Yinghua mountain

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Yinghua mountain

Yinghua mountain is located 37 kilometers northwest of Shifang City, Deyang City, Sichuan Province, 98 kilometers away from Chengdu. In 1986, it was designated as the first batch of provincial-level scenic spots, with a landscape area of 106 square kilometers. The highest altitude of the area is 3900 meters, and the lowest altitude is 871 meters. The whole scenic spot is a combination of "majestic, strange, tough and beautiful". The unique topography and landform form the magnificent and wonderful meteorological landscape of Yinghua mountain - "five wonders" (seeing sunrise, watching clouds and waterfalls, appreciating Buddha light, tasting shengdeng, visiting Huashan), "Four Seas" (sea of clouds, fog, forest and flower sea). The ancient geological causes have formed the majestic and precipitous cliff landform of peak forest and cliff, and the historical changes have been left behind Many wonderful and moving myths and legends. Ancient geological causes formed the majestic and precipitous cliff landform.

Main attractions


In ancient times, gold could be found in this valley. It was a gift from Nuwa to the poor. She asked that each person could only take a piece of gold each time. At first, the poor followed the rules. Later, many people swarmed in and collected gold nuggets. But when I went home, all the gold was turned into stones. And in this ditch, no gold can be found again. In order to remember this lesson, later generations still call this place "gold rush ditch", hoping that their children will not be as greedy as they are.


This is an open valley, in which people have a kind of sigh of "twists and turns, there is a cave", so it is called "small cave".

Dragon gate and ladder

It is said that carp must jump over the "Dragon Gate" to become a dragon. Only by leaping over the dragon's gate, can carp ascend to the sky and become a dragon along the "ladder"; otherwise, they will be crushed to pieces and the dragon's mouth will be broken. You see, under the dragon's gate, this toad looking up at the sky is staring at the Golden Dragon in a daze!

Valley of beasts

The stones in the valley are of various shapes and shapes. They are like birds or animals. They are extremely skillful. There are "Sphinx man face beast", "three turtle stone", "boar bath" and so on.

The moon in my arms

This thousand year old tree is a tree root wrapped in a huge stone, forming a rare national spectacle - holding the moon in my arms. The thousand year old tree sticks out a root that looks like a giant hand and hugs the boulder around its waist. The trees stand tall and upright, while the stones stand still, as if the two were naturally integrated and inseparable since the founding of Pangu. Remember the crescent shaped groove on the rock wall of lover's Valley? This tree holds the moon that Dayu borrowed from Chang'e when he had a tryst with his lover. It turned out that the girl Xi saw Dayu and a mountain girl meet in the lover's Valley every day, and borrowed the moonlight for illumination. Afraid that her son would indulge in women's affairs and forget her father's will, nuxi secretly instructed the tree god to stretch out a tree root on the way to Dayu's lover's valley with the moon, and seized the moon in his arms. Dayu had no way. Knowing that his mother had done it, he felt guilty and determined to study and never go to lover's Valley again. And the moon is held here day after day, year after year.

Wuskirt waterfall: the water is blocked by a stone, forming a small pool; the pool water flows out from the crevice of the stone and falls down, forming a fan-shaped waterfall. Waterfall water flow, just like a dancer skirt flying, someone gave its name - "dance skirt waterfall.".

Dayutan waterfall

"Dayutan waterfall", the bottom of the pool is called "Dayu Lake", which is named after Dayu bathing here. In case of flood season, the mountain water pouring, such as runaway horses, galloping down, forming a curtain of very wide water curtain at the edge of the cliff, extremely spectacular.

Flying waterfall

"Feiming waterfall" is small, but it has a great reputation. The sound of the water rushing against the rocks is mixed and reflected through the caves behind the water, forming the roaring sound of an airplane flying overhead.

Strange tree slope

The trees here are full of strange, intricate roots and open teeth and claws. The bark is covered with thick green moss, which looks like a witch wearing a green windbreaker. The green moss on the branches and branches looks like a witch's long hair, which is very frightening! If there is a wind blowing, the sound of whimpering, as if someone is crying, especially at night.

