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Xichang College


Xichang College is located in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, which is the largest Yi inhabited area in the country "spanning thousands of years step by step". It is a full-time general undergraduate college located in the deeply impoverished areas of the country.

Education has a long history. The school began in 1939 when Beiyang Institute of Technology moved inland to establish the National Xikang Technical College. Li Shutian, Kezhao, Wei Shoukun, Zeng Jing, Liu Zhixiang and other well-known professors gathered here, committed to promoting education, put forward the idea of "revitalizing agriculture and industry, re-experimenting" school-running, set up agriculture and forestry, animal husbandry, civil engineering, mining and metallurgy engineering, mechanical engineering and medical science and other specialties, with a long history of application and distinct characteristics of practical education. The discovery of Panzhihua large magnetite and the cultivation of a number of outstanding talents such as Chen Mingyi, the winner of the National Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress and Zhang Jiahui, the winner of the National Invention Award.

After several changes, in 2003, the Ministry of Education approved the merger of Xichang Agricultural College, Xichang Teachers College, Liangshan University and Liangshan Institute of Education into Xichang College. In 2010, through the evaluation of undergraduate teaching qualifications of the Ministry of Education, it was listed as the first pilot unit of overall transformation and development reform in Sichuan Province in 2015, and as the construction unit of 100 Applied Undergraduate Universities in the National Education Modernization Promotion Project in 2017.

The conditions for running a school are good. The existing campuses in North, South and West cover 1,900 mu, with a construction area of 394,600 square meters, total fixed assets of 800 million yuan, total teaching and scientific research equipment of 240 million yuan, 216,388,000 paper books and 839,700 electronic books. At present, there are more than 18,100 full-time students, more than 1,000 faculty members and 820 full-time teachers, including 110 full-time and vocational titles, 234 sub-professional titles, 608 doctoral and graduate students. Four experts enjoy special allowances from the State Council Government; six academic and technological leaders of the province, 10 reserve candidates for provincial outstanding contribution experts and provincial academic and technological leaders; 60 state academic and technological leaders and outstanding contribution talents; one vice-chairman and three members of the Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education; and advanced teachers'morality throughout the country. Individuals, outstanding teachers in the whole country, famous teachers in Sichuan Province and pacesetters in Sichuan Province.

The results of educational reform are outstanding. He has won 56 national and provincial awards for teaching achievements. One national characteristic specialty, one pilot specialty for comprehensive reform, one off-campus practical education base for college students, two projects for training outstanding agricultural and forestry talents, and two projects for cooperative education between industry and university. Three pilot projects of provincial comprehensive education reform, four experimental teaching demonstration centers, four teaching teams, five pilot specialties of comprehensive reform, six characteristic specialties, three application-oriented demonstration specialties, two experimental zones of innovative personnel training mode, eight "outstanding training plan projects", three provincial practical education bases for college students, and three provinces. There are 21 top-quality courses, top-quality resource sharing courses and innovative entrepreneurship education demonstration courses. Among the provincial universities of the same kind, the results of educational reform rank first.

Serve the place effectively. The school adheres to the principle of "based on the local, integrating into the local and serving the local", which is an indispensable and important force for Liangshan's economic and social development.

The school is the talent training base for Liangshan development. For local training and training of nearly 200,000 professional and technical personnel, 50% of prefectural and county cadres, 70% of primary and secondary school principals and backbone teachers, 80% of high-level agricultural and animal husbandry personnel, 85% of technical backbone and senior management personnel in hydropower and construction fields graduated from Xichang College. In recent years, focusing on the demand for talents in minority areas, relying on platforms such as "Sichuan Yi-Han bilingual teacher training base" and "Sichuan Preparatory Education Base for Ethnic Minorities in Colleges and Universities", we have trained more "permanent brand" high-quality applied talents for Liangshan.

