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Xingwenshihai is located in Xingwen County, Yibin City, Sichuan Province. It is located in the transition zone between Sichuan Basin and Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau. Its total area is about 156 square kilometers. It is a world geological park and a national scenic spot. The main geological relics are: Permian geological profile, surface karst topography, Tiankeng, karst caves, cave deposits, waterfalls, erosion canyons, paleontological fossils, storm rock deposits, etc. The most famous one is Tiankeng, which is the earliest place in China to discover and study Tiankeng.

History of scenic spots

Xingwen Shihai (formerly known as Shihai Dongxiang) was officially opened to the outside world on May 1, 1980.

In 1986, it became the first provincial scenic spots.

On May 17, 2002, it was approved as a national key scenic spot by the State Council.

It was approved as National Geopark by the Ministry of Land and Resources on January 19, 2004.

On February 11, 2005, UNESCO held the 2nd World Geopark Expert Review Conference in Paris, France. By 7 votes, it has become the second batch of world geological parks.

Location context

Xingwenshihai World Geopark is located in Xingwen County, southern Sichuan Province. Its geographic coordinates are 105 0 56 ~105 09 46, 28 08 54 ~28 20, 28, 20 29. It is located in the mountain The scenic area of Luzhou in Dongtong is adjacent to Yibin in the West and Zhuhai in Southern Shu. It is one of the most developed karst landforms in China.

They are connected with Gong County, Changning County, Jiang'an County, Xuyong County, Naxi District, Luzhou City, and Weixin County, Yunnan Province, with convenient traffic conditions. The County town is equidistant from Yibin City and Luzhou City.

Because the county's stone forest and karst caves cover sixteen townships, it has the reputation of "Shihai Cave Township".

topographic features

Shihai Geological Park in Xingwen is a karst landform in narrow valleys of middle and low mountains, with slopes mostly above 60 degrees. In the park, there are a series of single-sided mountains and ring-shaped mountains, with peaks rising, deep rivers, large topographic fluctuations, low in the north and high in the south, with an elevation of 429-1795 M.

The park is located at the intersection of the East-West structural system and the North-South structural system in the South Sichuan fold belt of the Yangzi quasi-platform. The strata are characterized by Paleozoic marine carbonate sedimentary rocks such as Cambrian, Ordovician and Permian, and Silurian book-shale marl. The northwest structural system is dominated by the Changning dip anticline, and fold faults are developed. The main types of soil in the park are lime soil, yellow soil and purple soil. Xingwenshihai is situated in the transitional zone between Sichuan Basin and Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau in geological structure. It belongs to the Sichuan-Guizhou Paleodepression of the EW-trending structural system of the South Sichuan fold belt.

The whole Xingwen County is characterized by hilly and gully dam areas in the north, low mountains and valleys in the middle and narrow valleys in the south.

hydrographic features

There are Yan River, Shun River, Mulang River, Longtan Valley and Bolu River in the park, which converge into the ancient Song River and into the Yangtze River from south to North in Naxi.

Climate type

Influenced by alternating continental air masses all the year round, Xingwenshihai is a humid monsoon climate in the middle subtropical zone with mild climate, abundant rainfall, long frost-free period, distinct seasons and hot and rainy season, which provides favorable climatic conditions for the development of karst landforms in the geopark.

The area is a subtropical humid climate, mild, abundant rainfall, long frost-free period, four distinct seasons, hot and rainy season.

The annual average temperature ranges from 17.1 to 17.5 C, the hottest month is July, the average temperature is 26.9 C, and the coldest month is January, the average temperature is 7.2 C.

Scenic spots

Main scenic spots

Geoparks include four parks; Xiaoyan Bay Geopark, a cave group composed of more than 200 large and small karst caves represented by Tianquan Cave; Bowangshan Park, famous for its natural ecology, is a complex of geological heritage landscapes, such as canyons, waterfalls, lakes, karst caves and ancient Bo ruins; it was formed in the Ordovician period 490 million years ago, accompanied by ancient stone forests, thousand-year ginkgo biloba, karst caves and sea of Cuizhu forests. Tai'an Stone Forest; Alsophila trees reflect the Lingxiaocheng Park at the Lingxiao Birch Site.

Scenic spot evaluation

When visitors enter Xingwen Shihai, it is like entering a large exhibition hall of contemporary world sculpture artists. There are thousands of giant sculptures, each with ingenuity, some Xiaoren, some portraits.

Three hundred and sixty scenes, such as "sheep going up the mountain", "turtles playing bears", "husband and wife peak", "fairy peak", "toads want to eat swan meat", "Chinese map"... are really "stone sea without vulgar stones, like god-worker".

Especially when the sheep are going up the mountain, the stone buds are white in color, just like the sheep are only fat and strong. Some of them seem to be burying their heads or standing, squatting or lying down. Some of them seem to be gnawing grass. Some of them seem to be listening quietly. There are two lambs. They also seem to lie on their forefeet on their ewes and are playing a charming role. They are really cute and interesting. The sheep seem to move when their heads are shaking gently from top to bottom. In spring and summer, when the grass is all around, the landscape looks more delicious.

Under special structural and rainwater conditions, stone buds up to tens of meters can sometimes be formed. Looking at the stone buds from a distance, they are like billows and waves, like solidified waves, which make tourists afraid to stay in them, afraid that their rough waves will hit them.

On the east side of the scenic spot, there is a huge heavenly pit, which is geologically called a funnel. The giant is 650m long, 490m wide, 550m in diameter and 208m high. It is oval in shape. Its potential is like cutting with knives and axes. It has four cliffs, and its bottom is a collapsed and loose accumulation landform. It is like a funnel in shape and integrity as a whole. Its scale is in the forefront of the world's karst funnels. In the middle of the conical wall of the funnel, there is a tour circle around the funnel, which is located at the top of the funnel. You will be shocked by the Tiankeng. When General Secretary Hu Yaobang returned to the Red Army Road in 1989, he couldn't help inscribing the inscription "Wonders of the World" here.

