Yanzidong in Jianshui County

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Yanzidong in Jianshui County

Jianshui Swallow Cave is located in the Lujiang River Valley, more than 20 kilometers east of Jianshui County, Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province. The cave is divided into two layers: the upper cave is huge, the opening is a collapsed falling water cave, and the inner cave is a hall cave with stalagmites, pillars, stalactites and so on. There was a three-storey Pavilion in the cave, where a tree passed through the hall, which was called an arrow through the third floor, and then destroyed; the cave was more than ten feet high, with dense stalactites on the top, and the Dark Section of the Lujiang River flowing into the cave was seven or eight kilometers long. The dark light inside the cave, there are many swallows habitat, so it is called Swallow Cave. There are many peach and plum trees outside the cave. Flowers compete in spring to add color to the cave. In summer, it is cool and comfortable to enter the cave, while in mid-winter, the heating is overflowing, which is also a major feature of the Swallow Cave. After the construction of the dam, the Hujiang River flows into the limestone mountain area, where the river water is hidden from time to time, resulting in a large number of underground caves, underground rivers and surface rivers alternating with each other.

Practical information

festival activities

August 8th Bird's Nest Festival

On August 8, 1988, Yanzidong Landscape Management Office held the first "Bird's Nest Festival" successfully. Swallow Cave decided to designate August 8 as "Bird's Nest Festival" every year. At the same time, it was decided that from March 21, 1989, an annual activity of "Yingchun Yanzhongrui hanging plaque" would be held on March 21, as a tourism project of Yanzidong. "Bird's Nest Festival" takes cultural activities as the carrier, commodity exhibition as the basis, investment as the focus, and expanding opening to the outside world as the purpose to promote the rapid development of Jianshui local economy, which has attracted the attention of county committees and county people's governments. Since then, successive Bird's Nest Festivals on August 8 have been supported by county committees, County people's governments and relevant departments.

In 2004, the Jianshui County Committee and the county government decided to organize the 2004 Bird's Nest Festival. After careful preparation, the Jianshui County Committee and the county government held the opening ceremony of the 2004 Bird's Nest Festival in Chaoyang Building on August 8. At the opening ceremony, the county governor Wang Fali gave a speech, and the governor Bai Chengliang made a speech. During the festival, a series of activities were organized, such as "Water Night" concert, commodity fair, news release and signing ceremony for attracting foreign investment, Confucian ritual and music performances at Jianhui Temple, folk song and dance performances in Zhujiayuan Garden and Qing Dynasty costume shows, rock climbing and bird's nest stunt performances in swallow cave, and 100 excellent film exhibitions. Sun Nan, Sun Yue, Zhang Ye, Huang An, Fu Desheng, Ren Jing, Jin Apple and many other popular stars were invited to Jianshui and perform at the "Jianshui Night" concert; large commercial groups and businessmen from outside and inside the province will display their own special products at the commodity fair; famous and excellent products of Jianshui will also appear in the product exhibition area; Western Channel, Hunan Satellite TV, Shanghai Oriental Satellite TV, Fujian Southeast TV, Yunnan TV Satellite Channel, Kunming TV Travel Channel, Yunnan Daily, Chuncheng Evening News, Metropolitan Times, Honghe TV Station, Honghe Daily and other domestic news media fully covered the series of activities of "Bird's Nest Festival" in Jianshui in 2004.

In order to follow the local traditional customs and protect the ecological balance of the white-waisted swift, during the Bird's Nest Festival on August 8, 9 and 10 each year, more than 20 local rock climbers compete barefoot to climb to the top of the cave as high as 50 meters without any protective measures and climbing tools, shuttle through the clocks and breasts, collect precious products, bird's nests, the scenery is spectacular and the atmosphere is breathtaking. In the ancient city of Jianshui, tourism commodity sales activities were held. Zhujiayuan launched a series of performances of water stage, and the Confucian Temple held a series of performances of Dongjing music.

Traffic information

At Jianshui Passenger Station, you can take a special tour bus to the scenic spot, or a bus to Gejiu, Kaiyuan and Mengzi to Yanzidong. The ticket is 10 yuan, which can be reached in about 30 minutes. It is 2 kilometers away from the entrance of the scenic spot. It can be reached on foot or by local minibus. It is about 8 yuan and can be reached in 3 minutes.

Main attractions

Swallow Cave is famous for its unique landscapes such as ancient cave wonder, swallow gathering, stalactite hanging plaque and bird nest picking stunts. Outside the cave, ancient trees and famous trees are located between cliffs and cliffs. There are more than 30,000 square meters of natural woodlands, with lush branches and leaves, and dozens of bird habitats. Within and outside the cave, hundreds of thousands of white-waisted swallows nest on the rock wall, so the Swallow Cave got its name. Every spring and summer, swallows fly in, like thousands of arrows, hundreds of thousands of swallows appear in the meantime, murmuring constantly, swallows and water sound, resonance in the cave, converge into a cave symphony that shocks the valley. Yanyu Dongcheng is rich in bird's nest, which is a treasure of nourishing beauty and nourishing beauty. Every August 8, for the Bird's Nest Festival, local farmers climb the roof of a cave more than 50 meters high and 450 meters long with their bare hands and collect bird's nests in the stalactomastic plexus. Every day, the Swallow Cave performs unarmed rock climbing without any insurance measures. It relies on both hands and feet.