Pond water

The pond water of Yuwang Valley, reflected by the mountains and trees, is full of ripples and beautiful. It's really appropriate to name them after ancient beauties.

Grass waterfall

It is about 20 meters high and 10 meters wide. The cliff surface is grotesque, rugged, and scattered with uneven clumps of weeds, which grow downward along the direction of water flow. Looking from afar, I really don't know whether the waterfall in front is water or grass. Yuwang waterfall, xierchi, Yuxue, yufeiyan and lotus. The altitude here is more than 2500 meters, and the waterfall is more than 100 meters high. The waterfall water falls from the height, like a dragon into the sea, which is unstoppable. Deep pool, called "xierchi", is an unofficial legend. When Dayu was born, his appearance was very ugly and frightening. His mother and daughter Xi washed him in the pool every day. But Dayu was beautiful every time he washed. He was not only strong but also intelligent. Dayu was born very close to water, and the water in the pool was more and more clear. Later, people are willing to put the dolls into the pool to soak and wash, saying that the washed dolls are both smart and beautiful, and can resist all kinds of diseases. There is a cave on the left side of the Yuwang waterfall. There is the place where nuxi produces Dayu, known as "Yu cave". At the top of the Yuwang waterfall, there is a steep and protruding rock called "yufeiyan". It is said that when Dayu was born, he was extremely difficult and did not land for seven days and seven nights. Mother and daughter Xi think that she is a meteor into the bosom, to be pregnant, certainly not a normal fetus. After a bout of pain, a "stone fetus" was actually born. The stone fetus was divided into two parts, from which Dayu burst out. At this time, the thunder and lightning flashed and the flood surged to the sky. Seeing that it was going to flood the "Yu cave", the girl Xi was in a hurry to throw up the tire stone which wrapped Dayu, and instantly turned into this huge rock, containing the flood and forming a waterfall. It is said that there are two pieces of Yutai stone. The Yuwang waterfall is only one of them, and the other one is missing. Some people say that the half quick Yutai stone remains in Yu cave. A wild tree at the entrance of the cave is a mark made by nuxi. People call this tree a "lotus flower in the mouth".

Waterfall and stone

The water flows down the rock, arouses thousands of water drops and washes the rock wall like gold-plated. It is called "gold flowing waterfall". Looking up from the waterfall, there is a huge stone at the top of the mountain. There is a wild tree growing on the stone. When the wind blows, the tree shakes and the rock moves. It is called "wind moving stone".

Qingniutuo. From Hongbai to the north, 15km, back to the river, all the way stream, gentle mountain peaks, hillside to valley bottom, lush shrubs, grass, distant as a blanket, close to see is luxuriant. In spring, wild flowers flow in the stream; in winter, the water is gurgling under the snow, and the distant peaks are vast; in summer, birds sing and cicadas sing, and the quiet mountain wind brings water like coolness; in autumn, the levels of mountains gradually emerge, just like ink painting. On both sides of the road, there are pines or bamboos, and the farmhouse is hidden behind the bamboo groves among the pines. Occasionally, one or two can be seen