Tianquan Cave is a famous karst cave in Shihai Cave Group of Xingwen County. Its geological age is about 3 million years ago. "Skylight" is one of the famous landscapes of Tianquan Cave.

Skylight is a rare cave spectacle. It is a natural perforation formed at the top of the cave due to the seepage and dissolution of rock fissures on the top of the cave by flowing water in the surface depression and small-scale collapse.

Because the sky is bright and the earth is named by shape, it is called "skylight". The skylights and pearls of Tianquan Cave are connected by walls, which can be regarded as the world's greatest. Its landscape varies from year to year. Spring, summer, autumn and winter have their own charm. Many literati and poets often fall in love with its magic, and they sing poems and fu one after another. The words of praise are overflowing in their speeches.

The annual average precipitation is 1183.08mm, the annual average relative humidity is 88%, the annual average sunshine is 1056 hours, and the annual frost days are 4.2 days.

Tourist guide

Food related

Dam foot-binding meat

We choose the best pig meat, the whole slice, with ginger, garlic, onion, vinegar, sugar, red pepper and other condiments. It has the style of thin meat, wide shape and light, because the meat slices are big, they need to be wrapped in chopsticks in circles when eating, so people call it "foot-wrapped meat" and also call it "thin meat" on weekdays. When eating, the best thing is to eat one mouthful at a time. That is the local characteristic of the Miao family's "eating meat in bulk and drinking in large bowls".

Liu Chao

Liu Copied Hands: Cooked Copied Hands soup is clear and crisp. The scallion flowers floating on it are crisp. The thin and transparent filling is vaguely visible. It smells a strong fragrance of oil. It can be seen with the naked eye that the filling weight of copied Hands is more sufficient than that of ordinary Copied Hands. There are many kinds of condiments on the table, such as spicy oil, soy sauce, vinegar and so on. Customers can choose according to their own taste. Use chopsticks to pick up a slippery handwriting and put it into your mouth. With a gentle stroke, the fragrance and satisfaction spread on the tip of your tongue, which is very memorable.

Grilled fish in stone sea

The roast fish in Shihai is roasted and fried with silver carp and carp in mountain stream as raw materials and Miaojia self-grinding green mustard and Chinese herbal medicine as seasoning. It has the unique flavor of skin char, tender meat and delicious taste, accompanied by rice wine or beer, and has become the most favorite night snack of the local Miao people.

Traffic information

Xingwen Shihai is located in Shihai Town, Xingwen County, Yibin City, the first city of Wanli Yangtze River. It is located in the center of Guizhou, Chengdu and Kunming, and the four capital cities of Chongqing. It is located at the junction of Yibin and Luzhou. It is 110 kilometers away from Yibin and Luzhou. It takes only 1.5 hours to reach the scenic spot. At the same time, Yibin's airport has direct flights to Hangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Kunming, Shenzhen, Sanya and other places, with obvious advantages in traffic location.

Self-driving route:

Chengdu to Yibin Xingwenshihai self-driving route:

From Chengdu Shangcheng-Chongqing Expressway to Longchang County, Neijiang City, turn Longna Expressway to Naxi District, Luzhou City, and then take the national highway G321, which has already built the second-class highway, about 30 kilometers past Jiangmen Town, where there is a road sign indicating to Xingwen, and then walk more than 20 kilometers.

Yibin Xingwenshihai Bus Route:

There are buses running from morning to 5:30 p.m. at Yibin South Passenger Station.

Shunan Zhuhai to Xingwenshihai:

Route 1: Take a bus to Zhuhai Town, take Yibin or Changning to Xingwen Bus (many), to Xingwen Station, take Zhoujia, Xianfeng, Shilin Bus to Shihai.

Route 2: Take a bus to Jiang'an County and take a bus from Jiang'an or Nanxi to Xingwen.

Route 3: Take a bus to Hongqiao Town and walk across the bridge (one side belongs to Jiang'an County, the other side belongs to Xingwen County). Take a bus to Xingwen County. Hongqiao Town is 27 kilometers away from Xingwen County. Jiang'an County is 44 kilometers away from Hongqiao. Zhuhai Town is about 40 kilometers from Hongqiao Town.

The bus route from Zigong to Yibin Xingwenshihai:

Take bus 25.00 at Zigong passenger station, take No. 4 1.00 after Yibin Gao passenger station, take bus 30.50 at South passenger station, and take bus to scenic spot 8.00 after Xingwen gets off.

Recommended itinerary:

1. Watching Shihai Surge and Miaozhai from the Mountain Gate

2. Watch 4D Cinema and go back to Shanmen Scenic Spot

3. Tour the Seven Female Peaks Ring Line

4. Appreciating the culture of ancient boxes, playing the game of ancient boxes 5. Looking at the world's largest funnel

6. Underground Cave Ring Tour

7. Exploration of Didong River

Scenic map

Ticket information

Xingwenshihai package ticket (including scenic spot ticket + transportation package ticket) is 140 yuan and the reservation price is 125 yuan.


(1) The main ticket for 1.2 to 1.4 meters children is 45 yuan per person, and children under 1.2 meters are exempt from the main ticket (adults are required to travel with them);

(2) The main ticket of 60-69 year old people's certificate is 45 yuan per person, and the main ticket of 70 year old people's certificate is exempt;

(3) The above package includes scenic spot ticket + traffic ticket, which is 50 yuan market price.