Yanoda Tropical Rainforest Scenic Area

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Yanuoda Tropical Rainforest Scenic Area is the only tropical rainforest located at 18 degrees north latitude in China. It is the concentration of five tropical rainforests in Hainan Island. It is the most ornamental tropical rainforest resource exhibition hall, and it can be called China Diamond Rainforest Scenic Area.

The scenic area is adjacent to Wuzhishan Mountain and Qixianling Mountain in the north; overlooking the waves of the South China Sea in the east, the beautiful Begonia Bay is close at hand; and it is only one water away from Nantian Hot Spring, the first hot spring in South China. In the latest revision of Sanya's tourism master plan, the scenic spot is located on the axis of ecological landscape in the tourism planning of Dasanya, which is the "golden triangle" area of "Sanya tourism circle".

In the local people's mouth, "Ya Noda" means "one, two, three", but the builders of Ya Noda have given it a new meaning: Ya Noda means innovation, promise and practice, so Ya Noda is actually the goal of the scenic spot. This is extended to express friendly greetings. So, in the scenic spot, there are often staff members who say "Ya Noda" to you cordially.

geographical environment

Yanuoda Tropical Rainforest Scenic Area is the only tropical rainforest located at 18 degrees north latitude in China. It is located in Baoting County, Hainan Province. It is only 35 kilometers away from Sanya City and 52 kilometers away from Phoenix Airport. It is the real Sanya Backyard Garden. The scenic area is adjacent to Wuzhishan Mountain and Qixianling Mountain in the north, and overlooks Wanqiao Wave in the South China Sea in the east, just one water away from Nantian Hot Spring, the first hot spring in South China.

natural resources

Main attractions

Yanuoda Tropical Rainforest Scenic Area integrates a variety of tourist resources, such as tropical rainforest, Canyon spectacle, flowing springs and cascades, Lidong style, tropical fruits and melons, Southern medicine and hot springs.

The magnificent and magnificent gorge spectacles of several kilometres will make you unable to catch your eyes; the waterfalls, springs and snow splashes will make you forget to return. It is a combination of mountains, forests, waters and valleys. It can be called Shangri-La on Hainan Island and a paradise on earth.

Ya Nuoda Tropical Rainforest Scenic Area is mainly composed of nine main thematic scenic areas: Jingshixia, Dream Valley, Li Jinyuan, Shanmeng Haivow, Happy Experience, Tropical Melon and Fruit Township, Rainforest Aquarium, Happy Rainforest "Ya Nuoda" Large-scale Performing Arts and Integrated Services Area:

Rainforest Valley

Tropical rainforest Valley shelters the sun, streams pour down, the annual average temperature is 24 degrees, walking in the rain forest, you can feel fresh and cool. Here, you can get rid of the most complicated disturbances, cross the rainforest trestle, breathe the freshest air, enjoy the happy time of leisure.

Rainforest Valley is full of staggered roots, ghost axes, stone paths, Nine-curvature ileum, forest oxygen, green lungs, Zen style. Among them, Python strangulation, aerial flower basket, old stem and flower, vine climbing, high slab roots, root-wrapped stone and other six rainforest spectacles are all combined, showing a unique landscape of roots and stone rain forest.

The scenic spot is a combination of tropical rainforest, gorge wonders, flowing springs and cascades, Lidong customs, tropical melons and fruits, Southern medicine and hot springs. In climate, she is the valley of summer and winter; in geology, she is the valley of waterfalls and streams; in health, she is the valley of hot springs of Nanyao. There are six unique spectacles of tropical rainforest, magnificent Canyon spectacles of several kilometers long, and continuous tropical fruits and melons, which can be called "Shangri-la" of Hainan Island and "paradise on earth".

Shi Xia

The mountains on both sides of the Shixia Gorge are towering, cliffs, huge rocks, deep and quiet forests and lush trees, which are typical canyon landscape areas. Based on the rare massive rock canyon wonder in Hainan, and with the theme of traditional Chinese Scripture inscriptions in rock canyon, the largest canyon inscription landscape at home and abroad is created.

Dream Valley

It is based on the tropical rainforest landscapes such as megalith, banyan, tropical broad-leaved forest, flowing spring and cascade waterfall, and takes the cartoon Zodiac culture as the theme attractions.

