Youyang Peach Blossom Source Tourist Scenic Area

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Taohuayuan Scenic Spot is located in the suburbs of Youyang County, which is known as the "Liangdu of Chongqing". It is a national AAAAA-level tourist attraction. It is widely regarded as the prototype of Taohuayuan Ji written by Tao Yuanming. It consists of Shiwaitaoyuan, Fuxidong, Youzhou Ancient City, Taohuayuan National Forest Park, Eryoushan and so on.

Historical evolution

In 1998, Chongqing Municipality vigorously developed its tourism industry. The mysterious Youyang gradually raised the mysterious cap and became a new tourist destination in Wuling Mountains.

In 1999, after being used as an oil depot for dozens of years, Dayou Cave reappeared and was officially renamed Youyang Peach Blossom Source Scenic Area. In 2001, 2005 and 2008, Youyang Peach Blossom Source realized triple jump from 1A to 4A tourist attractions.

In 2010, Youyang's new county Party committee and county government took a far-sighted view, established the strategy of "revitalizing counties through tourism" and created the 5A-level tourist scenic spot of Taohuayuan with the strength of the whole county and the hearts of all the people, and achieved remarkable results. With the care and support of the National Tourism Bureau and Chongqing Tourism Bureau, the Youyang Taohuayuan scenic spot has been comprehensively planned and constructed. The area of the scenic spot has expanded from 200 hectares to 50 square kilometers, and the core area has expanded from 60 mu to 22.8 square kilometers. Tourist centers, ecological parking lots, star-rated tourist toilets, sightseeing and environmental protection vehicles and other tourist service facilities are all available.

geographical position

Youyang Taohuayuan Scenic Spot is located at 232 Taohuayuan Road, 210 Provincial Road, Youyang Tujia and Miao Autonomous County, Chongqing, 28.86', 108.76'.

Climatic characteristics

Youyang Peach Blossom Source Scenic Area belongs to subtropical humid monsoon climate area, with abundant rainfall throughout the year, warm in winter and cool in summer. The average annual sunshine hours are 1131 hours. The annual average temperature decreases from 17 in the riverside area with an altitude of 280 meters to 11.8 in the mountainous area. The coldest temperature in January is 3.8 C, and the highest temperature in July is 24.5 C. Annual rainfall is generally in the range of 1000-1500 mm.

Resource situation

plant resources

There are many plants, such as Ginkgo biloba, Metasequoia glyptostroboides, Camphor, Camptotheca acuminata, Toona sinensis, Eucommia ulmoides, Magnolia officinalis and other national first-level protected plants, such as Davidia involucrata, Metasequoia glyptostroides, Ginkgo biloba and Taxus chinensis.

Biological resources

Biological resources and its rich, there are white crane, water deer, hare, * *, wild boar, hawk, hedgehog, woodpecker, squirrel, civet cat, thrush, sun bird, red bellied pheasant, lovesickness, civet cat, weasel, hog, swallows and other wild animals, and live in the national level of protecting forest musk deer and giant salamander, big cat, red pheasant and other 13 kinds of two grade protected animals. China's ecological chain is one of the most well-preserved areas.

Main attractions

Gold and silver mountain

Jinyinshan National Forest Park has been renamed Youyang Taohuayuan National Forest Park. Taohuayuan National Forest Park is located in Taohuayuan Community, Taohuayuan Town, Youyang County. It is a barrier to the west of Gutaoyuan Scenic Area. It is 650-1184 meters above sea level and is located in a subtropical humid monsoon climate area. The total area is 35250 mu, of which 15840 Mu is the core scenic spot, and the forest coverage rate is 80.4%. It is the "lung leaf" of Youyang County.

Fu Xi cave

Fuxi Cave is about 3000 meters long. It is situated under the cliff of the scenic spot "Xiucai Kangbang". The cave is huge and powerful. It has spacious halls, winding corridors, steep canyons, deep underground rivers, colorful stalactites, stone waterfalls and other landscapes. It is an artistic palace of natural ghosts and axes. It can be called "an underground paradise".

Unitary ancient city

Youzhou Ancient City is a 1.3 kilometer-long national customs street, which integrates Tujia, Miao architecture and folk customs. It is a window for visitors to appreciate the Tumiao culture in southeastern Chongqing. The total building area of Youzhou Ancient City is 30,000 square meters, the ecological parking lot of 10,000 square meters has been basically completed, the total length of street construction is 1.2 kilometers, 35 main buildings of Tujia suspension tower have been completed, the bluestone floor and blind road of the ancient city pedestrian street have been paved and opened in 2010.

Tourist guide

Transport line

Self-driving: Chongqing-Hunan Expressway Direct, Youyang Station Down Expressway, about 15 minutes to Youyang County Town (that is, to Taohuayuan)

Non-self-driving: 1) Youyang Chengbei Bus Station, Chongqing 4km Long-distance Bus Station, about to get off and walk or take a taxi to the Peach Blossom Source Scenic Area Gate

(2) Chongqing North Railway Station - Youyang Station (Longtan), after getting off, turn into a bus (Railway Station - Youyang Chengnan Bus Station) and get off - take No. 101 bus to Taoyuan Jinshui Coast - through Taohuayuan Plaza.

Note: You Yang County can take taxis directly to Chongqing-Youyang 340 kilometers at the entrance of Taohuayuan Scenic Spot. It can take train or bus for 3.5 to 4 hours, Chongqing-Youyang 340 kilometers, train or bus for 3.5 to 4 hours.

Tourist route

At the entrance of Taohuayuan Scenic Spot - Qiancun - Yupan Immortal Miracle, there are Tianshu, Tianchi, Xiuci, Ba people's road, Xiaoyao Cave - Avoiding Qinzhuang - Taoran Pavilion - Zhuocun