Yele Nature Reserve

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Yele Nature Reserve

Yele Nature Reserve is located in Yele Township, north of Mianning County, Sichuan Province, bordering on the south of Shimian County, Ya'an City. It is a provincial nature reserve. It is 70 kilometers away from Mianning County.

Regional characteristics

Yele Nature Reserve has the highest altitude of 5299m and the lowest altitude of 2600m. The height difference of the mountain is 1200 ~ 2800m, and most of the mountain slopes are above 35 degrees. The total area is about 243 square kilometers. The protected objects are giant panda and other rare animals and other plants as well as the natural ecological environment. The reserve is rich in natural resources of animals and plants, including 103 species of 56 families of wild plants and 246 species of wild vertebrates. Among them, there are 5 species of wild animals under national first-class protection, such as giant panda, antelope, clouded leopard and green tailed red pheasant. There are 29 species of wild animals under secondary protection, such as great civet, kitten, Tragopan, etc. It is a rare species resource in Liangshan Prefecture and even in Sichuan Province. It is a gene bank and natural zoo with abundant species resources.

Climate type

Yele Nature Reserve has abundant rainfall, more clouds and less sunshine, and the frost free period is only about 180 days.

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