Li Jinyuan

Tourism villages formed by the natural living space of local residents. Brocade Fair, Handicraft Show, Style Show Hall and its Buildings. Visitors here can visit the mysterious and splendid Li Jin exhibition, visit the tropical rainforest canyon, watch the Li Dong style performance, taste Li Jia snacks, and visit the production process of Li Jia's unique Shanlan wine, as well as buy special souvenirs.

A solemn pledge of love

Utilizing the original river valley scenery and the well-concealed topography and landforms, we excavate China's long-standing marriage culture and create a wedding theme scenic spot with love God and marriage as its core. At the same time, we provide a variety of wedding services at home and abroad, supporting different styles of honeymoon love nest, to meet the needs of different levels of wedding.

Happy experience

Team, military, collaboration, games, rewards and joy are the themes, in the form of militarization, and in the form of expanding games, childhood games, training games and confrontation games, to cultivate the spirit of cooperation of unity and mutual assistance, so that tourists can find the joy of childhood and mutual assistance in the participation of activities. At the same time, the Happy Experience Zone can also be used as an expansion training base for companies and units.

Tropical melon and fruit Village

Utilizing the original natural ecological landform and environment, we will construct 2000 mu tropical melon and fruit planting and sightseeing gardens, including Qianlongan Garden, Wanchi Litchi Garden, Nanhai Pineapple and Honey District, Sandao Mango Garden, Jixiang Hongmaodan District, Ruyi Yangtao Garden, Guava Valley, Treasure Shanzhu Garden and New Papaya Garden, to ensure tourists throughout the year. Fresh tropical fruits can be enjoyed, so that visitors can experience the infinite charm of Hainan tropical fruits and melons in viewing, picking and tasting.


The aquarium is located in the service area of the gate. The aquarium will display more than 2000 tropical freshwater fishes, such as giant mangrove, mermaid, walrus, pomfret, arowana and floral grouper, from three-dimensional and multi-angle.

Performing Arts District

The large-scale "Happy Rainforest Ya Nuoda" show featuring Li people's customs and tropical rainforest background can accommodate more than 2,000 audiences, enabling tourists to truly appreciate a pristine, high-level "Li people" singing and dancing in Hainan. Therefore, the "Happy Rainforest Yanoda" performing arts project will have a great attraction for tourists, thus prolonging the stay time of tourists, and building a platform for Hainan's original ecological "Li" singing and dancing culture to go out of the mountains and into the world.

9. "Comprehensive service" area: including traffic square, entrance square, ecological living room, performing arts square, VIP room, characteristic restaurant, sales hall, company center, management center, medical room, police room, large ecological parking lot, transfer parking lot, battery car repair yard and other service facilities.

Scenic food

Health feast

The banquet hall and boxes are mainly engaged in featured health preservation banquet. The main raw materials are fresh vegetable in rainforest, wild vegetable, Tujia vegetable in Limin, poultry in orchard, fresh fish in Chitian Reservoir, cereals and grains, tropical fruit in rainforest. The banquet set is refined with traditional cooking techniques, accompanied by secret health preservation tea and many other kinds of health preservation tea. Raw fruit juice, tonic liquor and Lijia's own Shanlan rice wine are available for selection.

Medicated Buffet

Medicinal Buffet with good quality and low price is made up of 31 varieties, including special pickled herbs, hot dishes with complete conditioning effect, staple foods of coarse grains, health porridge and fried rice of secret pharmaceutical meals. Sprite Coke can drink freely.

Traditional local snacks

Convenient, fast and economical traditional local snacks: coconut rice, bamboo tubular rice, coconut glutinous rice dumpling, Hainan chicken rice, pork foot rice, rice noodles in casserole, flavor stir-fried, iron plate roast, Ganoderma lucidum stewed local chicken, etc.

Tourism information


Line one

Sanya-Yanoda Free Bus (Advance Reservation)

The bus departs at 09:00 in Sanya Pearl Plaza and the return time is 15:00.

Location 2: Dadonghai Yintai Hotel departs at 09:30 and the return time is 15:00.