Karst landscape

There are three groups of magnificent karst landscapes on the winding and undulating tour line of 3 km inside the cave. Each scenic spot presents a variety of stalactites. There are dozens of large and small halls in the whole cave, the largest of which is more than 20,000 square meters, hundreds of scenic spots, and the tour area is more than 40,000 square meters.

The first scenic spot, Longquan Exploration, has a 34-meter-high "Qingtian Yuzhu" rising from the ground, a thousand-layer lotus terrace emerging from the river, and dozens of landscapes such as "the first marriage of dragon girls", "double elephants sipping", "golden Mao roaring lion", "Yaotai site", "Taoyuan scenic spot".

The second scenic spot is Tianjie Picking Beauty. At the top of the cave wall at the end of the scenic spot, climb up to about 6 square meters, no eye-catching cave entrance, a higher level hall with an area of about 3,000 square meters presents in front of us, the landscape of stalactites is extremely rich, large areas of curly stone are white as jade, crystal transparent, fluffy, needle-shaped, tubular; hanging, transverse, vertical, slender, exquisite, strange-shaped, everywhere. It gathers the essence of all caves, and people call it "Crystal Palace". Closely connected with the terminal of the first scenic spot, it is an absolute wall corridor 35 metres above the river bed, with a total length of 250 metres and an area of 2300 square metres. The corridor is divided into several halls by stone pillars, stone mantles and stone screens. There are "beautiful ladies greeting guests", "green cover embracing beauty", "old Palace treasures", "elephant ear droop", "old castle dusk", "eight immortals going to banquet", "old monk wangyue" and "Jingjing Road". It has 300 square meters of lounge.

The third scenic spot "Dream World" is 120 meters away from the terminal of the second scenic spot. It is an independent drought cave connected with the water cave. The cave is 40 meters high and oval in shape. The area of the scenic spot reaches 20,000 square meters. The scenic spot has concentrated landscape, which is the essence of Yanzidong landscape, accounting for two-thirds of the landscape that has been found. Among them, the more prominent are "swan play toad", "twin snail dialogue", "rhinoceros look at the moon", "Kunpeng spread wings", "Nanguo coconut forest", "Xuan Palace scenery", "turtle and snake contend for heroism", "European stage" and other wonders.

Water tunnel Tour

The road is 750 metres long, and you can enjoy the wonderful scenery along the river by dragon boat downstream from the entrance of the cave. You can stay in the magnificent cave of Swallow Cave and drive directly to the hall of "Dream World" in the third scenic spot. The hall covers an area of 13,000 square meters. On the right side of the hall are coloured light fountains and waterfalls.

In the development of Yanzi cave third scenic area, developers found two stone grindstones at the back of the scenic area, one chopper, and the teeth, bones and charcoal of animals such as deer, pig, dog, squirrel and so on. Zhang Xingyong, director of Paleoanthropology Research Department of Yunnan Museum, identified the Neolithic cultural sites as a new scenic spot - cultural tourism area in the future.

As early as after the 1911 Revolution, Chairman Zhu De visited Yanzidong when he was stationed in Jianshui South Campus. On June 9, 1962, the chairman came to visit Duan Zhengwan in southern Yunnan, passed the cave, stopped and swam again. He was full of interest. After leaving, he wrote a poem of Swallow Cave: "Swallow Cave is full of rocks, swallow dance is whirling". Spring comes and autumn goes. There are many descendants of Weier. Tourists write poems and farmers are banned. Xintiandi in the cave runs through Jianshui river. Twenty kilometers away, open and open. In the past, he was a bandit cave, fighting against bandits. The Taoist calls him a hundred years old, and the pilgrims believe in him. Linan Scenic Spot, Summer Temperature and Harmony."

On December 30, 1987, the governor of Yunnan Province and Zhiqiang visited Yanzi Cave in person and wrote the inscription on the spot, "The Cave Youyan Qi is unique in the south". From January 10 to 12, 1989, the China-Bulgaria Cave Exploration Team jointly inspected the Swallow Cave. Dr. P. Belong, Chairman of Bulgaria Cave Federation and famous cave expert, highly praised it: "Swallow Cave is one of the most spectacular and largest cave groups in Asia. Because of its swallow, huge area and rivers, it is also prominent in the world-class cave group.

