Yangma Island Scenic Area

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National AAAA-level tourist attractions, Shandong Province "Top Ten Tourist Scenic Spots", 2008 "Tourists'Favorite Charm Scenic Spots". Located 9 kilometers north of Ninghai Town, Mouping District, it covers an area of 13.52 square kilometers. Yangma Island, also known as Xiangdao, was named after Qin Shihuang's horse raising during his Eastern Tour. It is also known as "Eastern Hawaii" because of its beautiful mountains, seas and pleasant climate. There are many scenic spots such as racetrack, sea bathing and more than 40 special and public recuperation facilities in the island. It is a comprehensive tourist resort integrating sports, entertainment and seaside leisure and vacation.

Location context

Yangma Island, located in the Yellow Sea, has a total area of about 10 square kilometers, 30 kilometers away from Yantai City, and is connected with Mouping District through the sea-crossing bridge.

geographical environment

topographic features

The total area of Yangma Island is 13.82 square kilometers. There are 8 administrative villages with 7,000 inhabitants in the area. They are in the northeast and southwest direction. The terrain is gentle in the South and steep in the north. The sea front of the island is wide, the wind and waves are small, the reefs behind the island are rugged and the wind and waves are large. The east end of the island is green water and golden sand, which is a good bathing place. The west end is a natural harbor with small water depth and waves.

Climatic characteristics

Yangma Island is a warm temperate continental monsoon climate, pleasant climate, no severe cold in winter, no heat in summer, the average annual temperature of 11.8 degrees Celsius, suitable for living.

In 1984, Yangma Island was listed as one of the key tourism development zones in Shandong Province, and in 1991 it was designated as one of 84 tourist attractions by the state. In January 1995, it was officially approved as a provincial tourism resort by Shandong provincial government. There are more than 40 hotels and recreation centers on the island, 15 large and medium-sized comprehensive recreation scenic spots such as Tianma Square, Racecourse, Beach Bath, Sea World and Yubiyuan, which form a comprehensive tourist resort with seaside recreation, vacation and recreation as the main part, supplemented by sightseeing and visiting Qin and Han cultures. It attracts hundreds of thousands of Chinese and foreign tourists to visit the island every year.

Historical culture

Yangma Island was inhabited 5000 years ago. The Qing Dynasty was the Judao Society of Lianhai Township, Ninghai Prefecture, which was attacked in the early Republic of China. Since 1913, it has been transformed into Xiangdao Township, which has successively been subordinated to the first district of Ninghai County, the first district of Mouping County, the tenth district, Moudong District and Cuishan District. In 1946, it was changed to Xiangdao District of Mouping County. Established in 1950 as the sixteen districts of Mouping County, the Xiangdao District of Mouping County was re-established in 1955. It was merged into Cuishan District in March of the following year and Xiangdao Township was established in December. In January 1957, it was merged into Mou Town, and in July, it became Xiangdao Township. Lighthouse Commune was founded in September 1958 and merged into Dongfeng Commune in November. The Xiangdao Commune was established in 1962. In 1984, the commune was abolished, Xiangdao Township was established, and Yangma Township was established the following year. Yangma Island Street was established in 2001.

In order to find the elixir of immortality, Shihuangfuzheng has made many East patrols to this place.

One coin is Taishou Liu Chong, the word Zurong. The Western Han Dynasty Qi mourned the descendants of Mouping Hou Liu Tong, the grandson of Liu Fei, the Hui King, and Mouping people of the Eastern Han Dynasty. After Liu Chong was elected as a filial piety, he served as prefect of Dongping Ling, Taishou of Yuzhang, Taishou of Guijie, Zongzheng, Dahongqi, Sikong and Lieutenant Stu. The incumbent auditors are punctual, and have made remarkable achievements in eliminating harsh government decrees and prohibiting illegal acts of officials. When he was promoted to Beijing, five or six old men with fair eyebrows from Shanyin County came to see him off and each of them brought money and Baiwen to him. Again and again, only one of them was chosen and accepted. Later generations called him "one coin is too strict". "The Tomb of Liu Chong is located in Judao," said Mouping, a chronicle of the Wei Dynasty. In the early Qing Dynasty, Yang Weiqiao, an official who supervised the imperial history, wrote a poem inscribing Liu Chong's tomb in Judao. Throwing the sea floor to the envoy, Jubo won a good name."

Main attractions

Looking down at the island, nature's wicked craftsmanship carves out the Qingling and handsome beauty of Xianshan Qiongdao: the sea in front of the island is wide and calm; the rocks behind the island are rugged and rocky; the green water and golden sand in the East are excellent bathing grounds; the deep water and small waves in the west make it a natural harbor. Through the beautiful window of Guanlan Pavilion, looking around, we can see that the sea and sky are uniform, natural, and fishing sails are dotted on the vast surface of the water. A thousand-boat race is like entering a paradise.

