Yuanshan National Forest Park

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Yuanshan National Forest Park

Yuanshan National Forest Park is located in the southwest of Boshan District, Zibo City, Shandong Province. It was established in 1992 with the approval of the Ministry of Forestry. Its total planning area is 1702 hectares. It consists of five scenic spots. It is a national youth activity camp, a nature reserve, a patriotic education base and an environmental education base in Zibo City.

geographical environment

Yuanshan National Forest Park is a national AAAA-level tourist area, a national key scenic spot, ten new scenic spots in Shandong Province and ten best forest parks in Shandong Province. It is divided into five scenic spots: Phoenix Mountain, Yuwang Mountain, Wanglu Mountain, Xuejiading and Jiagutai, covering an area of 1702 hectares, covering more than 120 peaks. With its rich vegetation, ancient, exotic and precious trees, beautiful scenery, simple, solid and dignified temples, long and beautiful historical legends and ethnic minority folk songs and dances in the deep forest, she attracts numerous tourists from home and abroad.

Phoenix Mountain Scenic Area is one of the five major scenic spots of Yuanshan National Forest Park, covering an area of 2800 mu. Located in the southwest of Boshan City, 2 kilometers away from Boshan Railway Station and Bus Station. The scenic area has steep mountains, peculiar landforms, dense forests, beautiful environment, rich cultural relics and natural landscapes, and numerous recreational and fitness places. It is a scenic spot for cultivating sentiment, eco-tourism, leisure and vacation. Phoenix Mountain (also known as Xiaoding Mountain) is named for its phoenix-like nature.

Historically, it was an important place for religious activities, and also a place for warriors to fight in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. The Jade Palace of the Song Dynasty, Hongmen and Taishan Palace of the Ming Dynasty, Luzu Temple of the Qing Dynasty and other cultural relics and monuments are hidden in dense forests. The 5000-year-old historical scroll of Chinese rock paintings is displayed on cliffs and cliffs. The Great Wall of the Warring States Period and Qi Dynasty runs through the scenic spots. That is why Meng Jiangnu cried about the Great Wall. The artillery buildings and bunkers left behind during the Anti-Japanese Period were left in the imagination; the Shihai formed by the karst landform was a wonder of the North, and the literati and Mohists left a rich cultural accumulation in history.

Climate: The average temperature in January is only - 1.7 degree C, and it can reach 15.1 degree C in April. The average temperature in July is 27.6 degree C, and the chance of daily maximum temperature exceeding 35 degree C is less than 10 days on average. From August to October, the monthly average temperature has dropped to 15.8 degrees C, which is slightly higher than that in April in spring.

Yuanshan now has one three-star tourist hotel, five parking lots and five restaurants with different flavors. It basically forms a one-stop service system of eating, living, traveling, traveling, purchasing and entertainment. It has become a national youth activity camp, Zibo environmental education base and Zibo patriotic education base. In 2002, it was appraised as one of the "ten new scenic spots in Shandong Province" and a knowledge of Zibo tourism. Famous brand.

natural resources

Fenghuangshan Scenic Area is rich in forest resources. It has more than 120 kinds of woody plants and 600 kinds of herbs. It is a natural botanical garden. Manshan is full of perennial green (Platycladus orientalis), golden and yellow in early spring (Forsythia suspensa), white as snow in May (Robinia pseudoacacia), red as fire in late autumn (Quercus amurensis, Melia azedarach, elm, torch), young girls like Tingting in summer (Huangjing), red fruits everywhere in autumn (jujube, baby boxing, etc.), forming a spectacular forest landscape.

The swimming pool surrounded by green gourds is an ideal place for summer cooling and fitness; the swing, hammock, suspension bridge, steel wire walking, slippery rope, Eight-Diagrams array and other recreational facilities in the forest paradise make you linger and forget to return; entering the Folklore Park can not only enjoy the residence style of ethnic minorities, but also enjoy the folk song and dance performances from various regions while tasting Mountain-style dishes; Thrilling and exciting karts and civilized and elegant bowling entertainment are waiting for visitors at any time; in the bird language forest, people and birds live in harmony and intimate "communication"; beside the ancient Great Wall of Qi, tourists can ride camels to roam and appreciate the charm of the ancient Silk Road.

Main attractions

Five scenic spots

Yuanshan National Forest Park is located in the southwest of Boshan District, Zibo City, along the Xiaofu River. It was approved by the Ministry of Forestry in 1992. The total planned area is 1702 hectares. It consists of four major mountain systems: Wanglu Mountain, Yuwangshan Mountain (Yuwangshan), Yueyang Mountain and Hushan Mountain. It consists of five scenic spots: Phoenix Mountain, Yuwangshan Mountain, Wanglu Mountain, Xuejiading Mountain and Jiagutai Mountain. The mountains are rolling and rolling, with thousands of sceneries and the highest elevation of Yuwangshan Mountain (Yuwangshan Mountain) is 800 meters. The park has steep mountains, peculiar landforms, dense forests, beautiful environment, rich cultural relics and natural landscapes, and numerous recreational and fitness places. It is a resort for cultivating sentiment, returning to nature, leisure and vacation.

Lantau Peak

The scenic spot is one of the five scenic spots in Yuanshan National Forest Park. It combines the natural resources of forests, springs, caves and valleys, and has a long history and profound cultural heritage. Historically, it was an important place for religious activities, and also an important place for warfare between soldiers in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. The Jade Palace in Song Dynasty, Hongmen in Ming Dynasty, Taishan Xinggong Palace and Luzu Temple in Qing Dynasty are all hidden in the dense forest.

