Zhongba Grand Canyon Scenic Area

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Shiquan Zhongba Grand Canyon is located in the southern side of the Hanjiang River in Shiquan County, Shaanxi Province. It is 20 kilometers away from the county town, 60 kilometers away from Xi'an-Hanzhong Expressway and 100 kilometers away from Ankang City. Highway through scenic spot is a newly discovered original ecological natural scenery tourism project. The canyon has beautiful scenery, unique style and picturesque scenery. It has the characteristics of narrow, long, beautiful, strange, clear, spiritual, wild, divine, dangerous and secluded. It integrates the natural landscape of peaks, stones, caves, forests, birds, beasts, springs, pools, waterfalls and so on. It has a great variety of scenery.


The landscape of Shiquan Zhongba Grand Canyon is composed of five scenic spots and more than 100 scenic spots, including Grand Canyon, Small Canyon, Niuxin Canyon, Longdong and Huangcunba Pastoral. The total length of the canyon is more than 10 kilometers.

The Grand Canyon is seven kilometers long. The whole Canyon is a skyline. The widest part is only ten meters. It has a zigzag and winding path like a snake. Rock walls on both sides overlap, vertical height of kilometers, densely forested, many places can not see the sky. There are thousands of tough cliffs, towering over a thousand meters into the clouds; there are lifelike kite rocks; there are knife-cutting Eagle-mouth peak, there are also ** waist gorge and other attractions. The small Canyon is not too wide to be filled with meters. The interior of the canyon is steep, the water flow is turbulent, the rocks are interesting, the peaks are beautiful, the dangerous rocks are steep, and the river falls several times within a kilometer. Niuxinxia has its own holes. They have animal-like shapes and gestures. Some resemble turtles, some resemble rabbits, and some resemble melons. In the canyon, there are many playstones of different sizes, overlapping and interesting nature, such as Niuxinshi, Lianxinshi, Xianrenshi and so on, which are wonderful and lifelike.

The most mysterious is the water source of the canyon, which flows from the three caves named Qinglong Cave, Huanglong Cave and Malong Cave. The flowing spring waterfalls are graceful, such as silver drills flowing down, or silver silk covering the earth, like emerald pearls inlaid in a narrow channel, which makes people dazzled and relaxed.

On one hand, water and soil support on the other. At the end of the canyon, Huangcunba Village is a peach garden village surrounded by hundreds of acres of flat farmland. There are more than 400 ancient ginkgo trees in the village. The largest seven people are surrounded by them. They have a history of 1,100 years, and the smallest one is needed to surround them. It is far away from the noise of the city, retains the original production and life style, and is a quiet, pure and elegant place to wash away the dust of the soul. Tourists here can get a kind of satisfaction, a kind of detachment, and can smell the distant ancient fragrance.

Main attractions

Fallen Lake

This green water is the "Falling Flower Lake" (falling flowers and leaves fall in succession, thinking of the king all day long without seeing the king. There is a white cloud in the Castle Peak. There is a white cloud inside and outside the Castle Peak. The white clouds fly away to the Castle Peak. The tears are more streaks. I have a heart and no one. I said, looking at each other with a long face and short of Acacia, I never know where I am. You see, 200 meters long north and south, 2000 square meters water surface, water depth is ladder-like distribution, north deep South shallow, the deepest about 10 meters, water capacity of more than 20,000 cubic meters, here we can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Gaoxia out of Pinghu. The lakes and mountains are green and clear, and the scenery varies from season to season. Spring can enjoy mountains and flowers, summer can enter the water and play blue waves, autumn can see the water in one colour, and winter can see mountains and waters in a plain wrapped, so you can enjoy mountains and waters. Therefore, there are poems to praise: "Tianguang Lake should be open-minded, double pulp wings spread in a row. When the breeze rides on the ballad, the sunset carries a good dream." As the saying goes: mountains without water are boring. After entering the Shiquan Zhongba Grand Canyon, there will always be running water accompanying us all the way, and we will walk on the water and play all the way.