The school is the research base of Liangshan resources development. There are 16 scientific research platforms at all levels, focusing on the natural resources, agricultural resources and ethnic and cultural resources of Liangshan, providing scientific and technological support for the industrialization of Liangshan characteristic agricultural products such as potatoes, buckwheat and onions. Four National Natural Science Foundation projects, 30 provincial research projects, 67 provincial and state science and technology progress awards, 23 new crop varieties, 170 national patents, 68 scientific and technological achievements and social and economic benefits of 1.58 billion yuan were established. In 2018, the experiment of super-high yield expansion of potato original seed broke the record of per mu yield in Southwest China. The school has been awarded "Advanced Units for Transforming Scientific and Technological Achievements in Sichuan Universities" for many times.

School is the base of inheritance and innovation of excellent national culture. We should adhere to the principle of "educating people with culture and literature", and integrate the inheritance and innovation of excellent national culture into the training of talents. Relying on the "Yi Culture Research Center" and "National Unity Development Research Center", we actively carry out the research on the inheritance and innovation of national culture. Five National Social Science Fund projects, seven humanities and social science research projects of the Ministry of Education, six Chinese Yi research projects of the National People's Committee, 34 provincial Social Science Federation research projects, 105 publications of monographs, translations, textbooks and popular science books, and 338 prizes at the national, provincial, ministerial and prefectural levels, are awarded in the Yi Native Language Literature and intangible cultural relics. The country is leading in production protection and research. He has successively won the honorary titles of "Advanced Collective of National Unity of the State Council", "Advanced Collective of National Education of the whole country", "Advanced Collective of National Unity of Sichuan Province".

The school is the base of action to serve Liangshan's poverty alleviation and prosperity. Give full play to the advantages of intelligence and talents, concentrate on poverty alleviation through education, science and technology, culture and health, and give full support to Liangshan's poverty alleviation and prosperity. To promote poverty alleviation through education, we should carry out "6 + 1 + 1" Yi District post support, "one village, one child" and "Yao Foundation" volunteer support. In June 2017, the school's "One Village, One Child" volunteer support project was included in the "Typical Case Collection of Poverty Alleviation in Colleges and Universities" by the Ministry of Education. Establishing industrial demonstration bases and "agricultural science and technology experts'courtyards" in deep poverty-stricken counties, carrying out scientific and technological services, technical guidance, training and popularization of science, etc., to help farmers increase their income and become rich. We will carry out cultural and artistic services and activities such as rural beautification in Yi District, promote the construction of customs and rural civilization, and stimulate the endogenous motive force for poverty alleviation. To build a "three levels and six combinations" model of anti-drug and anti-AIDS education, more than 2,000 volunteers are organized to conduct propaganda and education in 17 counties and municipalities in Liangshan every year to help Yi District fight the "anti-drug and anti-AIDS" battle. The school was named "National Youth Drug Prevention Education Demonstration School" and "Sichuan AIDS Prevention Education Pilot University". In 2018, Ambassador Peng Liyuan attended the "Red Ribbon Youth Campus Tour" which fully affirmed the achievements of the school in the work of "anti-drug and anti-AIDS", and gave the flag to the "Youth Red Ribbon Volunteer Group" of the school.

Cooperation and exchanges are extensive. Actively carry out foreign cooperation and exchanges, cooperate with more than 100 enterprises in Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group Xichang Steel Vanadium, Shenzhen Xunfang and other provinces to educate people, implement order-based talent training, and build a new science and industry college; cooperate with Sichuan University, Central University for Nationalities, Chongqing University of Industry and Commerce and other universities to develop talent training and science. Research and cooperation agreements have been signed with the University of East New Mexico and Swansea University of the United Kingdom. Nearly 100 key teachers and managerial cadres have been selected to participate in international exchange and study, and nearly 100 foreign students of all kinds have been recruited. Currently, Russian, Pakistani, Yemen and Congo are studying in schools.

Facing the future, the school will adhere to the leadership of the Party, adhere to the direction of socialist school-running, regard Li De Shuren as its fundamental task, base itself on Liangshan, Sichuan and radiate the southwest, adhere to "student-centered, output-oriented and continuous improvement", and build the school into a well-known and distinctive high-level application-oriented university in the national minority areas. Learn and strive!

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