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Yibin transportation


Those that have been completed and opened to traffic include:

(1) Neiyi Expressway (connecting Chengdu Chongqing Expressway in the North);

(2) Yishui Expressway (Yibin Shuifu);

(3) Leshan Yibin Expressway (Leshan Yibin);

(4) Yibin Luzhou Expressway (Yibin Luzhou).

(5) Yibin Xuyong expressway.

Under construction are:

(6) Yi Zhao Expressway (Yibin Yiliang Zhaotong);

(7) Yibin - Weixin - Bijie expressway;

(8) Yibin ring expressway;

(9) Muchuan Renchuan expressway.

Planning to start construction:

(9) Yichang Panzhihua Expressway (Yibin Xichang Panzhihua);

(10) Neinan Expressway (Nanxi Fushun Neijiang);

(11) Yi Rong Ren Expressway (Yibin Rongxian Renshou).

National roads passing through the territory:

National Highway 213 and national trunk line GZ40.

Yibin City Station:

Yibin expressway passenger station Nan'an bus station Ximen bus station Beimen bus station Lingang passenger station


Yibin Wuliangye airport is located in Cuiping District, Yibin City, about 11km away from Yibin City. It is a 4C military and civilian transport airport. Yibin Wuliangye airport has a terminal building with an area of 24000 square meters, a runway with a length of 2600 meters, and 13 parking stands on the apron. As of May 2020, there are 21 navigable cities of Wuliangye airport in Yibin.

In 2019, the passenger throughput of Yibin airport will be 1.007 million person times, with a year-on-year growth of 2.66%; the cargo and mail throughput will be 3396.08 tons, with a year-on-year growth of 5.3%; 10116 take-off and landing flights will be completed, with a year-on-year increase of 5.01%.

water transport

Minjiang River and Jinshajiang River converge in Yibin City, which is called the Yangtze River. Taking Yibin City as the center, you can go to Leshan along the northwest of Minjiang River, reach Shuifu of Yunnan Province along the southwest of Jinshajiang River, and reach Shanghai along the Yangtze River in the East. There are more than 10 rivers in Yibin City, and the navigation mileage is 963.3 km.

In March 2007, with a total investment of 250 million yuan, the regulation of xulu channel of the Yangtze River trunk line was started, reaching the standard of grade 3 waterway all the year round. The 3000 ton fleet and 1000 ton class ships can be unobstructed 24 hours a day and night. In the wet season, 10000 ton class cargo ships can pass through, and Yibin port can directly reach Shanghai port.

In June 2008, the 10000 ton giant ship "Juhang 89" (weighing more than 2000 tons and carrying more than 8700 tons of cargo) sailed into Yibin, becoming the largest ship to enter the Yangtze River waterway Yibin waters.

In September 2008, 2688 kilometers of Yangtze River waterway from Yibin to Shanghai was opened day and night.

On December 31, 2008, the construction of Zhicheng comprehensive operation area (phase I) of Yibin port, the first port of Wanli Yangtze River, was officially started. After the completion of phase II, it will become the largest comprehensive port operation area in Sichuan.

On December 29, 2010, Yibin port (phase I) opened for trial operation. The total investment of Zhicheng operation area phase I project is 1.28 billion yuan. It is planned to build 4 1000 ton multi-purpose berths, 1 heavy-duty ro ro berth and 1 working ship berth, with an annual throughput capacity of 500000 TEU containers, 1.9 million tons of miscellaneous parts and 100000 heavy-duty Ro / Ro vehicles.

Relying on the Yangtze River and Jinshajiang River, Yibin port has built a inland river hub port system with Zhicheng comprehensive operation area as the center, Douba, xiaoanba, Anfu, Luolong and yangchunba as the support, and more than 20 regional passenger and cargo terminals as the supplement.n Guizhou region. The three-dimensional transportation system of "rail, highway, water and air" is located at the intersection of the north-south trunk line and the east-west axis of the Yangtze River in the national transportation planning. It is a national comprehensive transportation hub. There are four high-speed railways crossing, which is one of the 50 railway hubs in China; there are 12 expressways crossing; there are air routes leading to 17 cities in China, which is the aviation bridge in Sichuan Yunnan Guizhou region; Yibin port in Sichuan, one of the largest inland river comprehensive hub ports in Sichuan, is a shipping logistics center in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, one of the six important hub ports of the Yangtze River, and a 1500 ton ship in the Yangtze River channel The ship is navigable day and night throughout the year and can reach more than 8000 tons in wet season.

In 2019, the total volume of goods transportation by road, railway, air and water transportation in Yibin City was 75.55 million tons, a decrease of 2.7% over the previous year, and the total passenger transport volume was 38.41 million, a decrease of 12.9%. The turnover of highway and waterway freight transportation was 11.708 billion tons / km, down 2.8%; the turnover of highway and waterway passenger transport was 1.455 billion person kilometers, down 20.8%. The cargo throughput of ports above designated size was 9.0927 million tons, down 34.6%; container throughput was 224000 TEUs, down 44.4%. At the end of the year, there were 434700 civilian vehicles (including tricycles and low-speed trucks), an increase of 57000 over the end of the previous year, including 401600 private cars, an increase of 53600. There were 390000 civilian cars, an increase of 52000, including 373400 private cars, an increase of 50000.


Yibin City has a large number of railway lines, which will be completed by 2025, thus becoming a railway hub in southern Sichuan, including:

(1) Neijiang Kunming Railway (completed, connecting Chengdu Chongqing railway in the north and Guikun railway in the South);

(2) Yigong railway;

(3) Jinyun Railway (local railway);

(4) Inbound railway;

(5) Chengdu Guiyang high speed railway;

On December 26, 2010, Chengdu Guiyang railway was officially started. Chengdu Guiyang passenger dedicated line is expected to be completed and opened to traffic before 2020. By then, the railway will connect Chengdu Lanzhou railway to form Sichuan boutique tourism routes connecting Jiuzhaigou, Emei Mountain, Leshan Buddha, Shunan Bamboo Sea, shihaidong Township and other world-class tourist attractions. Meanwhile, the time from Chengdu to Guiyang by train can be shortened from 12 hours to about 3 hours.

Chengdu Guiyang railway accounts for one third of the whole line length in Yibin, and five stations will be set up in Pingshan County, Yibin City, Changning County and Xingwen County. Leshan Yibin section of Chengdu Guiyang railway was started in December 2013, with a design speed of 250km / h. It will be put into operation on June 15, 2019. Yibin can reach Chengdu in 79 minutes at the fastest speed.

(6) Chengdu Kunming High Speed Railway (Chengdu Yichang high speed railway, expected to be completed in 2023);

(7) Chongqing Kunming High Speed Railway (Sichuan Chongqing section is expected to be built in 2025 and the whole line will be completed in 2027);

(8) Yixi Railway (expected to start in 2022);

(9) Gongxu Railway (expected to start construction in 2021).