Yunnan Wildlife Park

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Yunnan Wildlife Park is located in Qingshuihe Village, Fengyuan Road, Panlong District, Kunming City (beside Yunnan Forestry Department), 10 kilometers from the urban center of Kunming City, adjacent to Jindian Reservoir, with a construction area of 3000 mu, which is opposite to the Expo Park. Yunnan is the first comprehensive operation of wildlife breeding, display, ornamental new tourist attractions.

The park style of the whole wildlife park is positioned as "three artificial points, seven natural points". Construction should be tailored to the mountain and local conditions. The hills in the garden fluctuate and the trees are green, showing a primitive, natural, wild and simple style. Here, it really reflects the wildness of the wildlife park. Yunnan Wildlife Park has set up more than a dozen animal exhibition areas with rich patterns and distinctive features, such as rare animal areas, animal kindergartens, animal nursery exhibition areas, ostrich gardens, zebra gardens, Swan Lake, reptile world, African tribes, Sky City, raccoon family, Flamingo town, Lion Tiger Villa, Peacock Garden and sloth's home. This is the ideal classroom for young people's wildlife protection science education and public protection awareness education, as well as the ideal base for wildlife protection and science education in the southwestern region. On October 11, 2018, he was selected as the "National Practical Education Base for Primary and Secondary School Students".

Zoo animals

Yunnan Wildlife Park breeds more than 20,000 wild animals.

Rare and rare animal areas mainly include red gorilla, black bear, black bear, Malay bear, small panda, Arab gorilla, panthers, gibbon ape, gibbon ape, macaque, macaque, short-tailed monkey, flat-top monkey, panda monkey, panmonkmonk, Chuan gold monkey, white-fronted monkey, macaw, Alexander parrot, Great Parrot, Gregogopartrid breast parrot, double-horned rhino, flower-horned rhino, crowned rhino, crowned rhino, rhinocbill, rhinocbill, rhinocbill, rhinocbill, rhinocinocinocbill, rhinocinocinocinocus, rhinoceros, rhinoceros, monkmonkmonkmonkey, flat-Dozens of rare wildlife such as 40316;

African tribes are mainly zebras, African ostriches, white rhinoceroses, antelopes, horned horses, giraffes and other animals with African characteristics.

The main cities in the sky are fine-tailed parrots, silver foxes, small pandas, ear foxes, golden carvings, multicolored macaws, blue-gold macaws, cockatoos, Alexander parrots, cormorants, etc.

Swan Lake mainly includes bald storks, red-crowned cranes, black-necked cranes, flamingos, raccoons, pelicans, white swans, black swans, geese, cormorants, ring-tailed lemurs, etc.

There are mainly Thai crocodiles, golden pythons, Burmese pythons, green iguanas, fire iguanas, Chinese water dragons, crocodile turtles, turtles, temple turtles, maple leaf turtles, radiation tortoises and so on.

There are Sika deer, emu, alpaca, elk, northeastern wapiti, yellow elk and so on.

The Giant Panda Museum is home to animal stars, Giant Pandas and Phyllostachys pubescens.

Lion Tiger Villa mainly includes Siberian tiger, Bengal tiger and White tiger.

Peacock Garden area mainly includes blue peacock, Indian bison (Asian bison), kangaroo, alpaca, alpaca, two-toed sloth, etc.

The whole park reconstructs the original ecological landscape, carries out naturalized stocking and mixing, imitates the original ecological natural space, and returns wildlife to a real home. In the design and planning of the whole park, according to the actual situation, according to local conditions, make full use of strengths and avoid weaknesses, carefully plan and design, build a mountain forest zoo with local characteristics, and create the scene of "coordinated development between man and nature" and "harmonious coexistence between man and wildlife".

Natural classroom

Yunnan Wildlife Park, in accordance with the reform of the national education system and fulfilling its social responsibility, has set up a department of popular science education, set up natural classroom projects, and set up professional teams to provide creative, entertaining and educational activities for children through experiential education. "CW Zoo Comes to Me", "Protect Wildlife, We Are Acting", "Love Birds Week" and many other popular science education activities in the park have been carried out. In the park, popular science education courses such as Museum Talents, Zoologists, Nature Guardians, 5000 years of China and the Secret of the Earth have been carried out. In this small society constructed by animals and people, let children understand nature, independence, self-breakthrough, and give children the power to grow up.


