Xie Rong Zhongzi

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Xie Rong Zhongzi

Xierong Zhongzi still keeps the primitive and simple legacy, from which we can see the spiritual sustenance and aesthetic pursuit of Tibetan ancestors. This kind of primitive culture and art has become the "living fossil" to study the social, cultural and historical development of Tibet.

On May 23, 2011, Xierong Zhongzi was listed in the third batch of national intangible cultural heritage list by the State Council.

Current situation of inheritance

The earth is bright and beautiful in spring, peacocks sing softly and gently, and rainbows of five colors appear in the sky, flowers blossom everywhere... In this auspicious day, according to ancient traditions and customs, two bison from Xierong, together with me, wish a happy and auspicious life. This is the beginning of Xierong Zhongzi. "Ah Ge" is the leader of dance. In the clang of cymbals and drums with strong rhythm, "Ah Ge" and "six steps and one lift" appear. After a circle around the field, they stop in the middle. Then they say the above words rhythmically.

With the development of society, Xierong Zhongzi has been developing and changing in the long history. In response to this situation, Chas, the sixth generation successor of Xierong Zhongzi, said: "In the past, Xierong Zhongzi, a jumper, demanded to be powerful and strong, showing the tough character and characteristics of buffalo. When performing at various celebrations, some organizers demanded cheerfulness and intensity. In this way, there is no bison's character, but also lost its original style and characteristics. We don't like this kind of jumping, and the masses don't like it either."

Stylistic features

Xierong Zhongzi is closely related to Tibetan opera, which can be seen from clothing, props and singing tunes. The clothes worn during the performance of "Zhongzi" are Tibetan clothes, all of which are made of Shu Shu. Tao has Tibetan opera masks on cymbals, drums, Ah Ge's faces and "towers" (colorful flagpoles), cowhides on bulls and cows, and a pair of cow heads. Performers who play bulls and cows wear black clothes to match "cowhide".

Every year on the Shelton Festival, the "Zhongzi" performing team of Xierong Village takes part in Tibetan opera performance in Lhasa. Although the performance time is not too long, it is a necessary performing team. The main reason is that Xierong Zhongzi highlights blessings, auspiciousness and perfection. The "Zhongzi" performance team of Xierong Village not only performs at the village's Wangguo Festival, but also is invited to perform at various celebrations.


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