Zhong dumplings

Home Food 2018-10-14

Jiaozi dumplings, known as "Shui Jiao", is one of the local traditional snacks in Chengdu, Sichuan. It began in 1893 in Guangxu, and was also called "Lichi Lane Red Oil Dumplings" because the shop was located in Lichi Lane and it was seasoned with heavy red oil. 

* dumplings are made from pig meat stuffed with fresh vegetables instead of special dishes. It has the characteristics of thin skin (only 50 grams of 10 dumplings), fine flour (fine flour, skinned pork), tender filling (all depend on processing temperature, moisture, meat tender residue), and fresh taste (all depend on accessories and red oil, raw soup).

Zhong Shui Dumplings was founded in 1893, the founder was Zhong Xiesen (words less white), in 1931 began to hang out the "Lichi Lane Zhong Dumplings" sign.

The dumplings are delicious in seasoning. Red oil is made from chili noodles and vegetable oil, and soy sauce is made from special soy sauce, garlic puree, sesame oil and other condiments. Rich flavor condiments, bright red color, with a full heart of fresh flavor match, forming a multi-flavor style.

Flour is rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and other minerals, nourishing the heart and kidney, strengthening the spleen and thick intestines, eliminating heat and thirst. 

Pork is rich in protein and fat, and has the function of tonifying deficiency, nourishing Yin, moistening dryness and enriching muscles and skin. Those who are weak after illness, postpartum blood deficiency and yellow complexion are all nutritious and nourishing products. Chinese medicine holds that pork is plain and sweet with the functions of moistening stomach, nourishing body fluid, tonifying kidney qi and detoxifying fever. It mainly treats fever, diabetes, emaciation, kidney deficiency, postpartum blood deficiency, dry cough, constipation, tonifying deficiency, nourishing yin, moistening liver yin, moistening skin, relieving uring urine and relieving thirst.

For pork, patients with hypertension or hemiplegia (stroke) and gastrointestinal deficiency cold, deficiency fat body, phlegm and dampness, persistent food should be cautious or eat less. People with severe damp heat, excessive phlegm dampness and thick tongue coating are not allowed to eat pork.

In 1990, Zhong dumplings were awarded the "Chengdu snacks" by the Chengdu Municipal People's government. 

In 1995, Chengdu famous snack, such as Zhong dumplings and dragon hand, won the title of "China Time-honored Brand". 

In December 2010, the Chengdu Municipal Government announced the city's third batch of municipal intangible cultural heritage list, dragon scribes, bell dumplings and other traditional snacks production techniques were included in the municipal intangible cultural heritage. 

February 24, 2016, "China Gold Medal Tourism Snacks" Sichuan regional trials and the first "Sichuan Gold Medal Tourism Snacks" competition was held in Chengdu. Bell dumplings and other snacks were awarded the "Sichuan gold medal tourism snack".