Xiling Snow Mountain

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Xiling Snow Mountain

Xiling Snow Mountain, located in Dayi County, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, is only 95 kilometers away from Chengdu, with a total area of 483 square kilometers. It is a world natural heritage, giant panda habitat, AAAA tourist attraction and national key scenic spot.

It is named after the eternal quatrains of Du Fu, a great poet of the Tang Dynasty, "the window contains the snow in the West Mountains, and the gate is the boat of the east Wu.". There are snow capped mountains in the scenic area, with an altitude of 5364 meters, which is the first peak in Chengdu.

History of development

Reason for naming

Miaojiling, the highest peak in the scenic area, is 5364 meters above sea level. It is the first peak in Chengdu, standing in the sky with snow all year round. In the sunlight, white crystal, silver brilliant, beautiful spectacular. Du Fu, a great poet of the Tang Dynasty, praised the scene and wrote a quatrain: "the window contains the snow in the Xiling mountains in autumn, and the door is in the boat of the east Wu.". Xiling Snow Mountain is also named for it.


According to the records of Dayi County annals of Guangxu (1875), the snow mountain in Xiling is commonly known as DaXueTang. After the middle mountain in the northwest of the county, snow covers hundreds of miles in winter and stands on three sides. The only island road can be extended to the top. There is a pool of clear water (Jiulong pool) that doesn't overflow or dry up in four seasons. If you climb it, hail will come to you. It's attached to Si mountain, with copper mines and small Xitian Daxianfeng, Erxian peak, Nantianmen gate, Chengmen cave, Yuanyang pool, red spider pool and other scenic spots. All the mountains shown are mountains in the scenic area. Here, DaXueTang is the highest peak in the scenic area, also known as the first peak in Chengdu, with an altitude of 5364 meters, so far no one has conquered it.

geographical environment

Xiling Snow Mountain, located in the western suburb of Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China, is located in Xiling Town, Dayi County (95 km away from Chengdu), with a total area of 483 square kilometers. The scenic spot was approved as a provincial scenic spot by Sichuan provincial government in August 1989. In January 1994, it was approved by the State Council as a key scenic spot in China. Now it is a world natural heritage, giant panda habitat and AAAA tourist attraction. In 1999, the scenic area developed the largest and best equipped large alpine ski resort, large snow playground, large grass skiing ground and alpine grassland sports playground, covering an area of 7 square kilometers and altitude of 2200-2400 meters.


natural resources

Xiling Snow Mountain belongs to a three-dimensional temperature zone, which has formed a four-year tourism pattern of "enjoying azaleas in spring, avoiding summer in summer, watching red leaves in autumn and skiing in winter". The scenic area is rich in tourism resources and has unique advantages. There are sea of clouds, sunrise, forest Buddha light, sunshine Jinshan, yin and Yang boundary, etc.

The original forest coverage rate of Xiling Snow Mountain reaches 90%. There are more than 6000 plants in the scenic area, including rare tree species such as Ginkgo biloba, fragrant fruit tree and Davidia involucrata. There are two original osmanthus forests in guihualing mountain, covering an area of nearly 1000 mu, which are very precious. A variety of animals are often found in the forest mountain streams, including giant panda, takin, golden monkey, little panda, macaque, clouded leopard, golden pheasant and other precious animals.

Main attractions

Bear cat forest

Panda is a first-class protected animal in China. It is a specialty of the mountains in Southwest China. It is known as "national treasure" and its staple food is Fargesia fargesii. With abundant vegetation, dense forest and pleasant climate, Fargesia fargesii forest in Xiling Snow Mountain is a natural shelter and breeding habitat for giant pandas. "Panda forest" is a place where giant pandas have been haunted for many times. It is famous for its development and commemorated by its ambition. It has a total length of more than four kilometers and covers an area of hundreds of acres. It is mainly composed of forest scenery and rich waterscape, especially Rhododendron forest, arrowhead forest and hemlock forest. Through the rare plant forest, through the Yuanyang pool, to the "Du Fu Pavilion.". In the meantime, the winding paths lead to secluded, graceful ups and downs, and are fascinating. In spring and summer, rhododendrons bloom, colorful, arrow bamboo is flourishing, shoulder to shoulder with people; in summer and autumn, green trees shade, birds sing, frogs drum, small bridge water; after winter, thousands of trees wither, snow covers, all kinds of tree species, in various forms. "Panda forest" is actually a garden showing the ecology of snow mountain. We should love it and protect it. Remember: don't attack giant panda!

