Yangba Subtropical Ecotourism Scenic Area

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Yangba Subtropical Ecotourism Scenic Area

Yangba subtropical eco-tourism scenic spot is located in Yangba Town, south of Kangxian Town, Longnan City, Gansu Province, 84 kilometers away from the county town, with green mountains, lush forests and beautiful environment. Among them, Meiyuan Valley, Hongdougu Valley and Qinghe Primitive Forest are the essence of the scenic spot. It is well known as "Xishuangbanna of Gansu Province" for its dense bamboo forests, flowing water, green tea garden, palm wind, fresh air, swinging back and forth, fragrant fragrance.

Most of the scenic spots are original ecological forests, including taxus, camphor, Pinus bungeana and other rare tree species, 36 species of rare animals, including Golden monkeys, golden cats, giant salamanders, etc., and more than 200 natural landscapes. The coverage rate of forest and grass is over 85%. There are abundant negative oxygen ions and no industrial pollution. The air and water quality all meet the first-class national standards, so Yangba has become a veritable "natural oxygen". "

In 2006, Yangba scenic spot was recommended as "Ten Tourist Scenic Spots in Gansu Province"; in 2007, Yangba scenic spot was rated as "National AAAA Class Tourist Scenic Spot"; in 2012, Kangxian was honored as "China's Best Eco-livable Tourist Destination"; in April 2013, Kangxian was honored as "China's most beautiful green eco-tourism county"; in 2014, Meiyuan River Basin was listed as "National Wetland Park".

Historical evolution

In 2002, Yangba subtropical eco-tourism scenic spot was designated as provincial natural scenic protection area.

In 2006, the scenic spot was recommended as "Ten Tourist Scenic Spots in Gansu Province".

In 2007, the scenic spot was rated as "National AAAA Class Tourist Scenic Spot".

In 2012, Kangxian won the honor of "Best Ecological Livable Tourism Destination in China".

In April 2013, Kangxian was awarded the title of "the most beautiful green ecotourism County in China".

In 2014, Meiyuan River Basin was listed as "National Wetland Park".

geographical environment


Yangba Subtropical Ecotourism Scenic Area is located in Yangba Town, south of Kangxian Town, Longnan City, Gansu Province. It is 84 kilometers away from Kangxian County Town, 162 kilometers away from Longnan City (Wudu District), 564 kilometers away from Lanzhou City and 497 kilometers away from Chengdu City.


Yangba subtropical eco-tourism scenic spot is a transitional zone from subtropical to warm temperate zone. Its climate is warm and humid with an average annual temperature of 12.3 degrees and an average annual rainfall of 907 millimeters.

Main attractions

Overview of scenic spots

Yangba Scenic Spot is beautiful without water, green without mountains, lush forests, beautiful scenery, natural landscape, folk customs are very unique. Quiet is a pool, while moving is a waterfall. Quiet becomes interesting and beautiful. There are sparkling crescent pool, vast Swan Lake in the blue sea, crabapple Valley waterfalls with stone spraying and jade spraying, and more than 10 scenic spots such as quiet beaches of the sea are intoxicating. Yangba Meiyuan Falls Group is located in Zhuangke Village, Meiyuan Valley, Yangba. It is a newly discovered group which is rare both inside and outside the province. Meiyuan Waterfall and Yangtai Waterfall are hidden together in the ancient primitive forest area of Meiyuan Valley. The waterfalls are 5 meters to 7 meters wide and 50 meters and 100 meters high respectively. They are embedded in deep mountain canyons. The water flow is turbulent, the water is ferocious and the water flow is large. They leak into the pool from the top of the mountain, such as the silver curtain falling into the huge green whirlpool, roaring like thunder, deafening, vigorous mountains and rivers. Up the mountain, the stream is turbulent and small waterfalls are scattered everywhere. Around the waterfall, ancient trees of a hundred years, especially silk dense, shade the sky and sun.

The third waterfall is called Taoyuan Waterfall because of Taoyuan Valley. Not far from here, there are many waterfalls in Nangou Primitive Forest Area.

The beautiful Yangba Meiyuan is rich in land and products. Farmers here still retain traditional customs and Mang lifestyle. Near the village were towering palms and swaying bamboos. Farmers are surrounded by sprouts, green bamboos, melons and fruits. The roadside is a piece of tea garden and grain, idyllic scenery, better than a peach garden. In the world where everything is in peace, especially the rare primitive forest, Yangba subtropical eco-tourism scenic spot has become a famous tourist attraction in Longyuan in recent years.