There are vegetable fields, cucumbers, red peppers, green corn, bamboo fences and wooden buildings. According to the legend of qingyutou, qingyoutuo was renamed qingniutuo because there were huge stones on the West Bank of the Tuo, which were shaped like the head of an ox. according to the folklore, Dayu Zhi rode horizontally, rowed on the water, and rode qingniu in the mountains. The rock of qingniutuo, like the head of an ox, was transformed by the qingniu that Dayu rode when he came out of the mountain. This is a pure folk saying. It's only spoken by the old people in the countryside before and after tea. Another legend about qingniutuo may be more official. We can see the legend of Liu Tianguan in Hongbai Xiangzhi. Liu Tianguan, named Yu Liang, was one of the most important figures in Ming Dynasty. It is said that Liu Tianguan was enlightened by an immortal in his early years, and he was given three magic arrows. Therefore, he had different aspirations. After being dismissed by the Emperor Wanli and returned to Mianzhu, he was even more discontented. Liu Tianguan's younger sister, also deep channel law, know Liu Tianguan plot, very disgusted. On the night before the event, Liu Tianguan mistakenly thought that it was the third watch, so he sent three magic arrows to the capital. The next morning, the emperor found that there were three arrows on the Dragon chair. He was very surprised. He pulled out the arrow and looked at it carefully. He immediately ordered Liu Tianguan to be captured and sent to Mianzhu Jiulong. Liu Tianguan had already fled after hearing the news. Liu Tianguan fled with the remaining soldiers to Hongbai five li. When he saw two Ping, he buried the gold ten jars on the Ping and the silver ten jars under the Ping, which is now shigangping. Into the yanziyan camp cooking, cooking in the pot frame rock, the rock edge under the shape of a pot. As far as the golden river, the water is fed to the horses, and the drinking water is named mangao beach. Now a manger is formed here, and a horse shoe mark is left on a huge stone. To the top of the eight trigrams to repair the Treasury, so there are Hongyan and yinwozi. Liu Tianguan had his sister lock up in the gold cabinet because of his sister's sabotage. When he went to Yinghua mountain, he asked qingniu to carry the gold cabinet into the pool. After the gold cabinet entered the pool, the qingniu could not find it, only exposed its head and became a rock. When the sun was shining, the villagers said that the gold cabinet could still move under the water.


Maple bridge is named after the maple trees on both sides of the bridge. In late autumn, the maple leaves full of trees are as red as fire, and the wind blows and shakes the leaves, like a girl in red dancing in the mountains, which is very beautiful! On the lower right side of the maple bridge, there is a "wish pool". The shape of a "heart" is naturally formed on the stone. It is said that making a wish here is very effective. When making a wish, you should close your eyes and promise your wish in silence, and then throw a coin into the "wish pool". At most, you can only cast three coins to make three wishes. As long as you can put in, your wish will certainly come true, but it must be a kind wish. Otherwise, no matter how many coins you put in, it will be useless. If your wish comes true, please remember to fulfill your wish.

The seal of Yuwang, the drilling rat, the great Yu stepping on the mouse, and the stone of the king of Yu. It is said that Da Yu's father, Gu, was killed because of his ineffective flood control work, which has a great deal to do with the damage secretly done by the rat. Dayu hated the rat and chased it for three days and three nights. Seeing that he was about to catch up with him, the rat saw a cave and went into it. When Dayu saw that his enemy was about to escape, he was so anxious that he stepped forward and jumped. One foot just stepped on the tail of the groundhog. So, the head and front body of the gopher got into the hole, but its back, buttocks and tail remained outside the hole forever and turned into stone. Dayu was afraid that once he was gone, the rat would come out again and harm the living creatures. So he cast his magic to turn the opposite cliff into his own head. He stayed here day and night, so that the rat would never dare to reincarnate. This cliff is called "King Yu stone".

Cultural characteristics

Buddhist culture

Yinghua mountain ranges from laoyinghua temple at the foot of the mountain to xinyinghua temple on the top of the mountain, with an altitude of 800-3160m. There are 48 temples on the original bailiyou mountain road. It was a famous Buddhist monk named Mingben. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, it was once popular and the Buddhist culture was at its peak. At the end of Qing Dynasty and the beginning of the Republic of China, Yinghua mountain has developed into a Buddhist holy land and a famous tourist area in Western Sichuan 。 The Buddhist culture of "Xichuan scenic spot" is a scenic spot of Shifang Buddhist spirit pilgrimage tourism. However, the temples in Benshan mountain have been destroyed one after another, and some of them have disappeared. Now some of them have been restored and restored. The temples will be gradually improved and improved according to the Buddhist regulations and the garden environment and incense environment of the temples, and will be endowed with tourism functions of corresponding scenic spots.