Yin Yang boundary

The wonderful scenic spot is the "Yin Yang boundary" in baishagang area. Yin Yang boundary is not only a mountain peak, but also a watershed of two different climates. On the one hand, there is a clear sky and blue sky; on the other hand, clouds and fog surge, hazy, giving visitors infinite mysterious reverie. Baishagang stretches for thousands of kilometers, with the mountains of dolomite shining with silver light. The ridge top is only 2 meters wide, and the rock walls are like knives and axes. It is not only a watershed, but also a dividing line of different climates. The climate of Qinghai Tibet Plateau is cold and dry in the west, and basin climate is in the East, warm and humid. These two kinds of different airflow meet on the Baisha hill, forming a peculiar weather: one side is the clear sky, Zhanzhan blue sky; the other side is the cloud steaming and fog surging, hazy world. It is rare in the world that yin and yang are distinct and changeable. As the saying goes: looking at the uneven white sand sky, the two boundaries of yin and yang are clearly defined. The sky is clear in the South and thick clouds in the north of the hill.

Du Fu Ting

It's not carved by hand. It's an ancient tree cut by lightning. It's vivid. It's said that Du Fu's soul returned to the snow mountain. In autumn and winter, in the bleak cold wind, the sound of poetry was heard.


Who built a thousand Ren high platform? I'm surprised to see the visitors. At present, the waves and the sky are surging, and the sea and river are full of clouds. When you take the viewing cableway to the sun moon terrace, you will appreciate the mood of riding in the clouds and shuttling through the clouds. Watch the ever-changing sea of clouds.

Sun Moon terrace

Ten thousand Zhangs of high Ping meet Hanxiao, the peaks rise and fall like river waves. The garden of central and Western Shu is good, and Jinyang is particularly charming when it comes to the sea. Riyueping is a primitive world. It is common that the sea of clouds is vast and magnificent. There are also magical Buddha light, sunrise of all kinds and rainbow circle of sun. Here, visitors can enjoy the majestic scenery of disorderly clouds flying across the sky, and feel the illusory Penglai fairyland. It's sunny at night, the bright moon is in the sky, the stars can be picked, and the "aura" of trees around them twinkle. Looking at the lights of thousands of families, the heaven and earth are connected, just like heaven and earth. It is said that the "Buddha light" on the sun moon terrace is very visible to all people. Everyone who sees it will have good fortune and a life of wealth and honor!

Overlooking the main peak of Xiling

The highest point you can climb is hongshijian, which is the closest place to miaojiling, the main peak of Xiling Snow Mountain. With an altitude of 3312 meters, it is a natural viewing platform. When the sun rises in the East, you can see the wonders of "Rizhao Jinshan". In the East, Chengdu Plain is expected to flow down thousands of miles.

In the "hongshijian" overlooking the main peak of Xiling "miaojiling" (DaXueTang), the most vivid.

Walking on the path on the high platform is so romantic that I feel my body has become noble! In the sunshine, it is so white.

Near hongshijian overlooking miaojiling, the main peak of Xiling Snow Mountain

Overlooking miaojiling, the main peak of Xiling Snow Mountain, near hongshijian (20 pieces)

Overlooking miaojiling near hongshijian

Overlooking miaojiling near hongshijian (3 pieces)

Miaojiling, the main peak of Xiling, Rizhao Jinshan

The main peak of Xiling "miaojiling" Rizhao Jinshan (2 pieces)

The longest cableway in China

Located in the ski resort, it is a two person cableway with a total length of 2500 meters. It is the longest ropeway in China with a drop of 1000 meters. It is the largest ropeway in Asia. It connects the riyueping scenic spot with the ski resort at 3250 meters above sea level. It takes 40 minutes for one-way operation. Take the sightseeing cableway to enjoy the primitive and simple natural scenery of Xiling Snow Mountain. On the return journey, you can get off at the middle station of the cableway and take the 1500 meter stainless steel trough slide down the mountain, feeling the excitement and mystery of passing through time and space tunnel.

