Yuanyi Shuangfeng Lake International Tourist Resort

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Yuanyi Shuangfeng Lake International Tourist Resort in Anhui Province is a high-level tourist resort integrating Golf and leisure. Located in the beautiful scenery, with a total area of more than 2000 mu.

Basic data

Location: Hefei, Anhui

National rating: AAAAAA

Address: Shuangfeng Lake, Shuangfeng Development Zone, Hefei City

Open hours: all-day open

Scenic Spot Features: Lake Xiushui


It consists of the only 18-hole international championship golf course in Hefei, five-star resort villa hotel and luxury tourist boat club facilities.

The perfect geographical location of "Leaving the Dust to the City" is the natural green oxygen bar, which is rich in tourism resources and machines, forming a comprehensive complex ecological circle.

The resort has unique five-star strongholds, providing thoughtful and meticulous star hotel services for tourism and leisure.

One-day Golf Tours let you experience the charm of golf, water yacht sports let you enjoy the cool summer passion, while also undertaking meetings, tourism team. There are more than 100 kinds of rare and thousands of plants inhabiting the stadium. Pheasants, rabbits and other birds and animals can be seen everywhere, and their flowers and weeds can be seen everywhere, forming a benign circle of biosphere, providing a leisurely and comfortable natural environment for tourists, leisure and entertainment people from all walks of life.

Main attractions

From the guild hall to the west, there is an internal road leading to the trunk road, which serves as the main access to the stadium.

The Zhencao Training Ground is located to the west of the Guild Hall. It is about 330 meters long. It has 3, 4 and 5 strokes of field practice fairway. On the west side of the club hall is a large lawn, and on the north is an entertainment city and mini golf. Entertainment City has tennis center, food center, chess room, karaoke room, nightclub, game center, table tennis room, basketball room, badminton court, bowling court, billiards room and other leisure and recreational facilities.

In the north of the mini golf is a large sightseeing garden, where a large variety of exotic flowers and plants gather, all the year round, birds and flowers fragrance, thus providing a leisure harbour for the noisy urban people.

Further north, there are large demonstration gardens of ecological agriculture. Visitors can not only feel the progress of modern agriculture and the magic of science and technology, but also learn a lot of Agronomic knowledge.

To the east of the agricultural demonstration park is a yacht wharf. Visitors can rent a boat here to release the depression brought by the city on Shuangfeng Lake.

Peripheral traffic


Located on the shore of Chaohu Lake, Hefei Luogang Airport is a large international modern airport, as well as an alternate landing airport for Beijing Capital Airport and Shanghai Pudong Airport. Hefei Luogang Airport is very close to the urban area. There is no airport bus to the urban area. Only bus No. 11 arrives at the railway station. The taxi fare to the urban area generally does not exceed 30 yuan. The whole airport expressway has convenient transportation. In addition, a long-distance bus to Wuhu has been opened. No. 11 (Railway Station-Luogang Airport) departure time: 6:00-19:30, fare: 1 yuan. Hefei Luogang Airport - Wuhu, Hefei Luogang Airport departure time: 11:00, 17:00, two shifts a day. Wuhu departure time: Wuhu long-distance bus station departure time is 06:00, 08:00, from Wuhu tourist bus station departure time is 14:00, 16:00, a total of four flights a day. The travel time is about 1 hour and 50 minutes. The fare is about 46 yuan.


Hefei has two railway stations, Hefei Railway Station and West Railway Station. Among them, Hefei Railway Station is a large modern railway station located in the comprehensive development zone of the new station, while the West Railway Station is located at the west end of Wangjiang Road, which is accessible by bus No. 111 from Hefei Railway Station. Passing through Hefei are K747, D5486, D5492, L8360, K694/K691, K8366/K8367, Z73, etc.

Public transport:

There are direct buses in Shuangdun Town.

Self driving:

It is about half an hour's ride from downtown to Shuangfeng Avenue on the Second Ring Road.

Matters needing attention

1. Protect the greening and public facilities of scenic spots and protect the ecological environment.

2. Pay attention to hygiene, keep the environment tidy in the scenic area, do not spit everywhere, do not throw peel debris.

3. Without permission, commercial photography may not be taken in the scenic area.

4. It is forbidden to carry out all illegal and criminal activities in scenic spots.