Yanling National Flower and Tree Expo Park

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Yanling National Flower and Tree Expo Park (Yanling Flower and Tree Expo Park) is located in the eastern part of Xuchang City, Henan Province. It is adjacent to 311 National Road in the south, 219 Provincial Road in the east, 20 kilometers from Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway in the west, 20 kilometers from Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, 70 kilometers from Zhengzhou International Airport in the north, and People's Road in the main road of Yanling County Town in the north.

Yanling National Flower and Wood Expo Park is divided into 13 major functional areas, including: Expo Exhibition Area, Bamboo Plant Exhibition Area, Chimonanthus Culture Exhibition Area, Leisure and Holiday Area, Tropical Plant Exhibition Area, Eco-popular Science Exhibition Area, Famous and Excellent Flower and Wood Demonstration Area, Bonsai Culture Exhibition Area, Tourism Reception Area, Flower Ornamental Area, Children's Park, Coniferous Plant Exhibition Area, Series of Landscape Areas, etc.


Yanling National Flower and Tree Expo Garden (Yanling Flower and Tree Expo Garden) was designed by Professor Liang Yongji, School of Landscape Architecture, Beijing Forestry University in 2001. It was built in September 2002 and covers an area of 1500 mu. According to the principle of "people-oriented, ecological priority, species diversity and sustainable development", the whole park is divided into exhibition area, wax plum culture exhibition area, popular ecological science exhibition area and tropical plant bonsai. Thirteen functional areas are exhibition area, leisure resort area, amusement area and series of landscape area.

Since its establishment and opening up, we have adhered to the road of "building, managing and developing at the same time", striving for high-quality products, superior grades and tastes, and constantly intensifying construction efforts. The functions of the park have been improved, with a total investment of more than 150 million yuan. Mainly completed the main venue, exhibition center, tropical plant bonsai exhibition hall, Yiyuan, famous flowers and trees exhibition area, aquatic plant exhibition area, tourism reception service area, 100-year Lagerstroemia Garden, spring, summer, autumn and winter gardens, popular science demonstration area and artificial landscape system construction. More than 200 scenic spots have been developed and constructed in the whole park, including 2 800 varieties of cycads, ginkgo, pine and cypress, crape myrtle, flowers and plants, and aquatic flowers.

Yanling National Flower and Tree Expo Garden is the crystallization of Yanling's flower development. Yanling's history and culture are concentrated, and the achievements of flowers are gathered. On Ganluo Bridge, Qin Shangqing-Ganluo 12 is the prime minister; on the river side of Shier, pollution can be eliminated by not seeking fame and wealth; on Anling Ferry, Tang Sui does not disgrace his mission to protect the country and Anbang; on the lake side of Yinma, the story of Wangmei stops thirst is widely rumored; on the top of Meishan Mountain: loyalty and fierce feminization. Body - waxberry reappearance. The Exhibition Center of modern architecture is majestic and magnificent; the mountains of skillful workmanship.

The pavilions and pavilions of Pinghu Island are connected with each other; the trees become forests and ancient banyan trees are towering in the sky; the square lights are brilliant and bright; and the flower garden is full of beautiful scenery, which makes people linger and forget to return. In the amusement park: exciting and exciting. This perfect combination of facilities, humanistic landscape and historical allusions, rational embellishment of more than 200 scenic spots, has created a beautiful picture scroll like poetry, painting, dream and illusion.

Yanling Flower Expo Garden is the world of flowers, the sea of grass, the home of trees and the paradise of birds. Spring is full of trees and flowers; summer is full of shade and sunshine, lotus fish are enjoyed together; autumn is full of golden eyes and flying leaves; winter is covered with silver, wax plum is fragrant; here you can enjoy the face of the plain forest, feel the comfort of natural oxygen bar; away from the noise of the city, enjoy the freshness of the wilderness.

Brief Introduction to Yanling

Yanling is located in the middle of Henan Province, east of Xuchang City and South Bank of the Yellow River. It belongs to Xuchang City. It covers 7 townships and 5 towns. It covers a total area of 871.6 square kilometers. The cultivated land area is 920,000 Mu and the population is 620,000.

Yanling has a long history and splendid culture. About 8,000 years ago, ancestors thrived here. It has been more than 2000 years since the early Zhou Dynasty was declared Yan State, the early Eastern Zhou Dynasty was changed to Yanling, and the early Han Dynasty was established as a county. The famous historical events such as Zheng Boke's visit to Dao'an Mausoleum (ancient Yanling) and Li Bai's visit to Dao'an Mausoleum (ancient Yanling) all occurred here. Cultural relics and monuments are scattered all over the country, including Qianming Temple Pagoda, Yin's monument, Cao Cao Cao's table, Xu You's tomb, Xu's hidden farming place, Xu You's tomb and drunk. Weng Ting Stele, Xingguo Temple Pagoda, Ganluo Gubai, etc.

Yanling has superior geographical location and convenient transportation. It is 20 kilometers west of Beijing-Guangzhou Railway and Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway, 70 kilometers north of Zhengzhou International Airport, 311 National Highway runs east-west, 219 Provincial Highway runs north-south. Lannan Expressway and Xubo Expressway pass through Yanling. Yanling has developed agriculture and is a national commodity grain production base and high-quality cotton production base county. Flowers and plants are a major feature of Yanling, known as "Huadu" and "Huaxian" and enjoy the reputation of "Yanling Chimonanthus Plum Crown the World". Flowers and seedlings are growing rapidly. The planting area has reached 400,000 mu, which is "the land of flowers and trees in China", and is known as "the first county of flowers and trees in China".

Yanling industry has a complete range of categories, and has formed major leading industries such as textile and apparel, food and beverage, machinery manufacturing and fine processing of non-ferrous metals. Yanling has a profound historical and cultural heritage. There are many cultural sites in the territory, including Qianming Temple, Xuyou Tomb, Yin Zeu Monument, Ganluo Bai and other key cultural relics protection units. Yanling's tourism industry has developed rapidly, and the ecological tourism resources mainly consisting of flowers and seedlings have been built as "Yanling National Flower and Tree Expo Garden", "Huadu Manor", "Huadu Hot Spring Resort", "Sunshine Ecotourism Resort", "Huaxiang Nongjiale", "Chinese Lamei Garden", "Flower Gallery", "Lotus Garden of Thousand Mu Lotus Pond", "Cherry Garden of Ten Mu", "Aging". "One Street of Tea Culture" and other high-quality scenic spots. During the Central Plains Flower and Tree Trade Fair and Ecotourism Festival, visitors were like knitting, and the grand occasion was unprecedented.

With the rapid development of tourism in Yanling, a large number of eco-tourism scenic spots have been built, such as Yanling National Flower and Tree Expo Park, Huadu Manor, Huadu Hot Spring Resort, Sunshine Eco-tourism Resort and Huaxiang Farmer's Happiness. Today, Yanling is known as the world of flowers, the sea of grass, the home of trees and the paradise of birds.

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