Xue Xiang Snow Township

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Xue Xiang

Snow Township, the full name of "China Snow Township National Forest Park", is located in Changting Town, Hailin City, Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province, China, and belongs to the Dahai Forestry Bureau.

Snow Township Scenic Spot is located at the junction of Zhangguangcailing and Laoyeling in Changbai Mountains, 5 kilometers west of Changting Town, Mudanjiang City, covering an area of 17916 hectares and an elevation of 1100 meters. Because of the frequent convergence of cold air from Lake Baikal with warm and wet air from the sea in Japan and the influence of the microclimate with high mountains and dense forests, it forms the scene of sunny days in summer and snowy forests in winter. It snows every October until April next year. The snowfall period lasts for 7 months, and the snow thickness can reach about 2 meters. The snow volume is the highest in China, and the snow quality is good and the viscosity is high. It is known as "China Snow Town".

Snow Township has primitive forest scenic spots, Hailang River drifting scenic spots, Lihua River scenic spots, Erlang River scenic spots, dream homes, farmhouse courtyards, Snow Township film and television base, Snow Township Cultural Exhibition Hall, Yangcao Mountain, Big Snow Valley, Yaxueyi Station and other scenic areas. Under the influence of the wind, white snow is shaped with objects, whether it is the ice blossoms in early winter or the fog in early spring, it always emits the charm of snow.

The last stop of Hunan Satellite TV's large-scale parent-child show "Where is Dad going in the first season" was filmed. Director Xu Ke directed the location shooting of the 2014 Christmas greeting film "Wisdom to Win the Tiger Mountain".

geographical environment

Snow Township is located in the southeastern part of Heilongjiang Province, at the eastern foot of Zhangguangcai Mountain in Changbai Mountains, known as "forest, sea and snow plain". Geomorphological characteristics belong to mountainous and hilly shallow mountainous areas. Geomorphological characteristics are "Jiushan half-water half-farmland". It belongs to the continental monsoon climate in the cold temperate zone. It has distinct seasons, pleasant climate and short frost-free period. Spring and autumn are short, climate is changeable, summer is hot and rainy, winter is long and cold. The annual average temperature is 4.2 and the extreme minimum and maximum temperatures are - 38.8 and 37.6 respectively. The precipitation is abundant but uneven, with an average annual rainfall of 536.3 mm. The average annual sunshine was 2388.9 hours. The average annual wind speed is 1.7 m/s, and the maximum wind direction is the Northwest (NW) wind. Crossing the second, third and fourth accumulated temperatures, the average active accumulated temperature is 2100 - 2500 degrees, the frost-free period is 85 - 130 days, and the annual average precipitation is 450 - 1000mm. Dark brown soil is the main soil, accounting for 88.8% of the land area. Meadow soil, black soil and white mortar soil account for 4.2%, 1.6% and 1.5% respectively. The rest are paddy soil and swamp soil.

Beautiful scenery, folklore, simple climate and unique "China Snow Township" bimodal scenic area is an important part of the Hailin scenic area. Snow cover lasts for seven months, snow depth is up to 2 meters. Under the influence of the wind, snow-capped snow is shaped with objects and has a variety of forms. The night scenery of the Snow Township is particularly beautiful. The simple snow-captain hangs a big red lantern at home, and the white snow as jade shines under the bright red lantern. Like white clouds in the sky, they float down into the world and become infinite.

Xuexiang Shuangfeng Forest Farm is hidden in the deep mountains. Because of the frequent international awards for photographic works, the name of China's Xuexiang is more and more loud. There are the highest mountain in the North, the densest forest sea, the thickest snow, the cleanest and transparent sunshine, and the simplest woodcutter's life. Walking into China's snowy countryside, you will enjoy the snow house and the snow scenery in front of you. It is a worthwhile trip.

