with headaches. They decided to go away and fight against the feudal marriage system in the way of "escaping marriage". They climbed up the ninety-nine embankment in the dark and went through a lot of hardships to the seven hundred hole.

The villagers in Guandongzhai have great sympathy for their misfortune. However, Yinyi, the wealthy owner, had evil intentions. Because the village Master said that Niang Mei was ten times more beautiful than his little wife Meng Liang, Yinyi wanted to occupy Niang Mei as a concubine. So he pretended to be enthusiastic about taking them home and worshiping them as brothers with Pearl Lang.

This village's "money head" Mansong gave Yin a poisonous plan, that is, when gathering people to "start money", let Zhulang eat "gunpoint meat", take the opportunity to kill him, the beautiful woman is alone, and must be obedient.

Zhulang and others were forced to go to Jiangjianpo to participate in the "gathering" and were stabbed to death while eating "gunpoint meat".

When Niang Mei learned that Zhulang had been killed, she went straight to Jiangjianpo to find Zhulang's remains. She returned to Guandong Village and beat drums violently. When they heard the drums, they concentrated on the drum tower. Niang Mei announced in public: "My lover Zhulang has been killed, and now I have found his bones, who will help me bury Zhulang, I will marry who!" Yinyi was so happy that she rushed to help her bury Zhulang.

The owner of the stockade said in public, "The Drum Tower is not a matter of entertainment. Since one wishes to bury and the other wishes to marry, it is so settled." After the discussion, Niangmei asked Yinyi to follow her up the mountain alone, Yinyi was secretly proud of it.

Niang Mei asked Yinyi to dig a hole in the place where Zhulang ate "gunpoint meat". He dug a foot deep and didn't want to dig it. Niang Mei said, "Those who die of knives and guns need to be buried deeply, and then dig down three feet." When it is more than three feet deep, Yinyi is too tired to breathe. When he stooped down to rest, Niang Mei-ye quickly picked up her hoe, pointed it at Yinyi's head, and hit it hard with a hoe. Yinyi could not catch up with it. She immediately fell to one side and mended several hoes. Only when Yinyi stopped moving, did Niang Mei dig down the mud on both sides of the pit and bury the silver in the deep pit he dug by herself. He revenged Zhulang.

The loss of Zhulang's beauty is extremely sad and angry. She carries Zhulang's bones along the mountain road where they escaped from marriage. She cries all the way back to Sanbao Dong Township. She buries Zhulang's bones beside Doppa Village herself and accompanies him from time to time.

The love tragedy deduced by Zhulang Niangmei is widely spread in Guizhou, Guizhou, Hunan and Dong villages. Niang Mei is surnamed Yang. In 1955, Sanjiang County, Guangxi, compiled the Dong Opera Niang Mei Xiu Lang. If the Dong people in Sanjiang have a surname of Qin, they give Niang Mei'an a surname of Qin. In 1956, when Guizhou created (or adapted) the play, it still used the surname of Qin.

Nowadays, although the beauty of the Pearl groom and the maidens in the village have gone to silence, the big blue stones that the maidens and the girls in the village beat the Dong cloth still quietly lay on the site of the former residence, and the silver ornaments she wore in that year still shine brightly. The villagers of Sanbao Dong Village erected sculptures for the beauty of Zhulang Madame under the ancient banyan. On April 18, 2003, the villagers of Zhulang's hometown, Wang Lingzhai, erected a stone tablet for Zhulang's tomb. The story of Zhulang's beauty will be handed down through the ages.