Jade Palace

Daguan was built in the Song Dynasty in the ugly year (1109). Its palace is composed of palace, chamber, hall, pavilion, bell and drum tower. There are many cultural relics in the palace, and there are many rare treasures. Among them, the four emperors of Song Dynasty (Taizu, Taizong, Zhenzong, Renzong) imperial stone tablets have very high archaeological value. The water charm of Liu Zhili, a high road in Song Dynasty, also aroused great interest of archaeologists. Zibo City is the best preserved group of ancient buildings in the Song Dynasty.

Rock paintings

"Primitive colored pottery, simple and beautiful; Shang and Zhou bronze, majestic and rugged; Qin bricks and Han tiles, powerful; Wei, Jin, North and South, pious melody; Sui and Tang Dynasties, magnificent; Song Dynasty porcelain, reputation crown thing; Yuan Dynasty Yongle, elegant; Ming and Qing folk, exquisite workmanship." The figure portraits are delicate and delicate, showing in the cliffs and cliffs, gorgeous and magnificent.

qi great wall

Throughout the scenic area, the winding city wall covers the top of the mountain, such as the dragon lying across, which is why Meng Jiangnu cried about the Great Wall.


It is a rare natural landscape in northern China. It faithfully records the history of the evolution of the earth and brings us into the underwater world 250,000 years ago. Thousands of boulders roll like waves and ripple over layers, like the sound of seagulls, such as the spirit of the present seabed, all kinds of gestures, lifelike, dazzling eyes. It makes tourists feel wonderful in the natural and pleasant place. There are "Stone Forest of the South Country". The reputation of "Shihai in Northern China" has left rich cultural deposits for scholars and poets in history. Yuanshan National Forest Park is rich in resources, with more than 120 kinds of woody plants and 600 kinds of herbs. It is a natural botanical garden. Manshan is full of perennial green (Platycladus orientalis), early spring golden and yellow mountains (Forsythia suspensa), May flowers blossom freely (locust tree), late autumn like red mountain (Huangsa, azedarach, elm, torch tree), summer Tingting like a girl (Huangjing), autumn red fruits everywhere (jujube, baby boxing).

The swimming pool surrounded by green shade is an ideal place for cool and leisure. The autumn dried forest park, hammocks, ladders, steel wire walking, single-wooden bridge, swaying board, cables and other dozens of entertainment projects, extraordinary, leisurely, add endless fun for sightseeing. In Yuanshan Culture Shopping Market, all kinds of antiques, celebrity calligraphy and paintings, aragonite, art glass inner paintings, arts and crafts ceramics, daily ceramics, silk embroidery products of Yunnan ethnic minorities can become tourist souvenirs.

Entering the folklore garden, young boys and girls dressed in national costumes make tea and pour wine for tourists. Tourists can enjoy the living style of minority nationalities, listen to the flowing silk and bamboo sounds of Xingao mountains and rivers, and enjoy the delicious food as well as the ethnic minority singing and dancing performances. Covering an area of 12,000 square meters, the original mountain birdsong forest has more than 80 species of birds in 10 orders, totaling more than 2,000 birds. It is divided into peacock garden, songbird corridor, Swan lake, ostrich garden, Human-bird Exchange Square and other scenic spots. A picture of Human-bird harmonious coexistence is presented in front of people. Yunbu Bridge is more than 300 meters long, built on the hillside of Phoenix Mountain, winding in dense forests, sometimes hidden. The bridge is decorated with pavilions of different styles. Tourists can stop here and enjoy the scenery of nature. Every rainy season, clouds, such as fairyland. Thrilling and exciting kart sports, civilized and elegant tennis clubs and bowling entertainment world, always waiting for guests to come. The scenic Yuanshan Tourist Resort is situated in the forest sea of Songtao. It has exquisite and unique architectural structure and elegant interior decoration. It is a comfortable place for imagination and vacation.

Tourism Information

bus line

Take bus No. 1 to Boshan Station and transfer to No. 11 to Yuanshan National Forest Park.

Tourism services

Yuanshan Tourist Hotel is a three-star foreign-related hotel integrating accommodation, catering and entertainment. The hotel is located in the southwest of Boshan District, Zibo City. It is located in Yuanshan National Forest Park, a scenic area with elegant environment and beautiful scenery. Boshan Wanjie Club: Boshan Wanjie Club is a two-star foreign-related hotel, located at No. 38 Yanhe East Road, Boshan District, Zibo City, Shandong Province, with a total floor area of 9536 square meters, 40 guest rooms, 4 large restaurants and 17 private rooms (including 9 karaoke private rooms), as well as multi-functional conference halls, sauna centers, nightclubs, bars, bowling, billiards, table tennis and other services. This is the case.

Practical information

Ticket information

Tickets for 50 yuan/person scenic spot are valid on the day , and pass is 130 yuan/person.

Preferences for special groups:

(1) Children under 1.2 meters in height, elderly people over 70 years old with old age certificate, disabled people with disability certificate, active servicemen with military certificate ticket-free. Students with a height of 1.2-1.4 meters, undergraduate degree or below, and the elderly aged 60-69 years, buy scenic spot tickets with an old age certificate.

(2) Persons with disabilities throughout the country enjoy the preferential policy of free admission to kindergartens on the basis of disability certificates.

(3) Active servicemen are exempted from purchasing tickets with the new version of officer's certificate and soldier's certificate.

(4) Children under 1.2 metres in height are admitted to the kindergarten free of charge; students in major, middle and primary schools across the country are charged half the admission fee on the basis of student certificates.

Best travel time

In spring, summer and autumn, tourist areas (spots) hold regular tourist activities.

In early April, Yuanshan Mountaineering Festival, May 11 Golden Tour Garden, October Yuanshan Red Leaf Festival.