Yaoshi Scenic Spot

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Yaoshi Scenic Spot

The Youshi Scenic Spot is located on the South Bank of Youshi Hainan, Haojiang District, Shantou City, across the sea from Jinping District. It is the first provincial-level scenic spots in Guangdong Province, the first batch of national 4A-level tourist areas in Chaoshan District, and the first eight scenic spots in Shantou. Located in the south of Shantou Bay, the Youshi Scenic Area is composed of coastal platforms and 43 peaks, with comprehensive features of sea, mountain, stone, cave and human landscape.

Basic introduction

Shantou Youshi Scenic Spot is one of the first provincial scenic spots in Guangdong Province, the first batch of national AAAA-level tourist areas in Chaoshan area, the first of eight scenic spots in Shantou, the top ten city business cards in Shantou and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Shantou City.

The flint stone is a brilliant "emerald" on the beautiful Shantou Bay. It is a shining night pearl on both sides of Shantou Bay. It is a natural scenic spot with a variety of scenic resources and is located in the middle of Shantou City, which integrates mountains, seas, stones, caves, feelings, history and learning.

Yongshi Scenic Spot is located in the north of Shantou South District. It is situated at the confluence of Hanjiang River, Rongjiang River and Lianjiang River and is across the sea from the northern city.

There are 43 mountain ranges, winding mountains, gentle peaks, winding paths, overlapping rocks, trickling mountain springs, lush forests, interlocking caves and pavilions, which are a natural scenic spot surrounded by bays and with subtropical scenery.

Unique geological and geomorphological wonders and long history and culture coexist in a scenic spot is extremely rare and rare, but also the scenic spot is proud of the "magic weapon".

The peculiar granite geological and geomorphological landscape. There are many geographic experts and scholars in China who praise and praise the granite egg Hill landform comparable to Huangshan Mountain.

In particular, Chuihong Cave, which Chen Chuankang, a well-known geographer and professor of geography at Peking University, calls "the first granite cave in the world", is a typical representative of this peculiar landform.

The famous "Cape Stone Forest" and "Seadog Stone" in the scenic area belong to the typical marine erosion rock type of granite landform. They are masterpieces carved by sea water for thousands of years. They have witnessed the formation, evolution and development of a city.

Characteristics of scenic spots

Thick historical and cultural deposits. As early as when Shantou opened its port, it became a tourist attraction because of its beautiful scenery and was favored by foreigners. It was the main site of consulates and foreign banks in eight countries, including Britain, the United States and Germany, which witnessed the history of Shantou's port opening.

Pishi is also the "foreign businessmen" settlement when the port was opened. There are more than a dozen buildings in the scenic area, mostly all kinds of foreign buildings which integrate the essence of Chinese and Western architecture, and are the accumulating place of the culture of foreign buildings.

Romantic celebrity love birthplace.

The "Valley of Dreams" scenic spot is the birthplace of the love story of Xiao Qian's autobiographical novel "Valley of Dreams", a famous journalist, writer and outstanding literary translator in China. It records an unforgettable love experience between Xiao Qian and Xiao Shuwen, a big-eyed girl in Chaoshan during his youth.

The three paths of the Valley of Dreams, East, Middle and West, form a "heart shape", which is a mountain of true love and a holy place for tourists to seek fate, get married, dream-weaving and dream-fulfilling.

According to the detection, the content of oxygen negative ions in the Valley of Dreams is as high as 11,200 per cubic centimeter, which has an auxiliary effect on various diseases of the human body. Therefore, it is also one of the most popular health and fitness treasures for the public, contributing to the construction of a beautiful soft environment in Shantou, making the happiness index of the citizens greatly improved.

With "sea", "mountain", "stone" and "cave" as the elements of landscape, natural and human landscape with the characteristics of "heroic", "strange", "beautiful" and "quiet".

Xiong: The mountains of Tashan, Yanfeng, Bijiashan and Xianglu in the Huoshi Scenic Area, with vast sea and sky, vast and vast, and extraordinary weather, constitute a magnificent spectacle of "thousands of stories of clouds and steep pavilions, and ten thousand miles of wind in the sleeve of the Flemish Station".

Tashan's cliff stone carvings "Spring tide 800 li, the first state of South China", "Haina Three Rivers, Qitong Baiyue", "Yunqu Tianjie", "100-year-old commercial ports, buildings and ships all over the country" vividly express the heroic features of the stone throwing.

Wonderful: The stone scenery of flint stone is based on its unique granite geology and geomorphology. The spherical weathering makes the rock shape different, or caves, or caves, ghost axes, magic, carving a hundred forms, surprising victory, can be used to praise this wonderful and wonderful landscape effect with "many scenic spots of mountains and rocks, cave mansion singular praise".

Xiu: The scenery of Yanshi is beautiful in mountains and rivers, clouds and shadows, sea waves, birds and flowers, and beautiful subtropical scenery. The scenery is very charming.

For example, the Peach Blossom River is not prosperous, the twists and turns are deep, the bridges are flowing, and the plants are repaired. There are beautiful water villages in the south of the Yangtze River and more interesting scenery in Chaoshan.

Youyou: The scenery caves and caves of flint rocks are secluded, the scenery of mountains and rocks is secluded, the stone steps are secluded, the layers are secluded, and the words "Youyou" are prominent. The rainbow cave in Tashan and the Songtao in the valley of Yanfeng are all the best places for "You".