Scientific research activities

From June 11 to 14, 2007, Shifang municipal government organized the Yinghua mountain scientific research activity of "exploring the source of ancient Shu". The purpose of this activity is to find the fragments of Shifang's history and culture, to visit the mysterious source of ancient Shu culture, to further develop Shifang's tourism resources, and to connect the ancient Shu culture of Jinsha Sanxingdui taiyangcheng (Shifang) - an important silkworm Town, so as to lay a foundation for building a tourist destination city. During the four-day investigation, the scientific research team found and verified many new historical and cultural relics, experienced difficulties and overcome various difficulties, and finally reached the destination - Heika, which is 3546 meters above sea level. 14 people, including Jiang Mingzhong, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Municipal Committee and vice mayor, and Liu can, Deputy Secretary General of the CPC Municipal Committee, participated in the activity.

festival activities

Mianzhu New Year Painting Festival. It is held from January to February every year.

Mianzhu was named as "hometown of Chinese New Year pictures" by the Ministry of culture of the people's Republic of China in 1993, China was selected as one of the best folk arts in China in 1994, and won the gold award of the Fifth China Art Festival in 1997. In history, Mianzhu New Year pictures, together with those of Yangliuqing in Tianjin, Weifang in Shandong and Taohuawu in Suzhou, are known as the four masters of Chinese folk New Year paintings. Mianzhu New Year pictures are an important component of Bashu culture and a cultural symbol that condenses time and space, affecting literati paintings, dramas, sculptures and even folk customs in Southwest China.

Traffic information

External traffic

by car

It takes about 70 minutes for Chengdu Chengbei passenger transport center to drive to Shifang, 20 yuan to Hongbai Town, and about 10 kilometers, about half an hour, from Hongbai town to xiamakou village.

You can also charter a car directly from Shifang to xiamakou village for 120 yuan. Back from xiamakou charter bus to Chengdu 280 yuan;

Self driving

Chengdu takes the Chengdu Mianyang double track Expressway to Shifang North Expressway, takes Guangqing highway, passes Yinghua Town, Jinhua town to Hongbai Town, and then to xiamalukou village forest farm.

on foot

It takes about 3 hours to walk from the forest farm to jinlianchi. Jinlianchi goes down to Xiama intersection for 1.5 hours. So it's OK to go back and forth for a day. It takes about 2.5 hours from jinlianchi to Yinchanggou.

Internal traffic

Yinghua mountain scenic area is very close to Chengdu City. You can go there by bus from Chengdu or during your stay in Deyang.

Accommodation in scenic spots

Deyang is always welcoming guests from all over the country and all over the world. The star rated hotels in Deyang are developing rapidly to medium and high-grade hotels, with more than 40 hardware and software reaching the star standard. At present, there are two four-star hotels, six three-star hotels and four two-star hotels. The hotel accommodation management level and service quality are in a leading position in Sichuan and even the secondary cities all over the country.

Delicious food in Scenic Area

Luojiang bean chicken

There are many restaurants in Deyang, including Chinese restaurants, Sichuan hotpot, chain foreign fast food restaurants, common people's breakfast stalls, popular food stalls, night hot pot and night beer. Among them, Sichuan hotpot is featured with hemp, spicy, hot, fresh and refreshing; the color, aroma, taste, beauty and shape of authentic traditional Sichuan cuisine are endowed with new contents in the development of Sichuan cuisine. It can be said that eating in Tianfu and eating in Deyang

Luojiang bean chicken, a famous snack in Deyang, enjoys a high reputation in Sichuan cuisine and many food industries, and is deeply loved by consumers.

Yuan Tongru, the founder of Luojiang bean chicken, was called Chongda and worshipped Buddha since childhood. In the 17th year of the Republic of China, he became a monk under the Changling master of Luohan temple in Shifang. Three years later, he returned to the secular world and wandered in the world. By chance, Yuan Tongru had a meal in a chicken feather restaurant without any food and wine. The restaurant gave him a dish of sesame oil and bean skin. Inspired by the meal, he went home and made a "bean chicken" which was more delicious than the bean skin of Jimao restaurant. Yuan Tongru repeatedly summarized the technology of making bean chicken. In the year of the Republic of China, he made the first batch of bean chicken and sent it to the Chengdu flower fair Buddhist Food Exhibition for sale. He won the patent right and obtained a gold signboard. From then on, the bean chicken became famous.