With the change of climbing height, you can visit the four seasons scenery belt in the same season. When the altitude of 1300 meters to 2100 meters in the low mountains and mountains are emerald and colorful, while in the high mountains above 3200 meters, it is covered with snow.

The rosy clouds are slowly rising

Another way to appreciate the beauty of Xiling Snow Mountain is to look at miaojiling (DaXueTang), the main peak of Xiling Snow Mountain, from the outskirts of Dayi (Jinyuan town), and to see miaojiling, the main peak of Xiling Snow Mountain, is another way to appreciate the beauty of Xiling Snow Mountain. The main peak of Xiling Snow Mountain is incomparable in its magnificence and whiteness!



















The back mountain is resplendent and resplendent

The back mountain is resplendent and resplendent

In Dayi County (Jinyuan town), 60 kilometers away from the main peak of Xiling Snow Mountain, the view of "miaojiling" is the most special. If you want to get closer, you can climb the "hongshijian", and you can see it when the weather in Chengdu is excellent.

Red leaves of snow mountain

Xiling is only 95 kilometers away from Chengdu, which is the nearest primitive forest sea around the metropolis. The scenic area is adjacent to Wolong in the north and Fengtongzhai in the West. The total area is 482.8 square kilometers, and the area of enjoying red leaves is nearly 100 square kilometers. The annual autumn wind makes the red leaf period of Xiling Snow Mountain advance by nearly half a month. After the rainy season, red, yellow yellow, floating light shining gold, particularly beautiful.

Due to the unique geographical conditions of Xiling Snow Mountain, the altitude rises from 700 meters to 1700 meters below the high flying water, only a few strokes, and then to the gate at the foot of the scenic spot, it is full of green.

Compared with the red leaves dominated by shrubs in miyaro and Jiajin mountain, Xiling Snow Mountain belongs to the natural primary secondary forest, including maple, lacquer tree, camphor tree, Phoebe, fir and other deciduous trees, as well as many low-lying forests that can't even be named. According to local forestry workers, this is a natural evolution adapting to high-altitude climate conditions. There are more than 3000 kinds of plants in the scenic area The forest coverage rate is more than 95% due to the integrity of the community and dense forest. The abundant water and fertile soil make the forest in the scenic area have a good ecological environment and a variety of animal and plant resources. The plants are in the original forest plant chain of multi-level three-dimensional symbiosis of trees, shrubs, ferns, fungi, bryophytes, etc.

Colorful waterfall

The colorful waterfall is located in the green forest not far from Zhangzi cliff. It flies down from the high granite and overflows along the scale like red rocks. The layers of water flowers are pinnately sprinkled, setting off the red rocks. It is like a flowing white silk satin against the red cloth. It is elegant and colorful. If the sunlight slants, the rainbow appears in the mist and mist, which makes people forget to leave.

Features of scenic spots

Special activities

Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Resort is located on the back half slope of Xiling Snow Mountain, and is located at the east gate of Xiling Snow Mountain, a Chinese scenic spot. With an altitude of 2100-2800 meters, the ski base is located in an area of about 7 square kilometers. The annual snow period lasts for four months (from the beginning of December to the end of March of the year). The snow thickness is 50-80 cm. The winter average temperature is minus 2 degrees (the minimum temperature is - 15 degrees below zero). Facing south, it is snowy, windy and sunny. It belongs to high mountain platform Medium and high-grade skiing track has good natural conditions for building into a large-scale tourist ski resort.

The modern Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Resort has a considerable scale, with 5 primary ski tracks (3 km in total), 1 intermediate ski run (2 km), 1 cable car with hanging box, 1 hanging chair for four people, and 5 drag and pull cableways. From the foot of Xiling Snow Mountain to the skiing base, two pulse cable cars can transport 2000 tourists per hour.

Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Resort has 2000 sets of world famous ski equipment and 10 international standard slideways, which can accommodate 2000 people to ski at the same time. Only 20 snowmobiles and snowmobiles were imported from Japan and Europe. The ski resort has cultivated 500000 square meters of Alpine lawn, forming a mountain scale. It has imported 600 sets of grass skiing equipment. It has become a large Alpine grass skiing ground in China, especially suitable for spring, autumn and summer recreation.