Tourism information

Travel time

Optimum travel time: January, February, March, November and December, snow town is open all day. It is recommended to go to the snow country during the Spring Festival, not only because of the beautiful snow scenery there, but also because of the strong flavor of life there. During the Spring Festival, every household lights, festive breath poured in; every household cooked smoke curling, imagine the heat and vitality of the house; the fireworks in the snowy countryside reflect the colors of the sky and the earth, eyes are full of joy in the ocean.

However, after the performance of Where Dad Goes, people are overcrowded, especially in the Spring Festival. If someone wants to go in the Spring Festival, they must start playing at noon, but many people play too early, because many people only play for one day, so most people choose to play in the morning. In the afternoon, when people arrived, there were many people. So it's better to go out to the hotel (hotel) at noon.

Tourist route

Regular 2-day trip to Xuexiang

D1: After breakfast, take a bus to Shuangfeng Forest Farm, Dahai Forestry Bureau (about 5 hours), and visit the famous "China's First Snow Country". Along the way, watch the scenery of Hailang River, Millennium Old Yum, Fog, Birch Forest and other forest sea snow plains. Visit the fairy tale world wrapped in silver, and experience the beauty of the snow plains, thousands of miles of ice, and the winter of northern China hanging with strange pine trees. After lunch, you can go to the Shuangfeng Skiing Ground for thrilling, exciting and romantic fun skiing. You can also take a horse climbing plough to visit the National Snow Training Base of the People's Liberation Army "August 1" Skiing Ground. You can watch the National Skiing Athletes'Alpine Figure Skiing Training. You can take pictures with the athletes. You can organize snowmen and ski fights freely. Dinner tastes the local farmhouse characteristics, tastes the medicinal liquor made from the precious medicinal forest deep in the primitive forest. After dinner, we can talk with the people of Xuexiang. We can shoot the beautiful night scenery of Xuexiang decorated with red lanterns or go to watch the duet of Northeast local opera. Residence: Xuexiang.

D2: You can wake up early to watch the snowy sunrise, watch the curling smoke, shoot the starry dawn of the snowy countryside, return to Mudanjiang after breakfast, and end the pleasant journey!

Walking through the snow country

This is a particularly exciting and beautiful route. If you go alone, you need to take the Harbin-Wuchang long-distance bus at Harbin Bus Passenger Station first. It takes about 30 minutes and the fare is about 25 yuan. Around 8:00, you can arrive at Wuchang City around 11:00, then take Zhongba to Shanhe Town, about 40 minutes, ticket price 6 yuan, take a long-distance bus to the Forestry Bureau around 1:00 p.m., and arrive at Dongsheng Forest Farm about 400 meters above sea level at 18:00, where you can stay. The next day, we were led by our guide to climb the mountain on foot and enter the double peaks around 14:00. The scenery on the road is excellent, it's hard and challenging.

Walking is about 13 kilometers. It takes 4 to 6 hours. The guide leads the group. He gets up at 6:30 a.m. and starts at 8:00 after breakfast. Under the guide, he crosses the Shuangfeng Forest Farm in Hailin. The elevation of starting point is about 400 meters east, passing through the highest point is about 1200 meters, and the elevation of end point is about 800 meters. On the way to lunch, the planned peak is the remnants of Changbai Mountain, which belongs to Zhang Guangcai Ridge, with an altitude of 1200 meters. It was the snowfield where Yang Zirong crossed the forest Sea across the snow plain and hit the tiger up the mountain. When eating on the road at noon, you should take some things that can increase the calories, such as Snickers, Chocolate, etc. It is better to take an insulating kettle, you can drink hot water on the road, and do not take any of the non-insulating kettles, just increase the weight.


1. Some hotels in Xuexiang are fire kangs. The principle of room division is that men and women are separated. If husband and wife live in the same room or private room, they must make up for the difference of berth.

2. Tourists must bear the losses caused by force majeure factors such as traffic alert due to climate.

3. Voluntary participation in self-financed projects without compulsory consumption.

4. Ten people have eight dishes and one soup at a table. The number of people is less than 10. The number of dishes is relatively reduced to ensure the quality.