Jianshui Yanzidong Scenic Area is the earliest developed tourist area in Jianshui Scenic Area. Since 1990, Jianshui County Committee and County Government have designated 8 August as "Bird's Nest Festival" and promoted the development of Jianshui economy.

Asia's most spectacular karst caves

On January 10, 1989, five tall foreigners, dressed in hazy morning fog, followed by 10 Chinese scholars, crossed the Lujiang River suspension bridge and drilled into the Swallow Cave. This is an international team of karst caves, headed by Professor P. Belong, Director of the Natural History Museum of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Chairman of the Bulgarian Cave Federation. When experts entered the swallow hole, they kept moving instruments and drawing drawings. The temperature in the cave was only 10 degrees, but all the inspectors were busy sweating, sweat oozing out of their clothes. P. Belong crawled around in the Crystal Palace and snapped pictures as soon as he knelt down. Blocks of crystal-clear curly stones, with long, horizontal plush, ran into the lens of P. Belone. He wiped the sweat on his forehead and pointed to the large area of curly ancient exclamation: "Treasure! This is the treasure of China's karst caves! The treasure of the world's karst caves! The people who accompanied him to inspect the treasures of numerous caves around the world said, "I have seen tens of millions of curls of ancient times, but none of them have such a large area. It is rare to see such a large area of curly stone as the Swallow Cave."

Foreign experts are fascinated by the Swallow Hole! It was not until 10 p.m. that P. Belong returned with his team from Swallow Cave to the hotel. Before their hungry stomachs were full, they began to announce the results: "Swallow Cave will be the longest water cave in China." They carefully inspected the tributaries along the main underground river of the 4000-meter-long Yanzi Cave, measured three-phase maps from the cold deep river, and calculated that the length of the Yanzi Cave water tunnel was 10 kilometers, and the undeveloped Qidong landscape of the dry cave was 10 kilometers. At present, we have only developed 800 meters of water caves and 1500 meters of drought caves, less than one tenth of which has great potential.

During the three-day inspection, P. Belong did a lot of work in the Swallow Cave. He inspected and analyzed the water flow, biology and soil of the whole Swallow Cave. On his parting, he inscribed the Swallow Cave in English: "Swallow Cave is one of the most magnificent and largest caves in Asia." Swallow Cave is prominent in the world-class caves because of swallows, rivers and huge caves. P. Belong believes that such a magnificent cave should be a place that people all over the world would like to visit.

Lujiang River

The groundwater cave formed by Pentium into Dongting Lake is more than 4 kilometers in length, 50 meters in height and 30 meters in width. It is magnificent and spectacular. The beauty of Swallow Cave is still in the water cave. According to textual research, the cave has been formed for more than three million years. Due to the erosion and dissolution of millions of years of torrential currents, the cliffs in the cave are huge, the bells and breasts hang overhanging, and all kinds of supernatural works are like ghosts and axes. It is really ancient, strange, secluded and deep to explore the cave, such as swimming in the underwater dragon palace, Art Palace and mythological world.

Yanzidong Cliff Carvings

Yanzidong is located 28 kilometers east of the county seat and 1 kilometer west of Datianshan village. It is a natural limestone karst cave. In 1761, the temple and stone fence were built in the cave. In 1909, the local people donated money to repair the cave. The stalactites in the cave are in various shapes, and the Yan feathers at the entrance of the cave hide the sun from the sky. They are famous for "the wonder of the ancient cave and the gathering of spring swallows". Since the Qing Dynasty, tourists have inscribed dozens of plaques in Moyan, such as "Three Days Lock in Cave", "Peach Land in the World", "Extreme Environments", "Great View of Change", "Unlike Heaven and Earth". There are all kinds of official seal carvings in Zhengcao and Li seal carvings, and their artistic forms have their own characteristics. They have certain cultural value in the art of stone carvings. In 1985, it was declared as the cultural relics protection unit of Jianshui County.

geographical position

The scenic area of Yanzi Cave is divided into natural woodland outside the cave and drought cave. Construction and development started in September 1986. Since the opening of the Spring Festival in 1987, nearly 3.5 million Chinese and foreign tourists have been received by 2013. The newly constructed Jishi Highway passes by the Yanzi Cave and has an exit. It is about 20 kilometers from Jianshui County to Yanzi Cave. The traffic is convenient.

Jianshui Transportation has obvious advantages in location. It is an important hub connecting Kunming, Yuxi and other places in Honghe Prefecture. It is also an important passageway connecting cities in Honghe Prefecture, Kaiyuan and Mongolia. It forms an advantage combination with Hani Terrace in Yuanyang, which is a world-class pastoral scenery. Since 2009, with the vigorous development of tourism in our county, the tourism development of Yuanyang, Shiping, Gejiu, Mengzi, Pingbian, Hekou and Maitreya has been promoted, and the tourism radiation has gradually radiated to Yuxi, Wenshan and other places.