Only the direction and brake device, easy to operate. Taking the snowy scooter can enjoy the same pleasure as skiing. It can slide on the grass in summer, so it is also known as grassland pulley.


A traditional means of transportation on snow, which needs to be pulled by someone on the flat ground, will slide freely on the snow slope. The modern snow climbing plough has become a very popular snow entertainment project. Need two people to cooperate, although simple, but take turns to be happy.

Snow parachute

It is a very exciting project in the air on the snow. You can slide on the snow or fly in the air when you wear skis. It is very popular among young people. There are two kinds of parachute on snow, sliding parachute and towing parachute. Skilled skiers can learn under the traction of power

Learn all kinds of flying movements and experience the wonderful feeling of inserting wings. 4. Serpentine Taxi: it is a group participation project. There are connection points between taxis, and multiple taxis are connected to form a snake. When the skater glides down from a high place, the snake shaped body can swing with the influence of terrain and body gravity, which is very beautiful

Crazy Truck Ride

A man has to show his rough side. Driving the snow off-road vehicle in the snow, the special off-road tire left behind their own temperament. Rough snow off-road vehicle tires, challenging off-road lanes, men show masculinity in challenging sports events


The 200m long rope let you experience what is "life hanging on the line". In fact, in addition to excitement and stimulation, all the rest is safety!

Skiing in Xiling Snow Mountain

Skiing enthusiasts deeply implant the passion of skiing and the lightness of snowflakes into every soul that loves sports and lives through the edited TV pictures. Strength, courage and skills are integrated into one, but the most important spirit is always willing to participate. Skiing has been popular in North America and Europe for decades. It is called "four gentlemen sports" together with golf, equestrian and billiards. It is a kind of sports and leisure way closest to nature in winter. Skiers will feel a strong sense of success, conquest and stimulation in skiing

Flying saucer on snow

It is a group entertainment project suitable for the whole family, especially children and women. A family can give full play to the group spirit. The spinning flying saucer floats from top to bottom to surround you in the center of happiness.


The pursuit of speed has always been a stirring scene in the movement, in the confrontation with time

In, the snow motorcycle hand flies through is a piece of snow white and snow soft texture. There are 35 Canadian and Japanese snowmobiles and three 2000 meter long and 8-meter wide circular snowmobiles. Visitors can fully appreciate the thrill of passing by in the forest and sea of snow, and experience the thrill that can only be seen in movies and TV before

Skiing in Xiling Snow Mountain

Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Resort is the third place in China to open this project. Grass skiing is a cheap and fashionable summer leisure sport. Tourists can walk on the track and gallop on the grass slope, just like stepping on the wind and fire wheel, and just like the Lingbo fairy.

Lawn pulley

It is an unpowered four-wheel lawn automatic pulley imported from France. It is an ideal grassland leisure sport for fans and car lovers. Because of its good braking performance and high safety coefficient, it is also an item suitable for all ages. Especially for women, it can also be used as snow sled.

Modern Youbo

Zobr Entertainment: the world's latest grassland entertainment project introduced from New Zealand is absolutely complete and absolutely exciting. It strives to find its own way between overweight and weightlessness.

Mountain climbing in Xiling

Xiling Snow Mountain is divided into the front mountain and the back mountain. The front mountain is suitable for those who like climbing and hiking. The whole length of Qianshan is about 18 kilometers, which takes 9 to 12 hours. The conditions of the reception station on the way are ordinary. The scenic spots along the way include frog pond, colorful waterfall, etc., but after thousands of hardships, when the sea of clouds is floating under your feet, the joy and pleasure is beyond the cableway. However, the scenery in front of the mountain is not as distinctive as that in the back mountain. There is only a stream with a path, which can be seen in many places.

There is also a blue lake on the Qianshan Road, which is very beautiful. In addition, there are wild monkeys. When tourists throw things to them, they will come down. But if there are too many people, it may be afraid and climb up along the branches. Because the front mountain can only be climbed on foot, the higher the people are, the cleaner the snow is.