Welcome to waterfall

In the middle of the canyon, we can easily see the first waterfall of Shiquan Zhongba Grand Canyon - --- 100 meters water curtain to the southeast. Falling from the entrance of the cliff at the southern end of the valley. It is about 100 meters wide, with a vertical drop of about 20 meters and a water curtain of 100 meters. It looks like a mountain full of snow, shining pearls, colorful, like a landscape fresco woven by skilled artists. Spring water spills downward from a stone weir (yan), with countless moss mats in the shape of tamarind pine, outlining countless lines of Pearl and silver silk. And make a crisp and pleasant sound. When the sun shines on the water curtain, it will show another more magnificent scene. The colored water beads shine under the moss, like jewels and pearls inlaid on the mountain, the Pearl pool shines brilliantly, and the mountains and waters occupy the whole body and mind of the visitors and are reluctant to leave for a long time. Because it is adjacent to the gorge gate, it is also called "Yingbin Waterfall".

Bi Shui Tan

"There is a waterfall, there is a pool." A waterfall, a pool, a movement, a quiet, up and down, reflecting the interesting "clear water out of lotus, natural to carve. Friends, after seeing Yingbin Waterfall, we came to the Emerald Lake. The pool here is unfathomable in depth, and its color is emerald, so it is named "emerald pool". You see, there is a "emerald jewelry" above the northwest of Tan, just like an artificial garden. Deep water is blue, shallow water is clear. Light green and yellowish fungus filaments float on the surface of the pool, adsorb on the pebbles under the water, and reflect the fresh and flowing green of the beach bottom. It seems that skilled craftsmen have laid a layer of golden velvet carpet for Bishui Lake. Reflections of trees in the pool, scattered, like a watery courtyard.

hydrophilic area

Along the extended trail, you can also go down to the stream, enjoy the water, and zero distance contact with the stream. You see, because the water is deep in this narrow gully and deep stream, it can be called the "Youtan" because it is the perfect place for the Austria and Central Australia. On both sides of the pool, rocks stand, springs are dense, water curtains are intertwined, with a long history, and the sound of the water is clear and pleasant. It not only reminds people of "the loud chords are like torrential rain, and the small chords are like whispers." The poem "Big pearls and small pearls fall on the jade plate" is noisy and noisy. We looked up and saw the blue sky in this line, the green trees, half blue, half Turquoise green, this pool dressed up mysterious. It's like sailing a light boat, gently floating into the water, rippling into a dream, it's really floating like a fairy.

Crescent moon pool

As the name implies, the crescent-shaped green water is the crescent pool. Here the canyon bends naturally, forming a natural crescent shape. This is also the first stop of our Canyon Scenic Area to provide rest for you.

Canyon tea

Tea is a kind of quality; tasting tea is an art. Tea is a kind of life, a kind of culture, but also a kind of fun. From a piece of tea, we can taste the scenery of mountains and rivers and the spirit of nature, remove worries, taste the charm of many people's lives, and make the mind restore calm. Tea tasting needs a good environment. Tea drinking is an indifferent and elegant thing. Simple and quiet environment is the most important thing. Different people taste different artistic conceptions of tea - people drinking tea is a need; monks drinking tea is a Zen; Taoists drinking tea is a Tao, and you and I drink tea only for a rest, a quiet, a mood... Pick up a good cup of tea, a long and peaceful mood. There's always a seat in the canyon waiting for you in the breeze!


Pontoon Bridge

The water in Duxiantan is deep and quiet. The water is as clear as jade, green as emerald, and colorful as daiyu. The rocks on the shore are as red as peach blossoms on human faces. According to legend, Duxiantan has the function of purchasing all living beings. It is a snake that can turn into a dragon and a man into a fairy, hence its name.

Thin strip of sky

Olecranon cliff

To the eagle mouth cliff, it has reached the depths of Bashan. Here the three peaks confront each other, across the river, echoing each other from afar. Visitors here can only hope but not reach, sometimes hovering eagles on the top of the mountain. The eagle is the longest-lived bird in the world. It can reach 70 years old. To live that long, difficult but important decisions must be made at the age of 40. At this time, its claws began to age, its beak became long and curved, seriously hampering its feeding. Its wings became very heavy, making it very difficult to fly.

It has only two choices: wait to die, or go through a painful process of renewal.

It must strive to fly to a steep cliff where no animal or bird can go, where it will stay for about 150 days. At the risk of dying of pain and starvation, we should transform ourselves, reshape ourselves, say goodbye to our past and experience a process of resurrection from death. In front of everyone's eyes, this mountain, Guangyan Cliff, goes straight through the nine skyscrapers. Isn't it like the sharp iron mouth of the resurrected eagle? The sight in front of us can't help but breathe in a cool breath and sigh at the wonder of natural creation! uuuuuuuuuu The Eagle spreads its wings over our heads. The dense vegetation looks like its plump wings. The big stone on the riverside, the frog, is not the prey it is staring at eagerly?

