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Zeng Bu

Zeng bu (November 3, 1036 - August 21, 1107), Zi Zi Xuan, Tai Chang, son of Yi Zeng, brother Zeng Gong of Zhong Shu Shu, the Prime Minister of the Northern Song Dynasty, and the important supporter of Wang Anshi's reform, were in the Northern Song Dynasty. Wang Anshi reform The period played an important role. During the Wang Anshi reform, he served as a school judge in Jixian. SnO Temple Check the five room of the middle school. official in charge of recording the emperor' daily life , official in charge of secretarial matters , hanlin academician , Chancellor of the Treasury And so on.

When I was thirteen years old, my father Yi Zhang Die, follow brother Zeng Gong Study Got it. Wang Anshi and Han Wei The recommendation of Zeng Bu has been obtained from the above books. Song Shen Zong The key period of Jae Hee's reform in the period of Ning Ning played a vital role in the importance of Wang Anshi's attention. Later on Market law In the debate, Zeng Bu was considered to have obstructed the new law and was relegated out of the country. He ran in the Rao, Tan, Guang, GUI, Qin, Chen, CAI and other places.

After Song Shenzong's death, Empress Dowager Gao When the old party was in power, Zeng Bu insisted on it. Law of service And did not enter the political center. Until Song Zhe Zong After reunification, it was reused and reorganized. It was appointed as the chief secret officer, but also with the new party. Zhang Tang Outbreak of contradictions. After King Zhao Ji inherited his position, Zhang Tun was appointed to serve as a right-hand man because he was opposed to being relegated. Han Zhong Yan And the new Zuo Pushe. Cai Jing The outbreak of contradictions was repeatedly relegated and eventually died. Run Zhou He is seventy-two years old. After death, he was awarded a bachelor's degree in literature.

Zeng Bu, though lacking in talent, was included in the biography of a traitor in Song Shizhong. His political life was involved in the white hot party struggle in the late Northern Song Dynasty. His political position was neutral and played an important role in the struggle between the two emperors of Zhe and Hui.

Paul Mauriat's History

Rapidly go up in the world

When he was thirteen years old, Zeng met his father's funeral and followed his brother. Zeng Gong When studying together, two of them took the imperial examination at the same time. Xuanzhou Si joined the army. Huairen County magistrate.

Two years (1069), Zeng was moved to capital Kaifeng as an official. Han Wei and Wang Anshi The recommendation of Zeng Bu Zeng Zheng said that there are two basic principles for politics: eight of the customs and talents; the main points are eight: the advice of farming mulberry, financial management, schools, election, accountability, imperial clan, military maintenance, and making distant people are basically advocated by Wang Anshi.

Zeng Bu was also subjected to Song Shen Zong Summoning, because his proposal accords with Song Shenzong's policy idea, was granted to Prince Edward. Hall of worship The position of storytelling was soon awarded to Jixian school. SnO Temple The position of the five room of the middle school was checked and the five clerical documents of the emperor were received within three days.

Because Zeng's talent was valued by Wang Anshi, and he was able to get along with him. Lü Huiqing Together with the new law, such as green seedlings, auxiliary services, Bao Jia, irrigation and water conservancy, most of the old ministers and courtiers at that time opposed Wang Anshi's advocating of reform. Zeng Bu therefore said, "Your Majesty, with your talents and talents, you should extend your knowledge and vision to the world. But some ministers played with the decrees and took the lead in opposing the court. The younger ministers were making a lot of comments. Everyone looked at the gap, spoke blasphemy, and fooled the emperor with public opinion. The reason for this situation is that because his Majesty's reward and punishment is unknown, if we can give rewards and punishments and use cruel punishment to make the world know that the emperor's life can not be disobedient, the decrees must not be slow. What other orders can not be carried out? What can't be achieved? Zeng Bu advised God to steadfast and resolute determination and to serve as a full-time Wang Anshi in order to advance the new law and eliminate public opinion which is not conducive to the new law. Zeng Bu was reused in the new law. official in charge of recording the emperor' daily life , official in charge of secretarial matters , hanlin academician Concurrent Chancellor of the Treasury And so on.

Heavy ministers Han Qi The book strongly criticized the harm of the new law, so Shen sect was rather shaken. Zeng Bu analyzed Wang Anshi's arguments by refuting Han Qi's viewpoint, making the new law more stable.

Betray the new party

In the seventh year of 1074 (1074), in the great drought of the world, Song Shenzong asked for his advice. Shi Yi Wu Magistrate Lu Jia Wen In the implementation of the Yi law, the heavy tax was used to exploit the people. Zeng argued that "the shortage of goods in the state is due to the lack of circulation of goods, and that the failure of goods is due to the lack of movement of merchants and the lack of movement of merchants. merger The family tried to stop them. Therefore, in the capital city, it is easy to buy and sell goods from all over the place to regulate the price from time to time, so as to protect the interests of ordinary traders and civilians by price or high or low, and the government will not lose two cents. Today, Lv Jia asked officials to buy goods everywhere, and strictly prohibit merchants from trading first, so as to collect fees as a standard for rewards and punishments and grades. Therefore, officials and people are afraid that goods will not be searched for light and interest. This is the purpose of the government itself to become an annexation force, not the market law. Zeng Bu this play is a betrayal of the political faction in fact, Song Shenzong gave this matter to two systems of discussion, Lv Huiqing thought Zeng Bu obstructed the implementation of the new law, Wang Anshi was angry, Zeng cloth was dismissed.

