Xiling mountain song

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Xiling mountain song

Xiling Mountain Song is a national intangible cultural heritage with a long history, primitive simplicity and smooth melody. Its color and mode contain some elements of Tibetan, Qiang and Han folk songs, which belong to the Chinese national mode. They are produced in the production and life process of Xiling mountain people. They are taught by the mountain people from mouth to mouth and passed down from generation to generation. They are divided into wine songs, mountain songs, love songs, labor songs, customs and ritual songs. Xiling Mountain Song was approved by the State Council in 2014 and listed in the fourth batch of national intangible cultural heritage list.

Historical origin

The folk song is the voice of the mountain soul as well as the voice of the mountain people. There is a Xiling mountain song lyrics: "Xiling mountain soul, Xiling mountains and waters to support mountain people. Mountain singing is the soul of the mountain, mountain singing is the heart of the mountain people. "In the past hundreds of years, people in Xiling Mountains have often enjoyed singing folk songs. In the spring and autumn harvest, in the high-footed shed guarding corn against animal damage, in the midnight of torn corn, in the bitter course of caustic soda, digging medicine and logging, they use folk songs to refresh themselves, convey their feelings with folk songs, and express their open-minded, optimistic, tenacious, honest, humorous and witty feelings. Because Xiling was once a mixed place of Han, Tibetan and Qiang nationalities in history, the melodic color and mode of Xiling folk songs also contain some elements of Han, Tibetan and Qiang folk songs. They have distinct colors, wide range of sound, high tune, large freedom of singing, special melody, strong mountain flavor, game and national flavor.

Xiling Town is located at the foot of Xiling Snow Mountain, a national scenic spot 100 kilometers west of Chengdu, capital of Sichuan Province. It has beautiful scenery and pleasant climate. The town covers an area of 678,3 square kilometers, and has jurisdiction over 6 administrative villages, 70 communes and a total population of 6,500. The highest elevation is 5368 meters, with an average elevation of 1,400 meters. It is a mountainous area. Xiling Town is located in the west of Dayi County, which is under the jurisdiction of Chengdu City, Sichuan Province. It is 45 kilometers away from the county town and 100 kilometers away from Chengdu City.

Xiling folk songs can be roughly divided into: labor, love, persuasion (including satire), celebration, sacrifice, song and so on. Its singing styles include solo, lead singing, chorus and duet singing, especially solo singing. The meaning of the words is rich in comparison, the structure of the phrases is complete, the image of the music is concentrated, its humor is amusing and pleasant. Labor categories: singing and spring planting, autumn harvest, digging medicine, caustic soda, logging, hunting, grazing and so on. Love categories: singing love, love affairs, marriage proposals, marital love, resistance to feudal marriage and so on. Persuasion: warning the world, persuading people to seek truth and pragmatism, perseverance and diligence, exposing evil, etc. Sage category: Hengshan Sage for. Celebration category: mostly used for red and white festivals, Festival days. Sacrifice category: funeral, ancestor worship, tomb sweeping (such lyrics are less).

The lyrics of Xiling Mountain Songs are witty, funny, extensive, wild, quite stimulating, tense and appealing, and interesting. The high-pitched, primitive, primitive and ethereal tone is the original flavor of the original ecosystem. The melody is smooth and the rhythm is smooth. The tune can be repeated with the number of passages. Singing folk songs is not limited by time and space. They are popular and extensive. They can not only entertain themselves, but also participate in singing, celebration and activities. The tune is lively and relaxed with a clear rhythm. Folk song pays attention to true feelings and feelings. It reflects the hard-working, simple and courageous pursuit of truth, goodness, virtue and virtue of the mountain people. The sincere feelings and noble feelings of the folk song are just to teach people to sing and to teach them to be happy to provide content and form. Xiling folk song has existed in the production, life and labor of the masses since it was smoked. It is the original folk song in the cultural feast.

Development and inheritance

In 2007, Teacher Zhang Daoshen led the rescue work of the intangible cultural heritage excavation of Shanxi Mountain Songs in Xiling, and declared the intangible cultural heritage of Chengdu.