Back mountain to the top

There are beautiful Ski Resorts (winter) and grass skiing fields (summer) in the back mountain. You can climb up the sun moon plateau along the maintenance walking path of the cableway from the middle station of the viewing cableway beside the intermediate slide. You can also take the cableway to climb to the top of the mountain. It takes 2.5 hours to 5 hours to climb the sun moon terrace directly from the walking path, depending on physical strength. From this point on, it takes a short time to climb the mountain. It is an ideal choice for those who are afraid to take the cable car and climb a long way. In summer, the mountains, grasslands and green mountains are very charming! In winter, Houshan ski resort is white and charming with unique scenery.

special snacks

Dayi County

Zhao Lianguo

Bean curd King

Zhou Jipo (by the West Bridge of Dayi, the main business is home cooked dishes, and the special dish is stewed chicken with ginkgo)

Meat bean curd

Xiling Snow Mountain

Yingxue Hotel (snow mountain bacon, bamboo leaf vegetables, ferns, wild Boletus and other snow mountain Specialties)

strange stories

Love story of Yuanyang pool

It is said that a long time ago, the yuanyangchi volcano erupted, and the local people were in dire straits. A young man blocked the fire to save the villagers. But after he stepped into the crater, the volcano was still erupting, so the girl who loved the man jumped down. A miracle happened. The volcano finally stopped erupting and overflowed a clear spring. Then every summer, mandarin ducks swarmed in the pool. The crater is on the edge of Yuanyang pool. The "crater" is more than one meter deep, with a diameter of about 4 meters. A stream of spring water is flowing into the pit. There is a hole about the size of a bowl in the pit. The spring is flowing in continuously, and the sound is ringing. Zhu Lin took a stick more than one meter long and went down. There was no obstacle except occasionally hitting a stone. More than 20 meters away from the first pit, a second "crater" was seen. Experts need further research. According to Yin Jicheng, a professor at the school of Earth Science and technology of Chengdu University of technology, the Xiling Snow Mountain was indeed a volcano prone area 200 million years ago. It is not ruled out that the two caves were ancient craters. However, no modern volcano has been found in Sichuan Province. Yuanyangchi lake may be a lake formed by the melting of glaciers, but the specific causes still need further investigation.

Flying Tiger

Sixty years ago, a B-29 "air fortress" strategic bomber nicknamed "praying mantis" crashed into Xiling Snow Mountain on the way back to Chengdu airport after carrying out bombing mission. It is understood that on August 20, 1944, the 58 wing of the US air force sent out 88 B-29 long-range bombers, which took off from Chengdu airport and flew directly to Japan. After successfully bombing Japan's Bafan iron and steel base, all the aircraft groups returned to Chengdu. One of the bombers, nicknamed "praying mantis" and numbered 42-6286, crashed on the Xiling Snow Mountain due to running out of fuel. Local people have been saying that the debris of an airplane is scattered on the ridge of DaXueTang mountain in Xiling Snow Mountain. In July 2001, Yang Benhua, a descendant of the "Flying Tigers" and a Chinese American, led by Yang Benhua, a non-governmental mountaineering organization established by him, a group of 13 people, braved the wind and snow and trekked for 15 days in the no man's land of Xiling Snow Mountain. Finally, part of the wreckage of the fighter plane and some remains of the 11 martyrs of the crew were found. In May 2002, Huazang mountain society donated the engine wreckage of the plane to the Chinese Revolution Museum. The New England Museum, one of the Chinese museums in the United States, has awarded a notarial certificate to the action after identifying some of the remains. Yang Benhua said that during the period of aiding China to resist Japan, the US army lost thousands of military aircraft, but few found the wreckage. They are the witness of the friendship between the two peoples. On June 30, 2004, Yang Benhua led six members of the Chinese Tibetan mountain society and, with the help of local Tibetan compatriots, erected the monument at the place where the fighter plane crashed. According to reports, the monument is engraved with four large characters of "Flying Tiger and majestic style" inscribed by Jiang Zemin, chairman of the Chinese Military Commission. The inscription is composed of Chinese and English characters, with 32 characters in Chinese: "the world is at war, China is killed.". The flying tiger is the first to help China resist Japan. The Japanese aggressors are bitterly punished and Zhuang died in the snow field. The great spirit will last forever. "Flying Tigers" is an American Volunteer air force founded and directed by general Chennault during the Anti Japanese war. From May 1942 to September 1945, with limited forces of three squadrons and dozens of aircraft, the US volunteer air force was responsible for the air defense of Kunming and Yangon, the hubs of the north and south ends of the Yunnan Burma highway, the international traffic artery in China's battlefield, and also helped China transport materials during the period. Chennault assisted the British army to defend Yangon with the third Squadron, and led the first and second squadrons to defend Kunming. During this period, he destroyed hundreds of enemy planes, which made the Japanese aggressors feel frightened.