In the same year, Lü Huiqing Be appointed Political affairs To set up a lawsuit and launch impeachment, Zeng Bu was further devalued. Rao Zhou Again, Tan Zhou Later, he resumed the bachelor's degree of Zeng Bu Jixian academy, and was the governor of Guangzhou.

In the first year of 1078 (Yuanfeng), Zeng was known as the Dragon Pavilion. Siguatepeque He is a straight bachelor. Qinzhou Later on Chen Feng , Cai Zhou and Qingzhou The state of knowledge.


Yuanfeng eight years (1085), Song Shenzong passed away, his youngest son. Song Zhe Zong In succession, the Empress Dowager was opposed to political reform, and the old party was put into operation. Because once attacked Market law Zeng Bu Fu Guan hanlin academician And rise to minister of works author of the history Zizhi Tongjian After the ruling, Zeng Bu changed the law. Exemption law The provisions of the decree are derived from me. If I am to change immediately, it is morally impossible to do so. Zeng cloth went out.

Yuan you first year (1086) Bachelor Lung To Court The identity of the Taiyuan magistrate, and successive True definite , Heyang Prefect and Qing and Yingzhou.

In the first year of Shaoxing (1094), Song Zhe Zong was in charge of his own affairs. Jiangning When he passed by the capital, he was left in Beijing to be a member of the Imperial Academy. Later, he was promoted to serve the purpose and serve as a reader. Privy Council And enter the official to know the Privy Council.

Inner Party of new party

During the reign of Song Zhe Zong, Zhang Tang For the prime minister, Zeng Bu made great praise to him when he drafted the book, hoping to recommend him. However, Zhang Dun took great care of him and recommended him only in the Privy Council.

After being in power, Zeng Bu strongly supported Zhang's inheritance of the new law. He asked to identify and reward those officials and civilians who spoke of changing law in Yuan Yu year to encourage public opinion. Zhang Dun rose up the prison and punished the old party members. Officials were exiled, demoted, demoted and abolished almost every day. Zeng bu also had many framed. In the imperial court, a case was investigated, and song zzong was sent to the government to convict him. The judge held that their curse had not been successful and should not be sentenced to death. Zeng Bu said, "they are carrying the curse." Donkey foal To make oneself more attractive and appear again Snake mist Is it not? " All the people were very frightened, so they killed three palace men.

Zhang Dun recommended a scholar for the support of scholar bureaucrats. Peng Lu Li , Chen Chan , Zhang Ting Jian Others asked for the restoration of the cut. author of the history Zizhi Tongjian , LV Gong Zhu Zeng Bu disagreed and regarded it as an unprofitable thing to give his posthumous title and protect two people's tombs and tombstones. Zeng Bu played again and said, "the emperor can not hold his authority, but now he is afraid of the prime minister and not from his majesty." Zeng Bu tried to squeeze out Zhang Tun but failed.

In the three years of Yuan Dynasty (1100), Song Zhe Zong broke down, and the Empress Dowager asked Zai to ask who could be the emperor. Zhang Tun snapped, "according to the law of rites, the king of the younger brother is king." The queen mother said, "I have no children. All kings are the sons of God." Zhang said: "since they are all children, they should be established according to their children. Shen Wang " The queen mother said, "Shen king has diseases and can not be made emperor." Zhang Tun also wanted to speak, Zeng cloth rebuked, "Zhang Tun, listen to the Empress Dowager disposal." The queen mother decided to set up the king. Song Hui Chung

Defeat and defeat

After Song Huizong's accession, he was offended and dismissed. Han Zhong Yan by Left servant Zeng Bu Wei Right servant Han Zhong Yan Although he was above Zeng Bu, but because of his soft character, things were decided by Zeng Bu, but Zeng Bu could not tolerate him.

At that time, the political atmosphere believed that the political affairs in Song Zhe Zong were at fault, and they wanted to use Dagong to lift the clique. In second years, Han Zhongyan was removed from office when he changed yuan to build the central and Yasukuni, the new party and the old party. follow Political opinions.

The first year of Chong Ning (1102) appointment of Song Huizong Cai Jing For the left servant, Cai Jing and Zeng Bu were not harmonious. It happened that Zeng Bu wanted to raise his relatives. Yu-Fu Chen For the Minister of the household, Cai Jing said, "Sir, it is your Majesty's reward. How can you let the prime minister confer his confidant?" Zeng cloth argued angrily, and his voice became more and more severe. Wen Yi Scold Zeng Bu and say, "how can you be rude to the emperor before Zeng Bu?" Hui Zong displeased, and Yu Shi understood the intention to attack Zeng bu. Zeng Bu was dismissed as the Bachelor of Arts and culture, and the state of Yun Zhou.

