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Yibin College is located in Yibin City, Sichuan Province, which is a famous national historical and cultural city. It is a full-time comprehensive undergraduate college with beautiful environment and rich information. The school was approved by the Ministry of Education in 2001 and was formed by the merger of Yibin Normal College and Yibin Branch of Sichuan Institute of Education. Over the past 40 years since its establishment, it has been awarded "National Civilization Unit", "National Language and Writing Work Demonstration School", "National Advanced Unit of Mass Sports", "National Forestry and Greening 400 Best Units", "Sichuan Garden Colleges", "Advanced Unit of Employment Work for College Students in Sichuan Province" and "Sichuan Province Ruling Colleges by Law Demonstration". Schools, Sichuan Civilized Campus and other titles. It is one of the first pilot universities in China and the United States in the "Double Hundred Plan" of Applied Technology education, which is promoted by the School Planning and Construction Development Center of the Ministry of Education. It is also one of the Pilot Universities in Sichuan Province for the overall transformation, development and reform.

The school has established the ideological system of running schools in the 12th, 33th and 4th Five-Year Plan period. "One" is a vision to build a first-class application-oriented comprehensive university that serves and supports the development of regional economy and society; "two" is the two major objectives, namely, to build an application-oriented comprehensive university with distinctive characteristics and to train innovative application-oriented talents; "three" is the mission of "three for", including laying the foundation for the success of students and teachers. Build a platform to support social development; "Fourth" is the four development strategies, namely, talent building, teaching building, scientific research building and service strengthening; "Fifth" is the five major school management concepts, namely, Party building as the core, system first, teachers and students first, education as the first, and academic as the soul. On this basis, the school adheres to the management concept of "administering the school according to law, establishing and perfecting the modern university system"; adheres to the educational concept of "educating people and taking students as the main body; develops the educational concept of"taking talents as the main body and teachers as the main body"; adheres to"abiding by academic norms, carrying forward academic traditions, adhering to academic character and pursuit". Academic Spirit is the philosophy of academic management. The spirit of Yibin College has been condensed, and its motto is "seeking truth, truth, openness and innovation". It has established the teaching style of "benevolence, respect for work, self-cultivation and self-cultivation", "respecting teachers'wisdom, learning for application", and formed the school style of "respecting morality, learning and practicing in one". Established the "innovative, applied and internationalized" school-running pattern.

The school currently has 19 secondary colleges, with 65 undergraduate majors covering arts, science, engineering, management, economics, law, teaching, arts and agriculture, and enrolls students in 28 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of the country. There are more than 17,000 full-time students. To launch overseas student education for the countries along the "one belt and one road" in South Asia and Southeast Asia.

There are 1101 faculty members in the school, including 368 senior titles, 722 doctoral and master's degrees, 9 academic and technical leaders in Sichuan Province, outstanding contribution experts in Sichuan Province, famous teaching teachers in Sichuan colleges and universities, 14 reserve candidates for academic and technical leaders in Sichuan Province, and academic and technical leaders, top-notch talents and excellent teachers in Yibin City. More than 40 people, such as Xiu Teachers and Teachers'Ethics Pacesetters. In addition, there are over 220 specialists and professors outside the university, such as special professors, visiting professors, senior engineers at the professorial level, senior engineers, etc.

Schools attach great importance to the cultivation of students'abilities. Enriching learning resources, the library has nearly 7 million books (including 5.2 million e-books); actively improving students'innovative industry ability, building four creative spaces: electric innovation alliance, creative MORE FUN, "source code" and creative tribe; vigorously organizing students to participate in national industry vocational skills competitions and innovative entrepreneurship training programs for College Students In recent years, the number of participants and the level of award-winning have increased dramatically. A total of 209 national and 621 provincial awards have been awarded, including the National College Students Electronic Design Competition, the Chinese College Students Computer Design Competition, the VEX Robot Competition and the National Teachers College Teachers'Teaching Skills Competition. There were 47 first-class prizes in the contest, and the number of students granted national patent licences increased significantly. The overall quality of students has been improved significantly, and the employment rate of graduates has remained above 92% for many consecutive years.

The school has established provincial scientific research and innovation platforms such as Sichuan thinker research center, China wine history research center, Sichuan Key Laboratory solid-state fermentation resource utilization key laboratory and so on, Sichuan Social Science Key Research base, and joint construction of "2011" collaborative innovation center of shipping logistics in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River with government organs, enterprises and institutions. Key laboratories of Sichuan universities, such as development and utilization of spice plants, computational physics, process analysis and control, reform and development research centers of newly-built colleges and universities, rural early childhood education research centers, rural community governance research centers, water transport economic research centers, community correction research centers and other social sciences in Sichuan universities and colleges are of great importance. Point research center, Yibin Mechanoelectronics, Animal and Plant Inspection and Quarantine and other engineering technology research, 11 city hall-level scientific research and innovation platform. Sichuan Intellectual Property Education and Training Base, Sichuan Institute of Legal Aid, Yibin Green Food Industry Technology, New Material Industry Technology, Biotechnology and Industry, Electronic Testing Technology Industry, Wine Culture and Wine Industry Technology Research Institute, Tianjianrui Testing Green Food Industry Research and Development Co., Ltd. Sichuan Tian Jianhai Ying Technology Co., Ltd. and other forms of achievement transformation and transfer platform; give full play to the disciplinary advantages, set up a high-end think tank serving the South-to-South economic development - South Asia Research Institute.

The school insists on opening to the outside world. Strengthen the cooperation among campus, schools and enterprises, establish a joint school-running mechanism with Tongji University, University of Electronic Science and Technology, Southwest University, China University of Metrology and other well-known universities in China, and send outstanding students to the cooperative schools every year to exchange their studies; organize the established "ACCA Chartered Certified Public Accountants Training Project" to train high-quality students. Qualitative accounting talents. At present, the school has cooperative relations with Germany, the United States, Japan, Korea, Russia, Malaysia, Taiwan and other countries and regions, forming a sound exchange mechanism between teachers and students; signed an agreement with the German BSK International Educational Institution to enable students to study for master's degree engineers in Germany; and the school has formally established a secondary school. The American Institute of Applied Technology and the Sino-German Institute of Engineering are stepping up preparations for the establishment of the Sino-Russian Academy of Art and other international institutes of chemistry. Actively integrating into the national "one belt and one way" strategy, establishing a cooperative relationship with Lanmei and six countries, and establishing LAN Mei Chinese college.

The existing A and B campus covers an area of about 860,000 square meters. The newly-built Yibin College Lingang Campus covers an area of 1500 mu, with a planned construction area of 580,000 square meters. It is completed in three phases. The first phase of the project covers 495 Mu and has a construction area of 180,000 square meters. It will be completed and put into use by the end of 2019.

(updated in April 2019)