Xiaoquan juice beef

Xiaoquan "juice beef" is a famous local food of Hui people in Xiaoquan, which has a long history and is well-known. The food has the characteristics of hemp, spicy, fragrant, crisp and fruit flavor, so it is named "juice beef". It is a delicious food with wine, food, tea and snacks, and a good gift for relatives and friends.

"Zhongjiang noodles" and "Babao oil cake"

Among the many local products in Zhongjiang, there are two famous brand foods both inside and outside the province, which are "Yinsi noodles" and "Babao oil cake". Due to its unique technology, excellent taste and flavor, and the matching of raw materials in accordance with nutrition science, it has been welcomed by consumers for hundreds of years since its inception. It has been well-known and its sales are not declining. It can be regarded as two wonderful flowers in Zhongjiang food

Shifang salted duck

The raw and cooked salted duck (commonly known as roast duck) is a special product of Shifang, which has a long history and is as famous as Ye Yan.

The salted duck is named after its bamboo bone is used to stretch and support in the process of drying and marinating.

There are three types of raw salted duck: boneless duck cake, bucket duck and salted duck. The finished product can be kept for three to five months. In recent years, vacuum sealing packaging is adopted to prolong the storage period and facilitate transportation and marketing. Steamed is the best way to eat. Put in vegetables, not lose the flavor. Cooking is OK.

Cooked salted duck is stewed. The color is delicious, the taste is fine and tender, it is fat but not greasy, and the flavor is unique. It's best to eat hot out of the pot, not for a long time.

Shifang roast duck has its own flavor because of its own masters. However, their common characteristics are golden skin color, ruddy meat color, fat but not greasy, tender and melted residue, durable chewing and unique fresh flavor.


Deyang is known as "the Pearl of Western Sichuan". The spacious six lane Yangtze road attracts a large number of urban people full of fashion. CAIQUAN street and Xianan Street are the shopping centers of Deyang. In addition, department stores, prosperous Tang Moore are large shopping malls.

Local specialties: Chinese famous liquor Jiannanchun, Jingjing food series, Tianfu peanut, black and white tea, Yingzhong green bud tea, Yinghua mountain pure natural mountain wild vegetable series


Mianzhu City in Sichuan Province, known as "the hometown of pear blossom", has been known as "little Chengdu" since ancient times. It is also a famous "town of famous wine" and "town of New Year pictures" in China. It is a key city in the "one line" of economic development in Sichuan Province, and has been ranked among the top ten counties (cities) in comprehensive evaluation of county economy in Sichuan Province for 8 consecutive years. The first pear blossom festival was held from March 16 to April 6, 2000, and it has been held every year since then.

Walking in the pear garden, the vast pear flowers will visitors in the white sea of flowers, dazzling, as if entering the colorful fairy tale world. It has the grand momentum of "suddenly like a night of spring breeze, thousands of trees and pear blossoms" and the unique style of "depending on the wind to see, occupying and breaking the spring is this flower".

Resource evaluation

Scientific value

1. Geological complexity: Yinghua mountain is located in the transitional zone between the Western Sichuan plain and the Qinghai Tibet Plateau. It is the Longmen mountain system, the branch of Minshan Mountain range. The Longmen mountain system is famous for its peculiar geology. As a branch of Yinghua mountain, the natural geology is complex and peculiar. In the scenic area, there are high mountains and deep valleys, many peaks competing, and there are many falls, forming a beautiful waterfall. The elevation of the scenic area covers 800 meters to 3600 meters. The geological conditions of the scenic area are complex and changeable, so it is of great value in scientific research.