On October 25, 2012, the Xiling Mountain Song Art Festival with the theme of "Xiling Mountain Rhyme and Rhythmic Bashu" officially opened in Xiling Town. The original ecological Xiling Mountain Song was awarded the "provincial intangible cultural heritage". It is reported that the festival will last until October 28, during which tourists can enter the Xiling Snow Mountain Scenic Area free of charge.

"King of Folk Songs" Comes on the Stage

"The singing is wonderful!"

"There are many names of men in Xiling. One of them is Bei Er Ge. Go up the hill with dung and busy farming, go up the hill with grain and dig for medicine..." Yesterday, the "King of Folk Songs" of the Xiling Folk Song Art Festival gathered together, each bright and brilliant, throat opened, immediately startled four, the original ecological folk song spread throughout the mountains and valleys. Especially "Xiling Back Two Brothers" is more popular, "Back Two Brothers" this local native old line of business to let everyone feel more cordial. In the "King of Folk Songs", once Liu Wanqiong stepped on the stage, the audience began to applaud and applaud like the tide. "Her voice range is too wide, the singing is too wonderful!" A few years ago, she won the first prize in the folk song contest for her excellent singing skills.

"Folk songs, a part of folk culture in mountainous areas, have a long history. Over the past four or five hundred years, mountain people in Xiling have often enjoyed singing folk songs. When they planted in spring and harvested in autumn, they used folk songs to refresh themselves and convey their feelings in hard work such as digging medicines and logging. But in recent decades, the Xiling Mountain Songs have been almost dynastic. Zhang Daoshen, the president of Xiling Mountain Song Association in Xiling Town of Dayi County, said that in order to inherit and carry forward, Dayi County began excavating, sorting out and developing Xiling Mountain Song in recent years, and began to hold Xiling Mountain Song Festival and organize villagers'competitions. "Xiling folk songs can be divided into wine songs, folk songs, love songs, labor songs, customs and ritual songs, etc." Yesterday, because of the profound cultural and historical connotation of Xiling Mountain Song, it was officially awarded the "Provincial intangible cultural heritage".

On February 18, 2013, Pan Yuanqian, professor of Music Department of Jilin University College of Art, came to our county to listen to Xiling Mountain Songs from a distance of thousands of miles, and decided to conduct a five-day inspection to cooperate with our county and jointly promote Xiling Mountain Songs to the international stage. Pan Yuankui listened to the moving Xiling Mountain Song from the 132nd episode of CCTV's distant home "A trip to China at 30 degrees north latitude". From that moment on, Pan Yuankui was deeply attracted by the unique charm of Xiling Mountain Song. This close listening to Xiling Mountain Songs shocked her even more. After several reflections, Pan Yuankui decided to classify and sort out the folk songs, and initially decided to cooperate with Xiling Mountain Songs Association to jointly promote the Xiling Mountain Songs to the world. At the same time, Pan Yuankui hopes that our county can further strengthen the training of follow-up talents of Xiling Mountain Songs, constantly broaden the performance methods and platforms, and strive to improve the popularity of Xiling Mountain Songs. Yang Yaqun, member of the Standing Committee of the County Committee and Minister of Propaganda Department, accompanied the investigation.

Related introduction

Xiling is a big tourist town. As the essence of local cultural development and the soul of tourism, the original Xiling folk song has now become an important part of Dayi County's strategy of "Wenluxing County". Now the "Xiling Mountain Song" has promoted local rural tourism, and even brought about a lively farm business. According to reports, Dayi County will increase the market-oriented tourism development of "Xiling Mountain Song" in the future, and build it into a well-known tourism brand of "Snow Mountain Style Town" or even "International Tourism Destination" in Dayi County.

cultural heritage

In 2007, Xiling Mountain Song declared Chengdu intangible cultural heritage list .

On August 23, 2011, Xiling Mountain Song was listed in the third batch of intangible cultural heritage list of Sichuan Province.

On November 11, 2014, Xiling Folk Song was approved by the State Council to be included in the fourth batch of national intangible cultural heritage list .

Since 2013, the Xiling Mountain Song Association performing team has performed in the Xiling Snow Mountain Tourist Center every year on holidays.

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