Yibin burning Noodles

Home Food 2018-10-12

The Yibin burning Noodles is one of the most distinctive traditional snacks in Yibin, Sichuan province. Formerly known as the "Fu Fu" surface, formerly known as fried bread noodles, because its oil is heavy and water free, ignition is ignited, hence the name of burning noodles. Local high-quality water noodles are selected as the main ingredients for burning noodles snacks. The noodles are cooked, salvaged and dried, and the alkaline flavor is removed by traditional processing. Oil and seasoning. Because burning noodles are plain noodles, after the reform and opening up, the burning noodles family has added some new members: such as meat burning noodles, burning soup noodles and so on. The old burning noodles bring more delicious feast to the people of Yibin who like it.