2. Biodiversity: the vegetation of Yinghua mountain is excellent, and it has the reputation of "Yinghua Emerald". There are rare plants such as Davidia involucrata, Ginkgo biloba, Sequoia, Phoebe, Lianxiang, and hundreds of ornamental flowers, such as azalea, Primula, camellia, lily, gentian, etc.; the wild animals include giant panda, golden monkey, green monkey, wild donkey, antelope, Swertia, deer, goat, Caragana, cornu, red bellied pheasant and other rare birds. The famous Swan forest sea consists of pine, fir and Cryptomeria with an area of nearly 8 square kilometers. There are many kinds of exotic flowers and plants, all over the mountains.

historical value

Yinghua mountain has a long history of Buddhism and can be developed as a Buddhist holy land. Because it is a Buddhist temple in history. There are 48 temples on the original bailiyou mountain road in Yinghua mountain. It is a famous Buddhist temple named Zen master Yinghua in Ming Dynasty. In addition, there are Li Bing's immortal platform and clothes tomb, and the palace of Meng Yan, king of Shu, and his wife, Madame Huarui, which were built in the Longju Temple of the Sui Dynasty. From the perspective of historical value, it has great appreciation.

aesthetic value

1. Landscape: the landform of Yinghua mountain is complex and changeable, or high mountains or valleys, cliffs and cliffs, and uneven groups, forming a line of sky, Guimenguan and other majestic and dangerous landscapes. The bottom of the valley is covered with craggy boulders, and the scenery is magnificent, majestic and secluded. Each scenic spot in the scenic spot has its own characteristics. There are mysterious and attractive karst caves on both sides of the mountain road.

2. Water landscape: due to the complex terrain in the scenic area, the water landscape is complex and diverse, or advection or waterfall, interspersed around the rocks. Along the mountain road, or waterfalls splash, or meandering streams.

3. Biological landscape: yinghuading has "six beauties" - Sunrise beauty, cloud waterfall beauty, Buddha light beauty, shengdeng beauty, Lin Tao beauty and Huashan beauty. This is due to the high air clarity and visibility of Yinghua mountain. The peak of the mountain is often covered by clouds and fog, so that sunrise, sea of clouds, holy lamp, Buddha light and fog sea can be seen at a glance. Due to the diversity of life, you can see primeval forest, alpine rose belt, red leaf Road, dense trees and towering ancient trees. We can also explore the rare animals and plants Davidia involucrata and giant panda.

Leisure value

1. Location advantages: Yinghua mountain is located in the northwest of Shifang City, adjacent to Mianzhu, Maoxian and Pengzhou Jiufeng Mountain scenic spots, 37 kilometers away from the county seat and 98 kilometers away from the urban area of Chengdu.

2. Comfortable climate: Yinghua mountain is a good summer resort. The mountains are lush with plants, streams and waterfalls all over the place, which is cool and pleasant.

3. The environment is excellent.

Climatic characteristics

Deyang City is located in the middle latitude, belonging to the subtropical humid monsoon area, with mild climate, distinct seasons and abundant precipitation. The city has various landform and large climate differences, forming different community climate. The temperature increases and decreases along the elevation of mountain slope, and the three-dimensional temperature is significant, and the climate types are various, including the subtropical, warm temperate, temperate, cold temperate and subcooled zone. The plains and hills in the central and Southeast (accounting for 80% of the total area of the city), affected by the subtropical latitude, are warm and humid, with distinct seasons, abundant rainfall and obvious continental monsoon climate.

The annual average temperature is 15 ℃ - 17 ℃, the coldest month (January) is 5 ℃ - 6 ℃, and the hottest month (July) is 25 ℃. The annual average sunshine hours are 1000-1300 hours, and the daily average temperature is higher than 0 ℃ all the year round, and the accumulated temperature of ≥ 0 ℃ is 5500-6000 ℃.

Friendly tips

1. The best way to charter a bus is to pack a van to the forest farm, which can finish the gravel road and save at least 40 minutes of walking time.

2. It is not recommended to go to the top of the mountain. It is not recommended to cross to Yinchanggou without donkey riding experience

3. Climbing stick is recommended for climbing in winter

4. The roads are damaged after the earthquake. It is not recommended to take children and the elderly. If you want to take care of children and the elderly, you can check the Jiguan mountain, Longchi, Tiantai Mountain, etc., which are recommended before.

Like other scenic spots, if you stay in Deyang, you can choose the hotel in Deyang, eat and live in Deyang.