Xu Xiake's passion for Xiling

In the thousands of years of civilization in Sichuan and Sichuan, there is a story that is not widely spread: Xu Xiake, an ancient scholar, and a good friend passed through Xiling Snow Mountain in Dayi, Chengdu. Although Xu Xiake visited famous mountains and rivers in the world and saw numerous beautiful scenery, he was convinced by the height and grandeur of the snow mountain in front of him, and he had to climb it involuntarily At that time, no one had ever conquered and dissuaded him, but Xu Xiake and his friends were determined to climb. Seeing that Xu Xiake could not be dissuaded, the villagers had to give each other wine made by themselves. Therefore, Xu and his friends made a hard climb without any climbing AIDS. After more than four hours, they finally reached the top of the snow mountain. After enjoying the passion of conquering nature, they were bewildered by the incomparable cold. At the moment when Xu Xiake was about to fall down, his fingers touched the warmth that was not usually noticed. Oh! It turned out to be a gourd filled with wine, so you two people laughed at each other one by one. In this way, the heat emitted by the liquor supported their nearly prosthetic bodies and climbed down the mountain. The residents were delighted and amazed, and poured the liquor into their mouths. The next day, Xu Xiake asked why, the villagers said: This wine is made from grain snow spring, and its height is also high! Xu Xiake's inspiration was inspired, casually said: Pinghu out of danger in Sichuan, the earth's nine heavy sky, soul stirring things, this wine is the king of Sichuan!

Tourism information


1. Generally, there are two routes in Xiling Snow Mountain: hiking route and skiing route.

2. From Chengdu, you can take advantage of the weekend to visit Xiling Snow Mountain. Chengdu Railway Station and luojianian have direct tourist buses to scenic spots, but there are few trains. There are dozens of buses to Dayi every day at Chengbei passenger transport center, Qingyang palace and Jinsha station. There are many buses from Dayi station to Xiling Snow Mountain. It is less than an hour's drive from Chengdu to Dayi, and the fare is about 14 yuan. Chengdu's new south gate bus station has a direct bus to the scenic spot.

Chengdu to dafeishui scenic spot

Self driving: Chengdu Chengdu Chengdu wengqiong expressway, Dayi exit to Xiling Snow Mountain Huashuiwan tourism fast track - Hesheng mountain (Daoyuan holy city) - Huashuiwan hot spring resort town - Xiling town (turn left) - Xiling Snow Mountain Dafei water scenic spot (the whole journey is about 100 km).

Section bus: Chengdu Jinsha station Dayi passenger transport center Xiling Town, Dayi County, take a minibus to dafeishui scenic spot.

Direct transportation: Chengdu Jinsha Station - Xiling Town, Dayi County, transfer to the minibus to dafeishui scenic spot.

Chengdu to skiing scene area

Self driving: Chengdu Chengdu Chengdu wengqiong expressway, Dayi exit to Xiling Snow Mountain Huashuiwan tourism express channel - Hesheng mountain (Daoyuan holy city) - Huashuiwan hot spring resort town - Xiling town (turn right) - Xiling Snow Mountain Skiing scene area (the whole journey is about 110 kilometers).

Section bus: Chengdu Jinsha Station - Dayi passenger transport center - Xiling Town, Dayi County, transfer to minibus to Xiling Snow Mountain Skiing scene area.

Direct transport: Chengdu Jinsha Station - the gate of Xiling Snow Mountain Skiing scene area, the ticket price is 31 yuan. There are two buses at 9:00 am and 12:00 noon, and the return journey is 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.

get accommodation

A: Stay in the mountain resort hotel behind the ticket office of the ski resort; B: Yingxue Hotel, Maple Leaf Hotel and skandina resort hotel with five-star wooden villa; all rooms are equipped with floor heating system, with constant temperature of 21 degrees. If you are lucky, you can catch up with the bonfire party organized by the Hotel. You can also choose sunshine Resort Hotel, Snow Hotel and so on. Xiling Snow Mountain is a mature tourist attraction with good accommodation conditions. Tourists can also choose the Huashuiwan hot spring resort, which is close to the scenic spot, and enjoy the hot spring bath. Reservation is required during the Spring Festival.

