Yishui Underground Fluorescent Lake Scenic Area

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Yishui Underground Fluorescent Lake Scenic Area

Yishui underground fluorescent Lake tourist area is now renamed as the fluorescent insect water tunnel tourist area.

Located 19 kilometers southwest of Yishui County, Firefly Water Cave Tourist Area is a famous underground firefly mysterious world, which integrates leisure, vacation, recreation, entertainment, research and firefly viewing.

In 2000, the Firefly Water Tunnel Tourist Area began to be constructed and opened to the outside world in March. In 2008, the Firefly Water Tunnel Tourist Area was awarded the National AAAA Scenic Area by the National Tourism Administration.

On October 18, 2016, it was named one of the top ten famous tourist caves in China by the China Tourism Cave Alliance and the Cave Professional Committee of the Chinese Geological Society.

Major attractions

Firefly Water Cave Tourist Area is a place where fireflies can be seen all year round. The cave has a perennial constant temperature of 18 degrees Celsius, with the mysterious Asian firefly spectacle, various forms of stalactites, water volume of 350,000 cubic meters of karst lakes, large ecological Butterfly Valley and other unique landscape.

Firefly Water Tunnel was formed between 265 million and 230 million years ago. Its length is 1200 meters. It is a "National Geopark" and "AAAA Tourist Area" of the country. There are more than 60 scenic spots in the cave, such as lake and mountain scenery, interstellar dream, black hole exploration, Valley and river, traversing space and time.

South Country Garden

Nanguo Style Garden is a tropical ornamental area which combines tropical plant cultivation with health and leisure functions. It has a variety of tropical crops, colorful flowers and fruits plants, fruitful pastoral scenery, spectacular and orderly tourist corridor, creating a green world with evergreen seasons.

Lotus Valley

Over 2,000 meters long, there is a river flowing through the bottom of the valley. The beautiful lotus flowers are in full bloom, or they are in bud, or they are in full bloom, with thousands of gestures and customs, which make people happy and relaxed.

Tree house area

There are beautiful sceneries of natural mountains and fields, as well as the poetry and freedom of pastoral life. Green hills, green waters, frog calls, insect calls, tree house hammocks and water fun bridges are scattered and complement each other. Its appearance is beautiful, extensive participation and transcendent experience.

Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley is a large butterfly Cultural Park in the north of China, which integrates natural and artificially skillfully. It is also a large butterfly research base in the north of China. The back lake is naturally formed along the mountain, with abundant tropical vegetation. The bottom of the middle Valley runs through a stream. Thousands of colorful butterflies live naturally, including ribbon phoenix, withered leaf butterflies and musk Phoenix butterflies. There are more than 50 world-famous species. The small bridges, running water, valleys, flowers, dancing butterflies and all kinds of rough primitive vegetation in the garden constitute a quiet and natural paradise.

Dream Gallery

Dream Gallery is 500 meters long. It is also called Oxygen Bar Street because of its high content of negative oxygen ions. It consists of three parts: the vast cosmic interstellar space, the colorful underwater world and the primitive forest with various species.

Firefly Water Hole

Fireflies are extremely strict with their living environment. They like to live in places with clean air, less light pollution and abundant water and grass. Enter the underground dark lake to visit the unique scenery of bell milk, strange rocks, Tianhe, Tianguo, overpass, and so on. Take a boat in the dark space to contact with fireflies at zero distance and experience the quiet world of fireflies. Thousands of fireflies attach to the wall of bell milk cave, like stars twinkling and shining in the clear night sky, as if returning to childhood, which makes people imaginative and lingering and forget to return. !

Sightseeing car

There are all kinds of transportation and recreation facilities in the tourist area. Now there are 2 large-scale tourist cars and 5 17 passenger tourist cars, which travel between the Southern Country Style Garden and Butterfly Valley with a total length of more than 1500 meters.


Tourist areas use the surrounding mountains and waters, and ingeniously develop the cliff waterfall drifting project. Tourists ride in a rotating raft, down the river, enjoy 360 degrees of beautiful scenery with friends and relatives, and play with the water to stimulate fun.


The trolley is 1200 meters long. It goes down the track and goes directly to the firefly water tunnel parking lot. The car body length, body width, safety brake device, visitors can control the speed of the car by themselves, the design speed can reach 15 km/h, ride comfortable, safe and reliable, thrilling excitement.

History of scenic spots

development history


Construction of Simendong Scenic Spot Begins and Opens to the World in March


Simendong Scenic Spot is rated AA Class Tourist Area by Shandong Tourism Bureau


Simendong Scenic Area was awarded "National Geopark" by the Ministry of Land and Resources of the People's Republic of China.

The second phase of development and transformation of Simendong Scenic Area was completed and renamed "Yishui Underground Fluorescent Lake Tourist Area"


Yishui underground fluorescent Lake tourist area passed AAA level acceptance


Underground fluorescent Lake scenic spot passed ISO9000 certification audit smoothly


The underground fluorescent Lake scenic spot was rated AAAA class tourist area


The first China (Yishui) Firefly International Tourism Festival was held in the underground fluorescent Lake scenic spot

Upgrading and renovation of underground fluorescent Lake scenic spot and New Butterfly Valley Project


The underground fluorescent Lake scenic area was renamed as Firefly Water Tunnel Tourist Area


On February 18, Shandong Yishui Firefly Water Cave and Underground Grand Canyon Tourist Area passed the 5A Class Scenic Spot Landscape Quality Assessment

On March 25, the large-scale recitation meeting of "Mengyi Mengqing in China" and "Ten Thousand Points of Fluorescent Poetry Heart" was held in the Firefly Water Cave Tourist Area. It was certified as the largest recitation and singing activity (Red Classics) by the headquarters of Jinis, Shanghai World.

