Yanzhi Mountain Forest Park

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Yanzhi Mountain Forest Park is located 45 kilometers southeast of Shandan County. The Gejunma Grassland is opposite to Qilian Mountain. It covers an area of 680 square kilometers, with an elevation of 2919 meters, and Maomao Mountain, the main peak, is 3978 meters above sea level. It is a national 4A grade forest park.

geographical environment

Yanzhi Mountain is a branch of Qilian Mountain, located 50 kilometers southeast of the county seat. Baihualing, the main peak, is 3978 meters above sea level. Yanzhi Mountain is also called Yanzhi Mountain. It is named for a kind of flower and grass growing in the mountain. Its juice resembles rouge. Women in the mountain are used to describe their eyebrows and lips. In the scenic area, pine and cypress are evergreen, green and green, bees and butterflies are dancing, birds are singing and flowers are fragrant, the scenery is beautiful, and the scenery is pleasant. It has the nickname of "Xiaohuangshan" in Hexi. Yanzhi Mountain has a long history and profound cultural heritage. During the Western Han Dynasty, the Huns issued the sigh of "Losing my Carmine Mountain makes my women colorless; Losing my Qilian Mountain makes my six livestock not prosperous". Li Bai, a poet, left a sentence of "Although living in Yanzhi Mountain, Mo Daoshuo is snowy and cold". Emperor Yangdi of Sui met 27 envoys in Yanzhi Mountain, and the Red West Road Army left a battle site in Yanzhi Mountain. Zhongshan Temple is located in the peak of the mountain forest. The former temple has a Jade Emperor's Hall, eaves and corners, carved beams and painted buildings, which is quiet and elegant. The latter temple stands on a steep cliff, with poets and poets singing and splashing ink, leaving a sigh between pine stones.

Here, the love of overlapping peaks, dense pine forests, magnificent mountains, marvellous stones competing. With a long view, mountains are covered with forest, sea and pine waves, and green waves are boundless; valleys are vertical and horizontal with turbulent clearance; in the hinterland of the valley, wild animals such as deer, badger and so on are found; on both sides of the valley, mountains are steep and rocky. In summer and autumn, the hills are full of red flowers, blooming in full swing, fighting for beauty; in the early morning, clouds are rising, heavy fog is vague, and the weather is endless. Every year, on the sixth day of June in the lunar calendar, the temple fair is held in Zhongshan. Tourists such as knitting, chariots and horses are in extraordinary splendor. It has Qin opera singing, snacks, special products and information consultation. It combines ancient and modern folk customs and gathers friends from all sides in one place. It is a rare resort for summer vacation and sightseeing.

Development history

Yanzhishan Forest Park is a provincial forest park approved by Gansu Forestry Department in 1993. It is located in Dahuangshan Forest District 50 kilometers south of Shandan County. It is a tourist area based on natural scenery. Yanzhi Mountain rises from the ground, the cliff is straight into the clouds, the rocks are like axes, the walls are like trees; the surrounding mountains are vertical and horizontal, and the rocky rocks are rugged; the rivers and streams are rippling, such as ringing pei, the pines and cypresses on the cliff peak are green and green, and the vines on the valley bottom are scattered. Flowers are in full bloom in spring, purple and bright red; in midsummer, the shade is strong and cool; in late autumn, the leaves are bright red and the fruit hangs on the branches; in severe winter, the snow is drifting in thousands of miles, the silver is wrapped in plain clothes, and the scenery of the North is beautiful. There are the old site of Zhongshan Temple built during the reign of Emperor Xuanzong Tianbao in Tang Dynasty, the famous site of World Expo in history, the reconstructed Yuhuangdian Hall and the Great Buddhist Hall, and one of the ten scenic spots of Shandan, where Li Bai, a poet of Tang Dynasty, left the absolute sentence "Although he lived in Yanzhi Mountain, he could not trace the snow and cold". The area is mountainous and densely covered with pine forests. Mountains, forests, sea, songtao, boundless green waves, mountains, ravines, clear springs. In the hinterland, sworddeer, rock sheep and other wildlife haunt the valley. On both sides of the valley, Chongshan is steep and rocky.

In autumn, all kinds of wild flowers are blooming in full swing and fighting for beauty; at dawn, clouds are rising, clouds are shining and clouds are hazy, and the weather is endless. In autumn and summer, the climate here is cool and humid, and the scenery is beautiful and charming. It is known as the "Holy Land of the World Expo and the hometown of the National Expo".

Scenic spot activities

Every year, on the sixth day of June in the lunar calendar, the temple fair of Yanzhi Mountain in Shandan is held.

At midsummer, the wind and the scenery are bright, tourists are weaving, horses and chariots are jointly owned, and the grand occasion is extraordinary. Now, it has become a place for Chinese and foreign tourists to yearn for and a famous sight on the Silk Road tourism line. In recent years, more than 400 tourists from more than 20 countries and regions, including New Zealand, Britain, the United States, France, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong, have visited the area.

Tourism information

Practical information

Tickets are 45 yuan per person and sightseeing buses are 10 yuan per person.

Opening time: 8:00-18:00.

Traffic information

You can take a tourist bus to Yanzhi Mountain in Shandan. If you drive by yourself, you can turn into Yanzhi Mountain Road from Shandan to Junma Yard at about 50 km.

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