Tianma square

The project is the only large square in the overall planning of Yangma Island tourist resort. It is located at the entrance of Yangma Island. It is directly connected to the Yangma Island Sea-Crossing Bridge in the South with a total area of 72,000 square meters. The square is nearly 400 meters in length from east to west. It was designed and completed by Professor Zhang Qiman, Ph.D. supervisor of Tsinghua University and expert of Chinese environmental art. The total investment is 32 million yuan, mainly to publicize the source of the Chinese nation. The theme of the long-standing traditional culture and the promotion of the endless national spirit includes six scenic spots such as Tianma Garden, Qinhuangyuan Garden and eight major landscapes such as Ma Culture Corridor and Music Fountain. Among them, the Tianma sculpture is nearly 30 meters high. The whole sculpture has a great momentum. It is the landmark sculpture of Yangma Island.

Sea-Crossing Bridge Scenic Area

Fully funded by the Provincial Department of Communications, the cross-sea bridge links Yangma Island in the north and Binhai Road in the south, which is the key link between Yangma Island and the outside world. It is also the first cross-sea bridge in Jiaodong area, with a total investment of 100 million yuan and a total length of 1870 meters. The main bridge is 508 meters long and the embankments on both sides are 1363 meters long. The road grade is a first-class highway with two-way four lanes. The overall design of the flying swallow arch bridge has greatly improved the ecological environment of Yangma Island waters and reproduced the historical appearance of the green mountains and waters surrounding Yangma Island.

Scenic spot honor

In 1984, Yangma Island was listed as a key tourism development zone in Shandong Province. In 1991, it was designated as one of 84 tourist attractions by the state.

In January 1995, it was officially approved as a provincial tourism resort by Shandong provincial government.

In 2006, it was approved as AAA class tourist area by the National Tourism Administration.

In 2008, it was approved as AAAA-level tourist area by the National Tourism Administration.

Practical information

Travel Tips

Self-help tour arrangement:

1. One-day tour of Yangma Island: White Horse Square-Racecourse-Sea Bath-Sea World-Jinxiu City-Yangma Island Epitaph.

2. Island "Fisherman's Pleasure" multi-day tour: Mabuya village is the main place to eat in fishermen, live in fishermen, can visit the island scenery, and fishermen can go to sea fishing, sightseeing.

3. Ticket price: 10 yuan for terracotta warriors and horses, 5 yuan for Jinpingmei Statue Hall, 15 yuan for Torrential Yongjin, 20 yuan for racetrack, 80 yuan for horseback riding and 30 yuan for horse-drawn carriage.

Local specialties: sea cucumber, sausage, abalone, shrimp, crab, scallop and other sea treasures.

Other related

Scenic Spot Level: A

Natural landscape: hills, swamps, wetlands, valleys, countryside, seashore, sea area, islands, spring pools

Suitable for the crowd: family, individual, couple, company, friends, children, old people

Best time: March, May, June, July, August, September, October, November

Travel modes: self-help, self-driving, City

Scenic Spot Type: Leisure Holiday

Traffic information

Self-driving Guidelines - Detailed Road Books from Beijing to Yangma Island:

Beijing - (Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan Expressway) - Yangcun - (G103) - Tianjin Outer Ring Entrance - (Outer Ring) - Jinziqiao - (G205) - Huanghua - (S284) - Haixing, Xinji - (S320) - Dashan, Zhanhua, Kenli, Dongying, Xinhe - (S264) - Huibu - (Weiwu Expressway) - Penglai - (S213) - Penglai. When we get to Penglai, we can cross the sea to Long Island (in Penglai Port).

Yangma Island is in the eastern suburb of Yantai City. The Tianma Square can be reached from Yantai downtown along Binhai Road 30 kilometers directly across the Causeway Bridge. The road is good and the scenery along it is good. Yangma Island has a highway around the island, more than 20 kilometers. The north coast has a good scenery and the sea is very clear. There is a "fisherman's pleasure" tourism project on Yangma Island.

Penglai to Yantai, do not have to take the high-speed. Take the newly built Yanpeng Road (super-grade road, charged 10 yuan), transfer to the three highways (free of charge) at the Langshang Interchange, enter the city at the second entrance and exit, and go straight through the city to the Binhai Road.

Train and Airplane Traffic: It takes about half an hour to get to Yantai by plane or train and transfer to Yangma Island by car.