Yibin Jiuzhou tower

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Jiuzhou tower

Jiuzhou tower was built in the third year of Daguan in Northern Song Dynasty, that is, in 1109 ad, located in Yibin, Sichuan Province. The foot of the tower is 7.35 meters long from north to south, 7.4 meters wide from east to west, and 29.5 meters high. The tower base is made of bricks, and the bricks are bonded with soil.

In 1109 ad, it was located in the southwest corner of Rongzhou ancient city in Tang and Song dynasties. After being attacked by wind and rain, it was seriously damaged. In 1979, Sichuan Culture Bureau appropriated funds for maintenance (abstract is recorded from the inscription in front of the pagoda). The tower was built in the Northern Song Dynasty in Yibin Jiuzhou. It's been many years since I counted. There are three towers in Yibin City. One is the Jiuzhou tower. 2: White tower. 3: Black tower. It is said that there is a dazzling gem on the top of each of the three towers. Standing on Cuiping mountain at night, you can see the dazzling light of the gem at the same time.

It is said that the gem disappeared when the Qing Dynasty was destroyed.

Yibin Jiuzhou tower, also known as Jiuzhou white tower. The pagoda is a square brick tower with 13 levels of dense eaves, which is of Indian Burmese tower style. The murals in the tower have a strong religious color. From the perspective of construction techniques, they have the legacy of ancient local architecture. In 1941, Liang Sicheng, Mo Zongjiang, Liu Dunzhen and other ancient architecture experts inspected and identified them as Song Dynasty architecture. Although the pagoda is 900 years old and well preserved after numerous wars, it stands on the Bank of Minjiang River. When the sun goes down, the golden wave sails and thousands of birds return to the forest, it is full of ancient meaning. "The sunset of Jiuzhou" becomes a scene in Yibin. What is more surprising is that the tower has no stone foundation, but is built directly from the condensed pebbles with bricks.