Location 3: Yalong Bay Hotel area 09:30-10:00 departure time is 16:00;

Location 4: Dadonghai Summer Department Store 09:45 departure time is 15:00.

Route two

Haikou, Yanoda, is about 290 kilometers long.

The mode of transportation is:

1. Take the Haiqi Bus to Sanya (about 85 yuan ticket), take the Sanya to Baoting Bus (about 10 yuan ticket) at the Sanya General Station, at the junction of Sandao Farm (usually Ya Noda), the whole journey lasts about 4-5 hours, please take the time.

2. Participate in the "Haikou-Yanoda 2-day Tour" package offered by Yanoda, which costs 298 yuan, free shuttle, including: scenic spot tickets, sightseeing tickets, waterfall development, tent camping, barbecue dinner and breakfast.

Free shuttle bus schedule for two-day tour from Haikou to Yanoda:

The line is scheduled to run every Monday, leaving at 10:00 on Saturdays and returning at 15:00 on Sundays.

Location: Haikou Hotel.

(1) Opening time of scenic spots: 7:30-17:30.

(2) Children's tickets: 1.2 meters below the height of 1.2 meters to 1.4 meters free of charge to buy discount tickets.

(3) Children, students, the elderly, soldiers, press cards 40 yuan per person.

(4) Free bus schedule:

A Station 08:30 Sanya Pearl Square departs at 16:00 from the scenic area.

B Station 09:00 Yintai Hotel in the East China Sea departs at 16:00 and returns from the scenic spot.

C station 08:10-09:00 Sanya Bay area departs to the seaside opposite the hotel and waits for the bus to return from the scenic spot at 16:00.

Kempinski Hotel is the first stop to pick up at the entrance of the hotel.

Station D departs from Yalong Bay from 09:30 to 10:00 to pick up 16:00 at the entrance of each hotel and return from the scenic spot.

Ticket information

Hainan Yanuoda Rainforest Cultural Tourist Area has 130 yuan for tickets per person and 40 yuan for sightseeing tickets. Tourists enter the park with tickets and take sightseeing buses with sightseeing tickets.

Children under 1.2 meters can enter the park free of charge; children from 1.2 meters to 1.4 meters can buy concessional tickets for 58 yuan per person, tourist tickets for 40 yuan per person; tourists over 1.4 meters can buy tickets normally.

Older people over 70 years old (with ID card) and journalists (with press card issued by the Press Department) can enjoy free tickets, only 40 yuan per person for sightseeing tickets.

Active servicemen can enjoy free tickets with valid certificates (officer's certificate, soldier's certificate, soldier's retirement certificate, etc.) and only need to buy 40 yuan per person for sightseeing tickets. Soldiers who have joined the tour group do not enjoy free admission tickets.

Disabled persons (with disability certificate) and students (with student certificate) can enjoy 58 yuan of discount tickets per person and 40 yuan of sightseeing tickets per person.

Yanoda Rainforest Shambara Package (1): 148 yuan per person (including tickets + scenic area tour bus + Electronic Guide + shuttle bus);

Yarnoda Rainforest Shambara Package (2): 188 yuan per person (including tickets + scenic spot tour bus + Electronic Guide + special medicinal meal buffet + shuttle bus).

Yanoda Rainforest Waterfall Play Expansion Package (3) 198 yuan per person (ticket + scenic area tour bus + Electronic Guide + waterfall play development activities + Sanya shuttle bus).


1. The scenic spot does not receive guests who drive or take taxis. There is a shuttle bus to pick them up. When the reservation is successful, please call the scenic spot to inquire about the specific station and keep the mobile phone open.

2. Because of the reception car parking problem in the scenic spot, if there are old people and children traveling together, please reserve adult tickets together, and pay at the preferential price for the elderly and children in the scenic spot.

3. In order to ensure the order of ticket purchasing, Self-driving Tourists are invited to buy tickets in the self-driving corridor. Thank you for your cooperation.

4. Soldiers, journalists, students, disabled persons and the elderly over 60 who have joined the tour group do not enjoy preferential treatment.

5. Tickets and sightseeing tickets are not refundable after they are sold. They are valid on the same day and the vouchers are torn off by themselves.