Yishui Natural Underground Gallery Scenic Area

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Yishui Natural Underground Gallery Scenic Area

Yishui Natural Underground Gallery is located in Liuhuyu Township, Dongtou Township, Yishui County, Shandong Province, which is the first ecological town in Yimeng and the hometown of Hongsiao. The scenic spot is developed by Yishui Power Supply Company and Dongtou Township. The scenic spot started construction in 2000 and officially opened on September 26, 2003. It has a planned area of 20 square kilometers with a total investment of 60 million yuan, of which 26 million yuan was invested in the first phase of the project. The scenic spot consists of three parts: the "natural underground gallery" which has been painted for millions of years; the "Happy Residence" which is a resort planned and constructed according to three-star standards; and the "Yimeng First Ecological Valley" which is called the ecological mountain forest. In 2005, it was assessed as a national AAAA tourist attraction. It is one of the ten famous scenic spots in Shandong Province and an important part of Yimengshan National Geopark.


The whole gallery's cave has expanded from 1600 meters to 3200 meters. Two new scrolls of "Mengshan Yishui" and "Lotus Wonderland" have been added to the cave. The original four scrolls of "Northern Country Scenery", "Universal Miracle", "Southern Country Style" and "Undersea World" have been expanded to six giant scrolls. The three major scrolls of "Northern Scenery", "Universal Miracle", "Southern Style" and the surrounding environment of karst caves have also been greatly upgraded and transformed.

Tourist centers, shopping plazas and large entertainment cities are all available. The scenic spot has been built into a recreation center which integrates underground wonders, leisure and entertainment, meetings, catering, residence, business, popular science, fitness and so on.

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The karst cave of the natural underground gallery is 6600 meters long, which is the first long cave found in the north of the Yangtze River. The first stage of development is 1600 meters. According to experts'research, the formation of karst caves is at least 200 million years ago. The unique landscape in the caves takes at least several million years to form. It is a valuable geological heritage. It is called the Karst Geological Museum by many domestic geologists and the magical underground art palace. The karst caves in the natural underground gallery scenic area are growing and developing. The geological phenomenon of coexistence of stalactite and stone hairs is rare in the world, but there are many karst caves in underground galleries. In the cave, amazing curls and moonstones were also found. According to experts, curly stalactites only grow in karst caves all over the world, Yimeng underground wonder - natural underground gallery accounts for one of them; lunar milk stone only develops in Beijing Shihua Cave and Zhijin Cave in Guizhou Province.

The foreign-related resort covers an area of 8000 square meters and can accommodate 300 people for meals, 150 people for accommodation and meetings at the same time. The hotel has complete facilities, elegant environment and simple and generous architecture. Stone houses, grass houses, pavilions and corridors are scattered in different places. Flowers are in full bloom, birds sing gracefully and the green carpet is pleasing to the eye. The thoughtful and subtle service makes you feel the warmth and warmth of your home. In addition, the hotel catering combines local customs, local conditions, in the pursuit of both nutrition and nature, the purpose of launching a mountain picnic. Yierju Hotel has been awarded the honor of "Yierju Hotel" as the pioneer of professional ethics in Linyi City, the top ten restaurants in Yimeng City, and the green restaurants that consumers like. It is the main enterprise of Yishui catering industry and the ideal place for VIP reception.

Traffic guide

1. Yishui County, Yishui County, 2.5 km east. Beijing-Shanghai Expressway from Mengyin to Yishui County

2. High-speed: Jiaozhou Bay Expressway - Tongsan Expressway - Ridong Expressway, Yinankou, turn right down and northward for about 30 kilometers, Xujiahu Town, turn left and westward for about 20 kilometers according to the road signs or through Jiaozhou Bay Expressway - Jiaozhou - Zhucheng - Yishuima Station - Yishui County Town - Xihang to Longjiahuan Intersection, turn left - Yishui Underground Gallery, the road is in good condition.

Ferry: Qingdao Ferry turns Huangdao Ferry - Jiaonan - Zhucheng - Yishuima Station - Yishui County - Yishui Underground Gallery.

Ticket price of underground gallery is 60 yuan/membership reservation price is 54 yuan.