Xishan Scenic Area Kunming Yunnan

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Xishan Scenic Area Kunming Yunnan

The Xishan Scenic Area in Kunming, Yunnan Province, is a forest park with ups and downs, verdant trees, white birds contending and beautiful scenery. Dense forest vegetation, perennial lush, Huating Temple, Taihua Temple, Sanqing Pavilion and other ancient temples and palaces are hidden in the depths of Maolin Xiuzhu.

geographical environment

Xishan is located in the western suburb of Kunming City, 15 km. It is composed of Huating Mountain, Taihua Mountain and Luohan Mountain. Its peaks stretch over 40 kilometers, with an elevation of 1900 to 2350 meters. Legend has it that in ancient times there was a Phoenix pause, the witness did not know, called the green chicken, so it is also called the green chicken mountain. Also because of its shape, it is also called Wo Fo Mountain. West Hill has a dense forest, flourishing flowers and plants, beautiful and beautiful scenery. In ancient times, it has the reputation of "the first best place in central Yunnan". Looking from the southeast of Kunming City, it looks like a beautiful woman lying on both sides of Dianchi Lake. Her head, chest, abdomen and legs are clearly visible. The green silk is floating in the waves and shadows of Dianchi Lake. It is charming and charming, so it is also called Sleeping Beauty.

Main attractions

Xishan is situated on the West Bank of Dianchi Lake, also known as Biji Mountain. It was the first of the "Eight Sceneries of Southern Yunnan" in Yuan Dynasty. The Ming Dynasty ranked first among the four famous mountains in Yunnan. "Six sceneries of Yunyang" is known as "green chicken autumn". In the "Eight Sceneries of Kunming" in the Qing Dynasty, "Night Moon of Dianchi Lake" is the Night Moon of West Hill of Dianchi Lake; in the contemporary era, "Sleeping Beauty Mountain, Longmen Flying Stand" is the "Sixteen Sceneries of Kunming". Looking over the peaks of the Western Mountains, it looks like a huge sleeping Buddha, and a beautiful sleeping beauty lying on her back by the Dianchi Lake, like a silk sea. Therefore, the West Mountain is called "Woofu Mountain", also known as "Sleeping Beauty Mountain".

Huating Temple, Taihua Temple, Sanqing Pavilion, Nie'er Tomb and Yulan Garden in Xishan reflect the deep bamboo cultivation of Maolin. Longmen Grottoes are embedded on thousands of cliffs. Thousands of acres of small stone forests accumulate in Luohan Mountains. The magnificent scenery of lakes and mountains, rich and profound thousand-year history and culture make Xishan unique mysterious charm, attracting tourists from home and abroad.

Xishan, the symbol of "Jinbihu Mountain" in Kunming, is full of heroism, danger, wonder, beauty and beauty in Xishan!

Huating Temple

Located in the mountains of 2050 meters above sea level, founded in the 14th century, the temple halls are magnificent and magnificent. They are famous Buddhist holy places in Kunming. Taihua Temple was built in the early 14th century. The Wanghai Tower in the temple is a good place to watch the sunrise in Dianchi Lake. Sanqing Pavilion and Longmen are a group of buildings built on the cliff of Luohan Mountain, the main peak of Xishan Mountain. They have nine stories and eleven pavilions. Longmen Stone Sculpture Project, including stone roads, ancient chambers, ancient railings, ancient caves, ancient Buddhas and so on. Boarding the Longmen and looking down from the railings, it is a cliff of 100 Zhangs.

Taihua Temple

It is located on the top of Mount Taihua, the highest peak of Mount Xishan. Taihua Temple was built in Yuan Dynasty. It consists of Tianwangdian Hall, Daxiong Palace, Fanglou, Yibi Wanhectare Pavilion, Shuixie Corridor and North-South Chamber. The temple is surrounded by dense bamboo cultivation and ancient forests.

Selected poems:

Qiju Dengkunming Xishan Mountains __________

Li Jie Zhong

Take advantage of the spring sunshine to travel here, the temple lofty wall road is quiet.

Stand tall on the Longmen, Baili Dianchi Lake at a glance!

Festival activities

Xishan is now a forest park with many scenic spots. Every year in March of Yangchun, Kunming people have the custom of "playing the West Mountain on March 3rd", when the Quartet gathers, sings folk songs, plays small tunes, plays dragon and lion dances, picnic scenery, and is very lively.


Xishan story

In ancient times, a princess couldn't bear the loneliness in the palace. She stole out of the palace and married a young man. Later, the king broke up the happy marriage and tried to kill the young man. The princess was so sad that she couldn't stop crying. Her tears converged into Dianchi Lake and she fell on her back into Xishan Mountain.

Sleeping Beauty Story

The Beautiful Legend of Sleeping Beauty

West Hill is a magnificent mountain with its ups and downs, ancient trees towering, verdant and tall. It consists of Biji Mountain, Huating Mountain, Taihua Mountain, Taiping Mountain, Luohan Mountain and Hangbang Mountain, which stretch for more than 40 kilometers with a maximum altitude of about 2500 meters. Looking at the peaks of the Western Mountains, it is like a beautiful sleeping beauty lying on her back beside the Dianchi Lake with her legs bent and silk hanging over the sea. Therefore, the Western Mountains are also called "Sleeping Beauty Mountain". The beautiful scenery of the West Mountain is the first of all the mountains in Kunming. It has long been known all over the world. On the shore of Dianchi Lake, there are still moving legends about "Sleeping Beauty".

Legend has it that long ago, on the shore of Dianchi Lake, there were a couple of young men and women who loved each other sincerely. They fished and weaved nets. They lived happily. In order to express their love for the girl, the young man took a boat to Haizi to take seaweed flowers for her, and the result never returned. Day after day, the girl missed the young man, grieved and cried day and night, tears flowed "five hundred miles", and finally died, body into lakeside mountains, long hair scattered in the grass sea, from now on, this mountain is called "Sleeping Beauty Mountain".

Dengxi Mountain Longmen Sunrise, facing the vast five hundred miles of Dianchi Lake, is relaxing and delightful, bringing endless reverie to people.

The Tomb of Nie Er, a famous people's musician, was also placed in the garden.

In addition to the above scenic spots, in Xishan Forest Park, the most rare should be the fresh and incomparable air in the forest. It is unique to overlook Dianchi Lake and even Kunming from a high altitude. It's also a good place to go green in spring.

Tourism information

Traffic information

Take bus 6, 51, 17, 18, 21, 94 and get off at Gao'e.

From Yunnan Minority Village, you can take a high-altitude cable car to Longmen directly. The fare is 35 yuan per trip.

From Haiyuan Park, you can also take the ropeway to Longmen. The fare is 40 yuan per trip.

Scenic map

1. You can take Bus No. 5, 62, 98 and 182 to "Chrysanthemum Village" station, and then transfer Bus No. 51 to "Gao Er" station.

2. Take buses A1, A9, 24, 44 and 73 to get off at Yunnan Ethnic Village (Yunnan Ethnic Museum). Walk to the opposite platform. Transfer to bus No. 94 and get off at Gao E.

3. Take buses No. 7, 116, 54, K2 and 66 to get off at Minshan Bus Yard and transfer to Bus No. 6 to Gao Er.