Introduction of scenic spots

Long Shen Gou

The hinterland of Yangba Mountain Gate is called Longshengou. The scenery here is in the canyon. There is a leading cliff between the canyons, stretching toward the Dragon God River, so it is called "Dragon God Valley". The Longshen River is sandwiched between the two peaks. It falls deep in the bottom of the valley, covered with dense forest. It only listens to the sound of the water, but does not see the flowing water. It hides dragons and crouching tigers. It is a mystery. Mountainous and wild forests, pavilions, beautiful to the extreme.

Meiyuan ditch

Up the Meiyuan River is the famous Meiyuan Valley Natural Forest Scenic Area in Longshang, which is known as "Xiaojiuzhai". The two mountains confront each other, winding for fifty or sixty miles, the ink is splashing in the forest, and the forest is reckless, rushing and flowing, but it can't reach the end. The charming Meiyuan River and the deep forest highway are all covered with shade. The forest peaks connected by the sky and sea, the cliffs crossing the sky, breaking through clouds and fog, some are like lions, some are like tigers, some are like wild horses, some are like long dragons lying down quietly. Roaming the Meiyuan Valley is like falling into a green whirlpool and never swimming out. Yangba Scenic Area belongs to the mixed forest in the transition zone from north subtropical zone to warm temperate zone. Coniferous and broad-leaved forests, arbors, shrubs and grasses mixed, and thousands of plant communities constitute a natural botanical garden with flourishing flowers and various forms. The lush birch forests and the plump oak trees, like pillars piercing the sky, gather together to form the unique forest landscape of Meiyuan Valley. The birch and oak trees are so big that they can be surrounded by two people. Under the sunshine, the trees are so shadowy that they are full of clouds and mists. There are also 28 species of Camphor, Nanmu, Toona sinensis and Xiangguo which are classified as national protected plants. Mang Mang Forest is also a paradise for wildlife. Wild boars and bears are rampant and rampant. Farmers are not allowed to take the land as their home, guard it day and night, and grab food from wild boars and bears and tigers. Thrush, oriole, flower magpie, pheasant and blue pheasant accompany visitors all day to show their charming jade posture. The most precious animals are the golden monkeys, which are protected at the national level.

Meiyuan River National Wetland Park

Meiyuan River National Wetland Park in Kangxian County covers an area of 555.8 hectares. It is a composite wetland consisting of permanent River wetland, shrub wetland and herbal wetland. It is a unique natural biological park in Longnan City and has typical characteristics of River Wetland ecosystem. After the establishment of wetland park, it can not only provide enormous ecological functions, but also play a very important role in water conservation, biodiversity maintenance, people's production and life protection and promoting the development of local ecological tourism.


Catering culture


Tea is a well-known specialty of Yangba, with mellow color, fragrance, refreshing taste, long-lasting bubbles, refreshing heart and moistening lung. Blocks of green tea gardens dye every bay of Longshengou green, and the surging waves drip green, such as a canopy, deep as Dai, tender green like gold. Yangba Tea Garden has developed rapidly in Meiyuan Valley, covering the whole town. Yangba tea has ranked among the national famous tea ranks. The Yunwu tea picked in the Qingming Dynasty, "Yinhao", "Cuifeng", "Maojian", "Cuizhu" has been rated as the province's high-quality tea. Tea drinking in tea village can really arouse people's reverie. Auricularia auricula, Lentinus edodes, Tremella fuciformis and Hericium erinaceus are also the industries that make Yangba people rich. Red Tung and water Tung are the best trees for producing agaric and mushroom. Auricularia auricula is large and thick in shape, light and soft in quality, fragrant in smell, smooth and refreshing, and has won the certificate of Gansu Province's high-quality products. Wherever you go, you will be overwhelmed by the green tung trees in front of you, stretching in clusters, covering the fence in the mountain ridges and ravines.

Liquor and Spirits

"Er-brain-shell" is a kind of liquor brewed by farmers in Kangnan. It tastes light and has a mellow entrance. According to the local people, "This wine is pleasant to drink, but full of stamina, a careless person will be drunk, heavy head and feet dizzy, the eyes of others are shaking, it seems to have grown two heads, so it is called'two heads'."


Canned tea, bean blossom, stirring, bulk rice, festivals, Kangnan special dishes, rice wine and so on.

folk culture

Yangba Scenic Spot mainly has the culture of Tea Horse Ancient Road; Taiping Military Heritage Culture of "Marriage of Men and Women" in Kangnan; folk performing culture featuring Kangxian folk song, folk song, puppet show, Luoshen dance, altar dance, stick and whip, etc.