Landscape protection

Butterfly Research Base

The tourist area has a large butterfly research base in the north of China. While protecting the ecological environment and actively breeding butterflies, it provides people with the conditions for viewing butterflies and understanding their life, and provides a "paradise for human communication with butterflies".

- Firefly Nature Reserve

While providing tourists with the viewing of fireflies, we should actively protect the ecological environment on which fireflies live and establish ecological civilization. Thirdly, the research base of fireflies should be established, the cultivation and reproduction of fireflies should be strengthened, and the utilization and protection of fireflies should be based on scientific research. By 2018, the firefly water cave nature reserve covers an area of 10 square kilometers, nearly 1 million fireflies are protected and bred annually, nearly 4 million eggs are put into nature annually, and about 7 million yuan is invested in breeding scientific research annually.

Protection of karst caves

Cave resources, like other mineral resources, are a kind of non-renewable resources formed by nature in a long geological history. It not only has high aesthetic and tourism ornamental value, but also has important scientific research and exploration value in many aspects. Therefore, when exploiting and utilizing caves, we mainly formulate appropriate actions from the aspects of lighting, fundamental control and planning function, and carry out detailed scientific research and protection of caves.

geographical environment

geographical position

Firefly Water Tunnel is located in Yuandongtou Town, Yishui County, Shandong Province.

Scenic environment

Firefly Water Tunnel Tourist Area belongs to the warm temperate semi-humid continental monsoon climate, with distinct seasonal changes, moderate temperature and precipitation, shade of green trees and undulating mountains. The suitable environment provides the necessary conditions for the multiplication of fireflies.

festival activities

New spring

In the Lunar New Year of 2017, the Firefly Water Cave Scenic Area advocates the combination of fashionable New Year's way and traditional New Year's flavor to create a new experience of the Spring Festival with the times. It has held a series of activities such as "Come to Firefly Water Cave for a Year of Zhuang Nationality" and "Set Five Blessings".

China Firefly International Tourism Festival

Every two years, China (Yishui) Firefly International Tourism Festival opens up innovatively, fully tapping the characteristics of firefly culture, fashion, romance and entertainment. Through various display and interactive means, the firefly, a fairy, becomes more affinity. Fireflies not only make fireflies more affinity, but also show tourists around in unexpected forms. The fantastic and bright stars present themselves, and the atmosphere is extremely romantic. A wonderful event of fireflies, held successively University fireflies micro-film festival, people and snakes sleep together and other innovative activities.

Research season

From March to October, Firefly Water Hole entered the peak season of research travel, popular science classes started at the same time, entered the summer vacation, research travel entered the crazy mode, eight hours a day of research courses, many scenic spots in the park linkage, 360 degrees of interpretation research travel from visual, tactile, auditory, taste and other aspects. "Firefly Water Tunnel Course Exchange" and "Firefly Water Tunnel Research Travel Initiation Ceremony" were held successively.

Scenic navigation

Bus routes

After arriving at Yishui by bus, Yishui urban and rural passenger station, take Yishui to Yuandongtou Town for urban and rural passenger transport, and get off at Majiaya.

Self-driving travelling

Jiangsu direction

Route 1

Beijing-Shanghai Expressway-Yinan (Green Camel) Exit-Firefly Water Tunnel

Route 2

Changshen Expressway-Yishui South Exit-Xujiahu Town-Firefly Water Tunnel

Anhui direction

Beijing-Taiwan Expressway-Ridong Expressway-Beijing-Shanghai Expressway-Yinan (Green Camel) Exit-Firefly Water Tunnel

Direction of Henan and Jining

Ridong Expressway-Beijing-Shanghai Expressway-Yinan (Green Camel) Export-Yaodianzi Town-Firefly Water Tunnel

Direction of Hebei and Jinan

Jinan-Qinglan Expressway-Changshen Expressway-Yishui Anzhuang Exit-North First Ring Road-Chang'an Middle Road-Xiaoyi Henan Road (Binhe East Road) -South Second Ring Road-Firefly Water Tunnel

Tianjin, Dongying and Weifang Directions

Changshen Expressway-Yishui Anzhuang Exit-North First Ring Road-Chang'an Middle Road-Xiaoyi Henan Road (Binhe East Road) -South Second Ring Road-Firefly Water Tunnel

Sunshine direction

Ridong Expressway-Changshen Expressway-Yishui South Exit-Xujiahu Town-Firefly Water Tunnel

Qingdao direction

Qinglan Expressway-Changshen Expressway-Yishui Anzhuang Exit-North First Ring Road-Chang'an Middle Road-Xiaoyi Henan Road (Binhe East Road) -South Second Ring Road-Firefly Water Tunnel

Linyi direction

Route 1

Yimeng Road-229 Provincial Road-Yaodianzi Town-Firefly Water Tunnel

Route 2

Riverside East Road-227 Provincial Road-Xujiahu Town-South Second Ring Road-Firefly Cave