Cai Jing still had bitterness against Zeng Bu Cun, who had been accused of corruption by Zeng Bu, and he was also in charge of Kaifeng government. Lu Jia Wen He arrested the Zeng Bu people and interrogated them for questioning. He pleaded guilty to innocence and pleaded guilty. Zeng Bu was laid off to promote Taiqing palace, which was residing in Taiping Prefecture and later reduced to Nanjing. Si n Qing And because of the recommended academic officers. Zhao Rebellion, Zeng Bu was reduced to a scattered official and settled in Heng state. And when he was in power, he was abandoned when he was in power. Huangzhou It was reduced to Hezhou, and then reduced to Lian Zhou. Four years later, it was transferred to Shu Zhou To restore the official position of Dr. Tai Chung, and to promote the Fu Fu Palace.

Death of a character

In the first year of Grand View (1107), Zeng ran in the state of run and died at the age of seventy-two. After death, he was awarded the bachelor's degree of Wen Guan and his posthumous title "Wen Su".

Main achievements

Reference terms: Wang Anshi reform

During the Northern Song Dynasty, although the reform of Wang Anshi had produced great or minor drawbacks, it greatly promoted the development of society. In the period of the szong, the state revenue increased further, to a certain extent, it inhibited the merger power of the powerful landlords, and relied on several effective reforms in the military system. Xi He Bian Bian And other military achievements.

Zeng Bu is an important assistant in the process of Wang Anshi's reform. Wang Anshi's evaluation is: "we must talk about new laws, always talk about walkers. author of the history Zizhi Tongjian Also, all of them are treason, or go out or enter. During the reform period, one person was once dressed as a member. official in charge of recording the emperor' daily life , official in charge of secretarial matters , hanlin academician , Chancellor of the Treasury And so on, several important positions, in the same important assistant for Wang Anshi. Lü Huiqing During the mourning period, he played an important role and started with Lv Huiqing. Young crops , assistance, Bao Jia New laws such as irrigation and water conservancy, and refute the old party opposed to reform.

Seventh year (1074), Zeng Bu pairs Market law It was criticized that political tendencies were turned into neutrality and fought with important members of the new party. Zhang Tang , Han Zhong Yan , Cai Jing And others erupted in contradiction, during the period of zhe Zong and Hui Zong. follow Political opinions.

Character evaluation

Wang Anshi From the new law, we always speak of walkers and Zeng bu. author of the history Zizhi Tongjian Also, all of them are treason, or go out or enter.

Liang Qichao "Zeng Zi Xu", "the ancient bones and bones of the people", "only their learning, are enough to complement it, Nanfeng can cloud have a brother, and Jinggong's scholar, also a Kui and foot also." And for its defense: "the injustice of Jinggong, hundreds of people for hundreds of years, there are dozens of people. And the misfortune of Zi Xuan is forever like a long night.

Kinship members

Nanfeng Zeng is Cultivated families Since the eight years (983 years) of Ceng Zhiyao, the great grandfather of Zeng Pu, he has promoted 19 Jinshi scholars in 77 years. Among the Jinshi scholars, Yao was the 7 generation. Yi Zhang There are 6 generations, 6 Zeng Gong, and Zeng Gong's son-in-law. Jeffrey Riegel , Wang Bu Zhi Wang Yanshen and others are all Jinshi. People born in Nanfeng, Jianchang. Zeng Gong , Zeng Zhao , Zeng Bu , Zeng Yun , Zeng Xi , Zeng Xie , Zeng Dun The seven person collectively " Nanfeng seven had "

Grandfather: zeng zhiyao The essayist of the Northern Song Dynasty. Song Taiping Xingguo eight years (983 years) Jinshi, official to the Ministry of music in the middle. After the seal of the Ningguo public.

Father: Yi Zhang No doubt, Tiansheng two years (1024) Jinshi, official to Dr. Tai Chang. Later, he sealed up Lu Guo Gong.

Elder brother: Zeng Gong The word is solid, Jia you two years (1057) Jinshi. Northern Song essayist, historian, statesman, ranking Eight Great Men of Letters of the Tang and Song Dynasties It is called Nanfeng. Sir "

Madam: Wei Wan Yu Yu Ru has read extensively since his childhood, especially in poetry.

Son: Zeng Yun, a writer, who is good at poetry and calligraphy. Career is rough. Sun: Zeng Tun, Ceng Xin, Zeng.

personal works

Poetry: "Jiangnan Hao / Yi Nan Jiang", "Shui Diao Ge Wei Hao has Feng Yan", "water melody singing head, sleeve cage whipping stirrup", "water melody singing head, saying that the good people slide to Zhang Ying", "Shui Diao tou, one day is also drunk home", "Shui Diao tou, Phoenix Chai", "water melody singing head to red dust", "Shui Diao Ge tou Yi Cheng Yuan Jing Xian Xiang Guo", "February" and so on.

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