Zhou Qiao old street

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Zhou Qiao old street

Zhouqiao Old Street is a national AAAA tourist attraction. The old street of Ximen in Jiading is located on the west side of Bole Square in downtown Jiading, which retains the characteristics of ancient dwellings in Ming and Qing Dynasties. Located in the center of Jiading Ancient Town, it is the busiest and liveliest place in the ancient town. Here the river is vertical and horizontal, and the river system is developed. The Ming and Qing streets, which are only one river away after the renovation, are officially open to tourists.


Just a week ago, a Ming and Qing street just a river away from the renovation was officially open to tourists.


There were human activities in the area of Ximen Old Street in Jiading as early as the Pre-Qin Dynasty, and settlements were formed in Tianjian Period of Nanliang (502-519). Jiading in Tang Dynasty was named "Lianqi City" because of Lianqi River. In the ten years of Jiading in Southern Song Dynasty (1218), there was a county government, named "Jiading" according to the year number. Jiading Town is the commercial, cultural and tourist center of Jiading District, covering an area of 4.17 square kilometers. In October 2008, Jiading, an ancient town, was recognized by the Ministry of National Construction as "a famous historical and cultural town in China".

Jiading Bridge is the root of Jiading. Since the county was founded in 1218, it has not been moved for 800 years. It is the birthplace of Jiading's history and culture. Within these thousands of steps, the ancient pagodas, stone streets, old bridges, old temples and famous gardens of the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties have been gathered, with vast humanities and profound connotations. Tourists can visit Huilongtan, Confucian Temple, Fahua Tower, Qiuxia Nursery and other ancient scenic spots. They can also visit the Bamboo Carving Museum, Luli Shao Art Academy, and view the old streets on both sides of the Cross River, taste snacks, and look for the impression of Jiangnan ancient city civilization.