Yibin white tower

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White tower

Baita (also known as Dongyan pagoda) is located in Baita Mountain Scenic Area of Yibin Lingang Economic and Technological Development Zone. It was built in 1569, the third year of emperor muzong's reign in the Ming Dynasty. It is also known as Dongyan pagoda. It has a history of nearly 450 years.

White Pagoda, because the East wild goose pagoda is white, Yibin local people have always known it as the white tower.

Introduction to ancient pagoda

The white tower has eight stories, 35.8 meters high, 4.45 meters long, and 11.2 meters in diameter. The tower gate is carved with dragon holding pillars; the tower base is carved with a heavy-duty man; there is a ladder ring inside the tower that can pass through the top. At the top of the tower, there is a platform of about 67 square meters, which can have a bird's-eye view of Yibin City and the mountains and rivers in the distance. It is an excellent place for climbing and sightseeing in Yibin. Yang Duan, a poet of the Qing Dynasty, once wrote a poem: "bamboo sticks and straw shoes are very popular, and the suburbs listen to the Qing Dynasty everywhere. Want to climb the white tower, poor autumn, and pan boat Dang sun slant. The white clouds outside the mountain are muddy like water, and the mangroves in the river head are better than the flowers. When I came back, I didn't feel tired and asked the restaurant in the river Pavilion

Next to the White Pagoda, there are Denggao mountain city and the site of Gaoyuan. Dozens of steps away from the tower, there is bao'en temple, also known as the White Pagoda Temple. There are three couplets in the temple, with chambers on both sides, which is quite quiet. The existing part has been destroyed and the old site remains.

daily management

According to the management office, in the late 1970s, the top of the white tower was destroyed by fire. Local villagers spontaneously repaired the white tower with cement and bricks, and built a viewing platform, which turned gray and black over time. As to what kind of roof it was when the white tower was first built, there is basically no certificate to examine.

In June 2014, the scenic spot management office entrusted the ancient building Grottoes research and Design Institute of Sichuan Provincial Institute of cultural relics and archaeology to send professional and technical personnel to investigate the current situation of the white tower, survey the tower body, and prepare the maintenance design scheme. Before making the design plan, the design unit consulted the local historical materials of Yibin, and inspected the similar ancient buildings in Longqing period of Ming Dynasty.

Historical features

Therefore, the restored white pagoda is closest to its historical features.