Yibin local specialty

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Yibin local specialty

Bamboo handicraft

The production of bamboo spring, bamboo carving and bamboo weaving in Yibin city began in Yuan and Ming Dynasty, with excellent materials and local characteristics and life interests. Therefore, he became famous both at home and abroad and entered the court many times.

Special fruit

Yibin summer orange

Yibin is the main producing area of summer orange in China. Jiang'an Fuling summer orange is thin, juicy, moderate sweet and sour, and is sold well in many parts of the world. The red orange is sweet in taste and warm in nature, and has excellent varieties such as blood orange, navel orange and Jin orange.

Litchi in Yibin

According to history, Yibin was rich in Litchi in ancient times. About 15 kilometers away from Yibin County, there is a fishing village fishing club with five litchi trees. Among them, there are sister trees in lichigou, which were identified by experts of Southwest Agricultural University as planting before Tang Dynasty and passed down as Gongli from generation to generation. It is still luxuriant for more than a thousand years, with a large trunk circumference of 5.6 meters and a height of 16 meters.

Pingshan Ponkan

Pingshan County of Yibin is located along the Jinsha River with unique climatic characteristics. It is rich in thermal resources and climatic attributes in Asia and Africa, which has resulted in the excellent quality of Pingshan Ponkan. The surface of Ponkan is orange yellow, smooth, thin skin, few seeds, crisp, very sweet, fragrant and juicy.