Ticket information

Description of opening hours

The operation time of the ropeway in Xiling Snow Mountain: 8:30-17:00 from Monday to Friday; 8:00-17:30 on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays

Ticket Price

1、 Price execution time

December 31, 2016 - March 31, 2017 (tentative)

2、 Skiing scene area

1. Tickets of Xiling Snow Mountain: 120 yuan / person, 160 yuan / person for new year's day and Spring Festival

2. Yuanyangchi cableway: 120 yuan / person for round trip and 70 yuan / person for one way

(operation time: 8:30-18:00 from Monday to Friday; 7:30-18:00 from Saturday to Sunday; 7:00-18:00 on New Year's day and Spring Festival)

3. Riyueping cableway: 120 yuan / person for round trip and 70 yuan / person for one way

(operation time: 7:00-17:30)

4. Sightseeing package ticket 288 yuan / set

(limited to Monday to Friday, not to Saturday, Sunday, new year's day and Spring Festival)

(including: 1 ticket for skiing scene area, 1 round trip of yuanyangchi cableway and 1 round trip of riyueping cableway)

3、 Dafeishui scenic spot

Admission 30 yuan / person


Tourist routes

1. Dafeishui → Ski Resort

Tea terrace Frog Pool (1370 meters above sea level) is 2 km long, with cement pavement and gentle slope. The scenery on the way is ordinary. In frog pond, there are three boulders in the shape of Pinyin, which is located at the edge of a deep pool, just like a frog eager to try, so it got the name. You can stay here, but the conditions are OK.

Frog pond - liangxikou (altitude: 1, 540 meters) is 1 km long, with cement pavement, gentle slope, small bridge and flowing water on the way, and the valley is secluded, which has a taste of Jasper. You can stay here. The conditions are normal.

Zhangziya, liangxikou (1700 meters above sea level), is 1.9 kilometers long. It has a gentle slope on the concrete road. There is a small waterfall on the way. It has frozen into an ice waterfall in winter. The scenery is ordinary. You can stay here, but the conditions are OK.

Zhangziya - guihualing (2100 meters above sea level) trip 1. It is 4 km long, with steep stone steps and steep slopes. There are colorful waterfalls on the way. Under the sunlight, it is colorful and beautiful. As the name implies, there are wild osmanthus trees all over the mountains and fields. In autumn, it must be "Osmanthus fragrans fragrance in August". You can stay here. The conditions are normal.

Guihualing dashanmen (2410m above sea level) is 0.9km long, with steep slope and ordinary scenery on the way. You can stay here.

Dashanmen - Golden Monkey peak (2700 m above sea level) is 1.9 km long, with stone steps and steep slopes. Snow begins to appear on the mountain, especially from guanyuntai to jinhou peak. Through the Rhododendron forest, every spring Rhododendron in full bloom, colorful, very beautiful. Guanyuntai is a protruding place on the mountainside. When the weather is clear, you can see the rolling sea of clouds. Golden Monkey peak can stay, the conditions are general.

Golden Monkey peak - Hongshibao (2900m above sea level) is 1.9km long, with stone steps, snow and ice covered, so it is best to wear anti-skid shoes. Hongshibao can live, but it is not recommended to stay, so it is not far from the sun moon terrace.

Hongshibao --- Yin Yang boundary (3190m above sea level) is 1.5km long with steep slope. If you walk here, please pay attention to your safety.

Yin Yang boundary: at an altitude of 3190 meters, the yin-yang boundary is the boundary between the cold climate on the plateau and the humid climate in the basin. On one side, the sky is clear and the other is surrounded by clouds. It is similar to the composition of Yin-Yang Taiji, so it is called yin-yang boundary.

Yin Yang boundary: riyueping (3250 m above sea level) is 2 km long with gentle slope. There is a newly built wooden plank road in the scenic area. Along the way, you can see the plateau like sky, the snow pond not far away (5364 meters above sea level, the first peak in Chengdu), and Gongga Mountain in the distance. The line of vision is excellent and the air is fresh. The wonders of yin and Yang, sea of clouds, sunrise, green mountains, fir forest, and you can also see them Forest Buddha light.