The mountain not far from the Eagle Cliff is called the Harrier Cliff. There is a cave up the Harrier Cliff. Listen to the older generation said that in the war years, people in order to avoid the fire, found this cave, it is said that it can accommodate more than 200 people, and when we develop it, you can go in and visit it.

Music stage

Nanjing Music Station is located in the southeast of Zhongshan Mausoleum Plaza. It is mainly used for music performance and Assembly speech in commemoration of Dr. Sun Yat-sen's ceremony. The architecture of the musical platform is an example of the combination of Chinese traditional style and Western classical architectural style. Canyon Music Station, adhering to the cultural style of Nanjing Music Station, will create a venue for the canyon to appreciate Chinese and Western music, so that visitors can truly enjoy the "quiet" of the canyon and "elegant" of music.

Photography platform

Considering the increasing number of photography enthusiasts, the scenic spot specially built this viewing angle on the cliff for photography enthusiasts. Hope you can leave the most beautiful moment in your camera...

Winding path Lin You

(Lin Yinlu)

The more quiet the cicadas are, the more secluded the birds are. Walking trails, twists and turns, as if there was no end. Walking on such a walkway, listening to the crisp bird song, strong knowing sound, the vague stream sound at the bottom of the valley, and all the sounds of nature, is not a kind of physical and mental enjoyment?

Fish mouth flat

Friends, the water here is blue and wide. It can be used for boating and swimming. There is a stone platform under the water in the valley, commonly known as "floodplain". It used to be a place to bask in the sun after rain.

Millennium vines

The branches and vines of this millennial vine cover almost half of the stone walls. Through our accurate measurement, the diameter of Guteng's trunk reaches 38 centimeters, just like a girl's waist, which has witnessed more than 1000 years of vicissitudes of wind and rain. Moreover, on the right side of the stone wall, there is an old vine. Local people say that the one on the right is a vine, and the one on the left is a female vine. That's what we call "looking together".

Jianshui divides the mountain body, with rapids flowing in the middle, high cliffs, and Cui Wei's opposition. The combination of mountains leaves only a glimmer of heaven and earth, just like Mount Tai's topping, which makes people feel thrilling and exciting.

Viewing platform

Landscape terrace is the best place to enjoy the canyon. On this viewing platform, we can see the Harrier Peak to the east, the Duxiu Peak soaring into the clouds, straight into the clouds; looking down, such as the Yaochi Fairyland, away from the noise, the feeling of returning to my heart.

Lock way

Outward bound, also known as Outward bound, is meant to be a small boat sailing away from a calm harbour and heading for an unknown journey without hesitation to meet challenges one after another. This kind of training originated in England during World War II. Outward bound training is usually to use the natural environment such as high mountains and great rivers, through carefully designed activities to achieve the training purpose of "everyone's participation, tempering will, cultivating sentiment, improving personality, smelting team". Therefore, the scenic spot specially constructs such a cane braided lock road, so that every visitor has the opportunity to feel, expand the sense of training. Participation is the key!

Snail pond

Under this rock wall, the snail-like rock, the villagers call him "snail stone", there are circles of stone on the rock body, like a circle on the snail shell, the rock next to the water ladle-shaped pool is naturally "snail pool".

Cage mountain Pavilion

Look at what's under the half cage cliff over there? Stone tables, stone drums, wine bottles, chess games, haha, drunk man does not care about wine, between mountains and rivers, that was Mr. Ouyang's fall, right? The joy of mountains and rivers, the wine of the heart!


Standing here, you all hope to go out along my hand. On our left, a huge stone wall stands tall. In the stone wall, a big crack divides the stone wall into two parts, which is magnificent. Everyone must be thinking: How did such a spectacular landscape come into being? In fact, during the Devonian period 380 million years ago, the crust of the Bashan Canyon and its surrounding areas dropped and the sea water immersed into it, making it a vast ocean. The flowing water source continuously rushes a large number of loose fine debris from the adjacent land, along with the silicate in the sea water precipitation, cementation, consolidation forming, forming quartz sandstone strata. After hundreds of millions of years, argillaceous limestone coal-bearing beds formed on top of sandstone beds, covering sandstone beds. By the end of the Triassic, strong crustal movement, i.e. orogenic movement, occurred again in Bashan and its surrounding areas, which resulted in folds and faults in the whole stratum, forming mountains, rising continuously and exposing the surface. Through the development of millions of years of running water scouring and cutting, it has formed the natural scenery with thousands of peaks and thousands of stones. This is how the huge cracks in the stone wall and the stone wall on our left formed. According to the scientific inspection side, the cracks on the stone wall are increasing slowly, but the speed is very slow. It takes 10,000 years for the cracks to split the stone wall into two parts and finally form two completely independent peaks. Dear friends, 10,000 years from now, let's come back to the canyon to enjoy this wonder.