Introduction to scenic spots

Entrance Scenic Area

There are seaside parks, consisting of East and West Lake. The main items of East Lake are swimming and water recreation. The West Lake is mainly fishing and recreation. There are also seadog stones, dragon pearl stones and apricot gardens overlooking.

Located in the northern part of the scenic spot, covering an area of 0.64 square kilometers, it is the sea gateway to the scenic spot in Shantou city, and also the external window of the Yaoshi scenic spot.

The main features of the entrance scenic spot are the humanistic landscape (the original British Consulate, the former German Consulate, the Christian Church, Customs, HSBC Bank, etc.), the East and West Lake water scenery and the mountains are mutual scenery and borrowing scenery, which is the tourism service base of the whole scenic spot.

Tashan Scenic Area

The current scenic spots include stone carving archway, water curtain cave, Chuihong cave, Liudan pavilion, League gull pavilion, line sky, platform view moon, Yingchun tower, Tongtian cave, seven-storey cave, peach blossom jian, as well as various kinds of pictographs - Fairy boxing stone, waking lion stone, hawk bathing day, Python sunrise, jade rabbit stone, giant stone broken sword, and so on; there are also the craft gemstone carving groups left by celebrities all over the world, and so on. The center of Tashan scenic spot is the main axis of the entrance scenic spot, covering an area of 0.45 square axiom. It is the most concentrated and typical scenic spot in the present scenic spot. Its landscape features are Jingyan cave and cliff stone carvings.

Yan Feng Scenic Area

Yanfeng Scenic Spot is divided into Taojin Midu Scenic Spot, Dream Valley Scenic Spot, Yangbo Kowloon Scenic Spot and Tiantan Garden Scenic Spot. Taojin Midu Scenic Groups: including Tourist Center, Longquan Cave, Longquan Teahouse, White Rabbit Cave, Taoyuan Cave, Taoyuan Villa, Lion Spring Teahouse, Niutan and so on. Dream Valley Scenic Groups: This group is the theme of love and endows with certain cultural connotations. The main attractions are: celebrity stories, celebrity stone carvings, palace shoe stones, love stones, Sansheng stones, broken oath stones, old moon stones, parrot stones, lover's cave, marriage cave, ladder, triple cave, dream-weaving pavilion, hundred birds pavilion, Yutan Water Play, etc. Yangbo Jiulong Scenic Spot: It emphasizes the connection and construction of the Triassic Lake water, and builds the quiet environment of the interforest lake. With Wenyuan as the center, it plans to add cultural facilities such as recreational platform and sea-watching corridor, which is a comprehensive service area for tourists'recreation and entertainment. Temple of Heaven Garden Scenic Spot: The Temple of Heaven Garden is dedicated to China's Mother Goddess of Nine Days, the Queen of Heaven and the Virgin of Pear Hill. The construction of the scenic spot has formed a certain scale. The plan will also build a Stone Forest Park to reproduce the beautiful coastal scenery with the marine erosion granite group landscape. Landscape features: Located in the northeastern part of the scenic area, it covers an area of 2.28 square kilometers. At present, the infrastructure in the scenic area has been improved. Large-scale development and construction are being carried out in an all-round way, which is the focus of recent development. Yanfeng Scenic Spot is a unique natural scenic spot with great potential for development.

Suan Scenic Area

On the basis of preserving the characteristic dwellings, the Su'an Scenic Spot transforms Su'an Village into Chaoshan Water Village Resort Villa Area, in which the transportation means is ancient wooden boats. The main contents are: nine ancient brand imitation groups, open-air Chaoshan Theatre, pottery workshop, Gongfu Tea House, Wood Carving Exhibition Hall, Chaoshan Embroidery Workshop, etc. The key is to let tourists participate in it and experience the essence of Chaoshan ancient culture. Landscape features: Su'an Scenic Spot is located in the South and middle section of the Scenic Spot, surrounded by mountains on three sides and facing the sea on one side. It covers an area of 1.54 square kilometers and is the location of Su'an Village. It is characterized by pastoral scenery and folk customs. The current situation has not been consciously developed and is in a natural state. Tourists can experience the elegant and simple local flavor of Chaoshan with strong folk customs. They can enjoy the unique natural scenery of the countryside, such as golden autumn of tobacco, exotic flowers, fish singing evening, fish leaping lakes, cowherding children and so on.

Xianglu Mountain Scenic Area

Located in the southwest of the scenic spot, 324 National Road in the west, 337 Provincial Road in the south, Su'an Scenic Area in the east, and Tashan Scenic Area in the north, the main peak is 198 meters above sea level, which is the highest peak of the Youshi Scenic Area. There are two huge rocks on the mountain peak, called "incense burner Xiaoyan". Tourists can take part in mountain climbing, camping, picnic and fishing activities (Xikeng Reservoir) in the scenic area.

Bijiashan Scenic Area

Located in the eastern part of the scenic area, covering an area of 4.06 square kilometers, Nanbin Road passes along the northern side of the scenic area, with convenient transportation. Bijia Mountain stands on the sea of three peaks, arranged word by word, with a beautiful outline of the mountain body. The main activities of tourists are mountaineering, etc.

Scenic spot traffic

Tourists in northern Shantou can take ferry from Square Ferry Station to Youshi Scenic Spot, or take buses such as No. 37, No. 11, No. 49 and No. 1 at night. In addition, they can also drive through Youshi Bridge or Bay Bridge to the Scenic Spot.

Tourists in Chaoyang and Chaonan can take passenger dedicated lines such as Liangying to Shantou and Jinyu to Youshi to reach the scenic spots.