Yunnan Wildlife Park: Yunnan Province Life Education, Survival Education and Life Education Practice Base, Yunnan Science Popularization Education Base, Yunnan Wildlife Reception and Rescue Center, Kunming Science Popularization Education Quality Base, Kunming Wildlife Protection Association Governing Unit, Panlong District Wildlife Popularization Demonstration Base, Haova China Small Journalist Place Activity Base, Chinese Children Children's Literature Creation Base, Advanced Collective of Science Popularization Work in Panlong District, National AAAA Scenic Area, Harmonious Enterprise in Kunming City, Honorary Director Unit of Yunnan Forest Police Association, Construction of Provincial Demonstration Base in Forest Yunnan Province, Advanced Unit of the First Youth and Children's Fire Safety Education Activity in Yunnan Province in 2006, Environmental Protection Science Popularization Park in Kunming City in 2008, and a large number of related qualifications and Reputation.

Characteristics of the park

The whole park rebuilds the original ecological landscape, carries out naturalized stocking and mixing, and imitates the original ecological natural space.

In the design and planning of the whole park, according to the actual situation, adapting measures to local conditions, developing strengths and avoiding weaknesses, carefully planning and designing, building a mountain forest zoo with local characteristics, shaping the image of "coordinated development between man and nature" and "harmonious coexistence between man and wildlife".

The whole park is full of hills and green trees, showing a natural, primitive, wild and simple landscape. The wildlife park has set up more than 10 animal ornamental exhibition areas and recreational and leisure attractions with rich content and unique structure. This is the ideal classroom for teenagers'popular science education and public protection awareness education. It is also an important base for ex-situ conservation of wildlife parks. Reconstructing the original ecological landscape and carrying out the naturalized stocking and mixed cultivation are the concrete manifestation of the purpose of Yunnan Wildlife Park's "seven points of nature and three points of man-made". The park has complete facilities. Food and entertainment facilities are available.

The animals displayed in the exhibition area are mainly from Yunnan and Western China, highlighting the unique animals in Yunnan. Large groups of small pandas and green peacocks were raised and displayed in a large scale to show the theme of "animal kingdom" in Yunnan. Yunnan Wildlife Park has received millions of tourists from home and abroad since it was officially opened to tourists in 2004. It really makes you feel the life affinity of "harmony between man and nature, harmonious development".

Traffic information

Internal traffic

Battery bus terminal (starting point) - African tribe (first stop) Swan Lake (second stop) Giant Panda Pavilion (second stop) - Lion Tiger Villa (third stop) - Happy Animal Camp (terminal).

External traffic


Kunming urban area can get off at "Yunnan Wildlife Park Station" by bus No. 249, No. 150, No. 235 and No. 241.

Self driving

Go straight along Jinlu Road to the Expo College of Normal University and turn left into Fengyuan Road for 1 kilometer.

Practical information

Ticket Price


(1) Price

100 yuan per person.

(2) Scope of Preferential Tickets Purchased

1. Children from 1.2 meters to 1.4 meters in height (including 1.2 meters, excluding 1.4 meters) can buy preferential tickets.

2. Preferential tickets can be purchased on the basis of my student certificate and officer's certificate.

(3) Scope of ticket exemption

1. Children under 1.2 meters in height, accompanied by guardians, can enter the park without tickets.

2. Tourists with their senior citizen's preferential treatment certificate, disability certificate, revolutionary disabled soldier's certificate, national tour guide certificate (IC card), travel agency manager's qualification certificate and journalist's certificate can enter the park without admission tickets.

3. Older people over 70 years old can enter the park free of tickets with their ID card.

Play route

Rare Animal Zone - Battery Car Terminal - African Tribes - Swan Lake - Herbivorous Animals Scattered in Zone 2 - Giant Panda Pavilion - Lion Tiger Villa - Happy Animal Camp - Peacock Park (Walking Tour) - Yangcun - Exit.