Nose hole

This cave, people call him "ox nose hole", in addition to long like ox nose, but also like what? Look carefully.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a competitive sport derived from mountain climbing. Originated in the Soviet Union in the 1950s, rock climbing also belongs to mountain climbing. The main objects of climbing are rock cliffs or artificial rock walls. Climbing without tools, only rely on the balance of hands and feet and body upward movement, hands and arms according to the different fulcrums, using a variety of force methods, such as grasp, grasp, hang, cut, support, push, press, etc. Wear safety belts when climbing to avoid danger. "Will be Ling Jingding, a panoramic view of small mountains." Rock climbing attracts countless fans with its unique sense of conquest. Rock climbing is a new sport derived from mountain climbing. It integrates fitness, entertainment and competition. It requires athletes to have courageous, indomitable and enterprising spirit, as well as good flexibility, rhythm and climbing skills. Only in this way can they skillfully move and move their bodies easily and accurately on steep rock walls of different heights and angles. The thrilling movements of turning, jumping and pulling give people a feeling of grace, fluency, stimulation and strength. Because climbers are as stable as geckos and as eagles on the rock wall, they are a very aesthetic and ornamental sport and are known as "rock wall ballet". Dangerous stimulation is the most fundamental characteristic of rock climbing, and it can fully satisfy people's desire to return to nature, seek stimulation, challenge nature and challenge themselves, which is the root of its popularity.

Canyon Gallery

Modern art is relative to traditional art. Different occasions of use are also relative to classical art and ancient art. In a word, it is opposite to all the arts before the modernization of art. The so-called modern art: first, the basic nature of modern art is creation. Secondly, modern art focuses on exposing evil. Thirdly, modern art is stimulating the audience's consciousness. Traditional art often regards influencing and touching the audience as its greatest success. Movies and novels can't make others cry at all. In an era of weak personal consciousness, people are eager to be saved by others and are willing to follow in spirit. They worship talented artists and their masterpieces, just like teenagers chasing singers. However, the development of human civilization has gradually made everyone a conscious and independent person. He must decide his own business (choice) and be responsible for it. In spirit, his judgment and feelings are no longer so easily touched, he should ask, he should be strong inside. Modern art is prepared for such people and for artistic "adults". Modern art generally does not give people a ready-made idea and image, but gives people half, and the other half rises from their hearts. Modern art is a person's mutual confirmation of a person. In modern art, no one is an artist, and no one is not an artist. Fourthly, modern art is a state of consciousness that directly appeals to human beings. Looking at a work alone, it may only reveal a phenomenon creatively to arouse the audience's self-reflection. The purpose of opening such a gallery in the canyon is to enhance the cultural atmosphere of the whole scenic area and improve the cultural quality of the whole scenic area. Visitors visit the gallery, so that each visitor from the bottom of their hearts up a kind of understanding, a different from the classroom, Taoism, temples and a kind of understanding of life and society.

Long Pavilion

After walking 2.7 kilometers, I watched the beautiful scenery of the road and harvested the happiness of the road, a place full of poetry. The lake is clean and clear, just like a mirror. The mountains are in the water. The water is in the mountains. The lake and the mountains are beautiful. Now we are resting in the Changting Pavilion, friends who do not visit Huangcunba. Mr. Li Shutong's "Farewell" seems to be talking about the story of Changting Pavilion. We'll be waiting here, and welcome you to come again! uuuuuuuuuuu

Scenic Spot Self-driving Route

1. Xi'an-West Han Expressway-Shiquan and Fopingxia Expressways (Dahe Dam Exit) -Shiquan County Town-along the road signs to reach Zhongba Grand Canyon

2. Ankang-316 National Highway-Chihe Town-Sixth Bridge Crossing (with signs above the intersection) - Houliu Town-Zhongba Grand Canyon Self-driving Line