Xisha Wetland of Pearl Lake

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Xisha Wetland of Pearl Lake

Located in Luhua Town, west of Chongming Island, Shanghai Mingzhu Lake is the largest natural inland lake on the island. It is also the main area of western water recreation resort and Western eco-agricultural tourism area planned for development in Chongming District. Established in September 2005, it is located at the southwest end of Chongming Island, outside Taoyuan Water Township and Pearl Lake Embankment in Luhua Town, with a total area of 4,500 mu. It is the core component of Chongming Island National Geopark, the site of Chongming Island National Geopark Monument, the only natural wetland with natural tidal phenomena and stretches of beach woodland in Shanghai at present, and the experimental base of wetland ecological restoration established by Shanghai Science and Technology Commission.

brief introduction

Pearl Lake has clear water, elegant environment and beautiful natural scenery. According to the test, the atmospheric environmental quality of the Pearl Lake is the first level of the country, and the water quality is the second level of the country. The soil is clean, pollution-free and pollution-free. The lake is about 3,500 meters long in North and south, 500-700 meters wide in East and west, and 7-8 meters deep in the deepest part, comparable to the West Lake in Hangzhou. Situated on the west side of the lake, the 10,000 Mu orange garden and the Pearl Lake are the corners of each other and complement each other.

Mingzhu Lake is the largest natural freshwater lake in Chongming, Shanghai. It was originally a tributary of the South Branch of the Yangtze River. It was built by artificial dykes in the 1970s. There are now two gates to enter and leave the lake, so as to maintain its relationship with the Yangtze River. There are abundant fish resources in the lake. Luya's target fish species, such as Qixing perch and Qixing perch, are abundant in quantity, large in size and wild in nature. They are also famous for having a large number of super-eels that are said to eat ducks.

Pearl Lake makes the park more glorious with its unique "natural lakes, dense forests". Gardens and lakes complement each other. The water conservation forest built around the lake reaches 2,500 mu, in which more than 50 valuable trees, such as camphor, Magnolia and so on, have been planted, and a large number of wild flowers, weeds and natural vegetation have been deliberately preserved. In addition, the lush forest and dense river network around the lake have attracted 70 or 80 species of birds, such as silver gulls, herons and egrets, to live here. Mingzhu Lake is also a protective site for cormorants in Chongming. The forest paths around the lake are endless and quiet. Walking along the shade paths, insects singing and birds singing, butterflies dancing and birds flying around the lake make you taste the smell of the forest and ocean and feel the magic of nature. At the end of 2011, the Pearl Lake Xisha Wetland Scenic Area was approved by the National Tourism Administration as a national 4A-level tourist attraction.

Ticket Price

45 yuan for adults

Introduction of scenic spots

Rise directly to a high position

The Pearl Lake has a landscape called "Rising Up" in it. When you are facing the lake, you can see the boundless water. The feeling of wetness and freshness comes to you. It seems that you are in the green ocean and the water world. It makes people happy and comfortable. It is really a masterpiece of cooperation between natural scenery and Humanities and arts. There is also a long bridge in the Pearl Lake, which can only walk closely side by side. It is known as the Valentine's Bridge. As long as the couples who walk on the bridge will love each other for a lifetime. Of course, this is just a good wish. Love is like a flower in a greenhouse. It needs our care. When we walk on the bridge, we can see the lover riding a bicycle on the forest path, the people idling in the sun on the lawn, and the idle flowers and weeds on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. It's cold, the speedboat skimming over the lake. Wake up your eyes and ears. It's enough to excite you for a while. Beautiful scenery will make you linger and forget to return. It's really "people swimming in paintings and feeling between green waters".

Extreme speed on water

In the scenic area, there are 3 water terminals, 2 motorboats, 3 speedboats, 1 yacht and 10 battery boats. Tourists are allowed to experience the excitement of water sports. Listening to the wind whistling in the ear and feeling the lake coming, it will be a totally different enjoyment. A 50-meter hydrophilic corridor has been built in the park for tourists to enjoy the lake landscape.

Children's Playground

The children's playground in the scenic spot can let children experience the fun of play, and also can look for various memories of childhood here. Woods, green water, swings, slides, children's chasing and frolicking sound, can quietly enjoy it as a landscape, but also can integrate themselves into the vibrant picture, become one of the scenery, here will feel the heart of the unspeakable innocence and warmth, as if back to carefree childhood. The development center allows visitors to exercise their courage and creative thinking.

Mysterious sloping house

The mysterious inclined house in the scenic area must be experienced personally. The feeling is only meaningful and can not be expressed.

Natural bathing place

A place for people to swim in the scenic area, usually open only in summer, is a good place for summer recreation and cool.

Xisha Resort

The special dishes of Xisha Resort located on the Bank of Mingzhu Lake include fish roast, braised eggs with red meat sauce, fish head soup of Mingzhu Lake, etc. All kinds of delicacies are gathered for tourists to taste. The resort has 29 standard rooms, 12 cabins, and a number of Pearl Lake restaurants. It can accommodate 200 people at the same time, so that visitors can enjoy the delicious food of Pearl Lake and enjoy the sunset scenery of the lakeside at the same time.