Riyueping - Ski Resort: take the viewing cableway (40 minutes) to the ski resort.

2. Ski resort → Yin Yang boundary

Tourist reception center ski resort: take Yuanyang pool cableway to yuanyangchi reception station, and then transfer to the scenic area Ferry Bus to the ski resort (the ski resort area includes: entertainment items (skiing, snowmobiles, dog sledges, UFOs, grass skiing, cross-country vehicles, etc.), hotel accommodation, catering)

Ski resort - riyueping: take the viewing cableway (2.5km) to riyueping. You can enjoy the distant mountains, sea of clouds, fir forest and so on.

Riyueping --- Yin Yang realm: the journey is 2km, including sea of clouds, sunrise, alpine azaleas, wonders of yin and Yang world, and if you are lucky, you can also see forest Buddha light, little panda and other animals.

Itinerary strategy

D1: Chengdu Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Resort (skiing, flying saucer, high-altitude balloon, snowmobiling), night Ski Resort

The one-way journey from Chengdu is about 100 axioms. The road condition is good. The road section into the mountain is slightly narrow. There is snow on the road into the mountain in winter. Chengdu Jinsha station has direct coaches to Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Resort. There are shuttle buses from Jinsha station to Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Resort at 9:00 am and 12:00 am. There are shuttle buses to Dayi County, 16 yuan / person. From Dayi old station to Xiling Town, it costs 10 yuan / person; Xiling town is a fork in the south gate and East Gate of the scenic area. It is convenient to transfer here. There are minibuses for tourists. It's 10 kilometers from Xiling town to chatiping (South Gate of the scenic spot), 5 yuan per person, and 30 yuan for a taxi. It is 24km to the gate of the ski resort (East Gate of the scenic spot), and the fare is about 10 yuan / person. If you leave Xiling Snow Mountain, you only need to reverse the above route. You just need to pay attention to the fact that there are no cars in the South and East gates of the scenic area after 600 PM. Tea floor is almost the same. So if you want insurance, you need to leave the mountain early or choose accommodation.

D2: take a high-altitude sightseeing cable car (40 minutes) - riyueping (observing sunrise, sunset, sea of clouds, Buddha light) (1 hour) - Wonders of the Yin and Yang world → take the cable car down the mountain to Chengdu

1. Due to the great change of weather on the mountain, rain gear should be taken, especially the raincoat. Attention should be paid to keeping warm and anti-skid. Hard soled shoes and high-heeled shoes should not be worn. Do not go to the area not open to tourists, in order to avoid getting lost and accidents.

2. There is no water to drink in the high place of the mountain, so you should bring your own water; non professionals are not allowed to climb at night, and it is not suitable to camp on the mountain.

Snow track condition

There are five tracks in the snow field, of which No.1, No.2 and No.3 are primary tracks. 4. No.5 road is an intermediate Road, in the middle, you can take a cable car to the upper end of the snow path.

Winter precautions

1. Enough warm clothes, especially for the tourists who want to walk up the mountain, need to seriously evaluate their physical condition and wear enough clothes. Be sure to wear a pair of gloves that are warm and flexible to operate the camera.

2. Self driving friends should pay attention to the snow on the road to the scenic spot in winter, so drive carefully.

3. I hope that hiking friends can travel together. Although the scenic area is mature, it takes a long time to walk. The road condition in winter is general and the altitude rises quickly. Traveling together can help each other and avoid danger.

4. Take care of your camera. The weather is cold in winter, the camera work will have a great impact, pay attention not to let the camera exposed outside, take photos immediately into the camera bag to keep warm.


Xiling Snow Mountain is located in Dayi County, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province. It is only 95 kilometers away from Chengdu, with a total area of 375 square kilometers. It belongs to the world natural heritage, giant panda habitat, AAAA tourist attraction and national key scenic spot. It is named after Du Fu's eternal quatrains: "the window contains the snow in the Xiling mountains, and the door is in the east of Wu Dynasty.". There are snow capped mountains in the scenic area, with an altitude of 5364 meters, which is the first peak in Chengdu.

In April 2020, it was selected into the "2020 Chinese summer resort list".