Travel Tips

1. Ready medicines. Cold in winter, susceptible to colds, travel to prepare cold tablets and other medicines for the treatment of cold. In addition, berberine and other antidiarrheal drugs as well as heat-clearing granules such as summer mulberry and chrysanthemum to prevent dry mouth should be prepared. Fluoric acid, bandage, carsickness drugs and so on are also essential. Stormtrousers, snow jackets (essential), knee-pads (essential), down jackets, backpacks, kettles and drinking water 2-3 liters (essential), spare warm clothes or sweaters, warm clothes (underpants), waterproof climbing shoes or travel boots, field food (essential), high-calorie snacks (such as chocolate, dried beef), hats (essential), gloves (essential) Headlights (flashlights), sunglasses (strong sunshine, snow blindness), climbing rods, knives, personal hygiene supplies.

2. Sunglasses are indispensable. There is a lot of snow here. The strong reflection of the snow on the light will make the eyes uncomfortable. You need to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes when you go out. In addition, you can own some warm bottles, moisturizing cream, lip balm and other small items.

3. Camera warmth: When the electronic shutter camera or camera is below - 20 C, the battery is easy to "discharge", the camera "fails", and the shutter can not be pressed. Therefore, after shooting outdoors, the camera should be put in the coat in time to "keep warm" and take it out. In addition, we must have more batteries.

4. Snow jackets can be sold in Xuexiang. It's about 10 yuan on New Year's Day, and the Spring Festival is expected to rise.

5. It's a luxury to carry a Thermos Pot and drink hot water in the snow.

6. Snacks should be taken in moderation and more, prepared before departure, and it is better to carry high-calorie foods.

7. Wear clothes must have strong air permeability, otherwise the body sweat after the activity is not easy to discharge, very susceptible to colds.

8. The route from Harbin to Xuexiang: Harbin-Larin-Wuchang-Shanhetun-Xiangyang-Shahezi-Struggle-Dongfanghong-Xuexiang

9. After arriving in the snow country, if we want to continue to deepen, we may need to use the plough: it is the main means of transportation for people living in the northern world of ice and snow. Snow often buries roads between mountains, rivers and fields in winter. As long as there is ice and snow in the plough, it can walk on it. It is very convenient and the price is about 60 yuan.

Matters needing attention

1. The average temperatures in January and February in Xuexiang are - 18.3 and - 10.4 C, respectively. Clothes should be fully equipped. Down jackets, warm underwear, ear-wrapping hats, masks, thick cotton boots, thick cotton gloves, and a snowjacket/sheath on the leg can prevent snow from pouring into shoes. It is convenient to walk in the snow.

2. The amount of activity is large, so it will sweat, it is best to wear polyester underwear, which is conducive to sweating. Never wear pure cotton underwear. It will become Ice Armor when it is wet and difficult to dry. Clothing follows the multi-layered principle of outdoor sports, because sports will be hot and easy to take off.

3. Be sure not to touch metal objects directly with your hands outdoors, but wear gloves, otherwise your hands will be covered with metal.

4. Prevent sunburn, frostbite and snow shaking. Take sunscreen, frostbite cream and sunglasses.

5. It's dark and early in the mountains, with a small flashlight. The air-cooled battery discharges quickly and has many spare batteries. Camera, mobile phone, etc. pay attention to cold protection. Photographing in cold temperatures, electronic cameras can easily fail, requiring the replacement of mechanical cameras. When the film is put on, it is very brittle and easy to break when the film is put on.

6. You can visit all the year round, but if you want to see snow scenery, you can only go from December to March next year. It's better to catch up with minority festivals. Xuexiang is located in the Shuangfeng Forest Farm of Dahai Forestry Bureau, Hailin City (Changting Town), Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province. It is 105 kilometers away from Changting Town and covers an area of 500 hectares. The whole area is above 1200 meters above sea level.